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A Quiet Invasion

Is our Solar System already home to alien bases and mother-ships? Are extraterrestrials walking our high streets disguised as human beings? Eris Andys recounts how a series of bizarre events, and a startling encounter, turned her into an alien hunter.

How soon we forget. In 1988, Omni magazine covered the story of a saucer crash off the Brazilian coast, and how debris washed ashore to be recovered by local fishermen. Somehow, the hunks of an unknown alloy found their way to Cornell University… and not another word was written about the case anywhere.

That was the same year that a cargo plane bound for Anchorage, Alaska, had a UFO as an escort for several hours. Data relating to the episode, in the form of a transcript and air-to-tower recording, was freely available for 10 or 20 bucks.

It was on the back of this story that there appeared the weirdest newspaper ad I’d ever seen. On page three of the Los Angeles Times was the face of an alien with what looked like light blasting out of its mouth. One penetrating eye was visible. The caption read “I am not of this world – listen to me!” There was a post box address to which one could write for more information.

A package arrived within days. It concerned the ‘Elohim’, aliens said to resemble the subjects of the Santilli ‘alien autopsy’ footage. Curiously, there was no mention of the Raelians, whose leader Rael claimed to have actually met these Elohim. Instead, there was Eugenio Siragusa, an obscure contactee from the slopes of Mt Etna, with his quips from beyond. There were bizarre photographs, supposedly taken by aliens when Jesus was still alive. And there was an invitation to a lecture.

Upstairs in an industrial park rent-a-building in Silverlake, California, an event occurred which must have changed some lives. Not many, admittedly, as the mysterious ad had attracted perhaps 50 people. What made the whole thing so very odd was the fact that the one-off ‘indoctrination’ which the lecture turned out to be was conducted by a serving US Air Force Colonel named McKenna. He conducted the talk in uniform, telling us that the Earth was being visited by some dozen different species of extraterrestrial life – one of which, apparently, regards us as food.

Detailed drawings of the various alien types were handed round; the bad guys, though, were merely represented by a box containing a question mark. By this time, my date was having a major panic attack. Meanwhile, two cameramen circled the room, videotaping the audience. I noticed they had shot the front of my face, both profiles, and the back of my head. When I asked one of them about the purpose of the recording, he backed away and left the room. By the time we got to the Q&A session, the other cameraman had gone as well.

I was spooked, but curious. I proposed that we follow the Colonel but, as my date was the driver, this was firmly vetoed. So McKenna slipped through my fingers.

Something he’d said kept running through my mind. He’d shown us which beings used which craft and, always, the crews were small and the ships clearly not designed for deep space travel. Maybe that meant they hailed from bases and mother ships hidden throughout the Solar System, suggesting that it was already colonised on a large scale and explaining the profusion of UFO sightings and close encounters over the centuries.

Perhaps it also meant that what we saw and understood of our own Solar System has been carefully controlled; that our satellites and exploratory craft are not giving us the whole picture; and that, if McKenna was leaking something genuine, the establishment knew this – and in a big way!

It made sense to me – after all, I’d witnessed Navy fighters turning back rather than firing on three UFOs moving out to sea (see FT165:49). According to Siragusa, President Eisenhower had been warned against the folly of firing on alien craft by the beings themselves, as, later, were Reagan and Soviet President Chernenko.

Now that we’ve seen the lengths to which certain world leaders will go to conceal their reasons for invading other countries, a UFO conspiracy shouldn’t surprise us at all. True helplessness comes when, as we have learned, those with a different agenda infiltrate themselves into the centre of our affairs. The Elohim, according to thousands who believe in them, look just like us; to pass for high street shoppers, all they would need is a hat, a long coat, mittens and glasses to conceal their eyes.

Later that year I was strolling down just such a high street, a world away from Silverlake, when I suddenly felt I should stop. I turned, and there, directly behind me, was one of them – an Elohim. It just stood there, with no “excuse me”, no attempt to get around me. Its skin was a waxy grey, with no pores and no hair. It looked damp. The mouth was small, the nose tiny, and the chin pointed. I recognised ‘him’ immediately, from contactee Betty Hill’s bust of her UFO captain. The most amazing thing was the pair of glasses ‘he’ wore – made of some yellow reflective stuff, they wrapped around the sides of the head like some futuristic ski-wear.

When I craned my head to try and see the sides of ‘his’ face, ‘he’ made a sudden move, stepping out into the passing traffic, which seemed to slow in anticipation, and vanishing down a side road.

I was stunned. For years, I debated with myself whether to tell anyone about the incident. And then, going over the Siragusa materials, I spotted something: “And those who, on your planet, represent us, are scrupulously followed and protected.”

It got me thinking, wondering whether a quiet invasion had been going on for years. Are they walking around, like my high street Elohim, with impunity, sometimes thought to be odd or deformed, but never actually inhuman? What about the people next door? They could be from Orion for all we know.

I thought about the notorious Santilli film too. After all, what I’d seen was, in every way, identical to the humanoid being shown in the footage – was it really a fake, as so many ‘experts’ had claimed? My worldview had been changed on the day of my encounter, though it has taken me all these years to accept it. Now, I am just one of the thousands of people who claim to have seen a humanoid in broad daylight.

They may be a minority, but I’m in the minority of a minority, because – once I’d accepted the reality of my experience – I vowed to find ‘them’ wherever ‘they’ live. It’s logical to assume, though, that ‘they’ would keep on moving around in a bid to evade us, finding temporary homes in remote and far-flung spots. How, then would one go about tracking ‘them’?

UFO abduction cases seemed to offer one avenue of exploration, and the best one of all, for my purposes, was that of Brazilian farmer Antonio Villas Boas, with his amazing visual memory and detailed descriptions of alien technology. Why not follow these high-tech gadgets: look for the kind of inventions that a cash-strapped alien might leak to the world. A good example is Boas’s account of 22 February 1958, some two decades before the appearance of holographic paper: “ For all (five) members of the crew wore, at breast level, a sort of round red shield of the size of a slice of pineapple, which from time to time gave off luminous reflections. There were no lights from the shields themselves, but reflections like those of the pieces of red glass that are above the rear-lights of automobiles, which reflect the headlights of another car just as though they contained lights themselves.”

But the best example was the textile Boas described – which led me to abduction-rich France. (As I pointed out a few years back (FT81:23-27), the French UFO wave of 1954 had been a blatant, agronomy-curious intervention – a sudden, concerted effort to access food supplies; in Scotland in 1995 it was the water).

Boas’s textile happily intersected with a fluke. His account continues: “All five were dressed in very tight-fitting overalls made of a thick but soft cloth, grey in colour…” and later: “The room was empty, except only for a large couch in the middle of it – a sort of bed maybe. It was soft, as though made of foam rubber, and was covered with a thick grey material, also soft.”

By the time I’d started making these connections, it was 1998, and an edition of Tomorrow’s World on BBC1 presented the following story: The owner of a failing upholstery factory in Rouen, France, is approached by a man who wished to be known simply as “a scientist”. Soon, the factory is busy once more, churning out a bizarre and completely new type of soft, thick, grey fabric which will not burn.

Instead of picking up on what was clearly the real story here, Tomorrow’s World simply blinded its viewers with science and tried to set fire to the stuff! Now, this same textile is being used to cover the wiring on the Space Shuttle engines. Soon, perhaps even now, it may be in your sofa.

Unfortunately, the BBC has been less than helpful in tracking down this episode of Tomorrow’s World; not so much a conspiracy of silence, I suspect, as a mixture of televisual transience and corporate red tape. So, the only way to follow this up would be a trip to Rouen. Maybe there’s a French FT reader out there who would care to take this investigation a step further – although I would urge both caution and stealth and remind you that some investigations are doomed to failure.

I advocate taking a fresh look at both our planet and our Solar System – my idea for an experiment to ‘remote view’ a UFO ‘hotspot’ in FT174 would be one way of going about this. Maybe the Russians, too, are thinking along similar lines; before it was mysteriously scrapped, they were planning to send a probe to the Martian moon Phobos, which they very much suspected to be hollow and artificial.

In the end, ‘they’ must know that things will eventually reach critical mass, and there may well be nowhere left to hide.

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A Spanish-language version of the newspaper ad
Antonio Villas Boas
Brazilian farmer Antonio Villas Boas being given a medical examination by investigators following his reported abduction in 1957.
  Woodok and Maclero
Part of an alien warning to World leaders from ‘Woodok and Maclero’.
Eugenio Siragusa
One of Eugenio Siragusa’s ‘photographs’ of Biblical events.
  Eugenio Siragusa
Eugenio Siragusa
Author Biography
ERIS ANDYS is a screen-writer with a long-standing interest in ufos and ufology. This is the first time she has shared her very own close encounter in print.


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