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Cloud Witch

Sacred stones object to having photo taken, summon spirit

Simulacra - cloud witch

Jen Whitehouse sent us this picture of a particularly evil-spirited cloud over the Rollright Stones. She writes:

"About once or twice I year I visit the Rollright Stones, I enjoy pondering the meaning of the stones, the magic and folklore.  Last week I was at the Rollright Stones, nothing out of the ordinairy about that.  I walked down to the Whispering Knights and took a few photos.  Only, when I got home and looked there appears to be some kind of cloud witch hovering above the stones.  Now, I am wondering if I have awoken an ancient rollright witch, or bronze age skeleton for taking a photo of these sacred stones?!"

It certainly wouldn't be the first time a witch has been spotted round these parts. Legend has it that the stones themselves were once knights: long long ago there was a king who wanted to conquer all England, but a witch called Mother Shipton turned him and his men - including a group of knights who were plotting against him (that's why the Whispering Knights look so conspiratorial) - into stones. Plus, the Rollrights have been a traditional witch meeting place since at least Tudor times.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Is it possible that a witchy spirit still lurks in this deeply mystical landscape?

If you've got a photo of a ghost, or Bigfoot, or a UFO, or of anything else strange, puzzling and mysterious, send it to us! Who knows, it could be the proof we've all been waiting for...

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