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Undercover cops exposed
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Justified and Ancient
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PostPosted: 14-11-2011 11:59    Post subject: Reply with quote

The documentary mentioned in that article is on tonight -

The inside story of Mark Kennedy, the police officer who lived a remarkable double life deep undercover as an environmental campaigner
Next on Channel 4
Mon 14 Nov, 9PM
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Great Old One
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PostPosted: 21-01-2012 09:56    Post subject: Reply with quote

Undercover police had children with activists

Disclosure likely to intensify controversy over long-running police operation to infiltrate and sabotage protest groups

Rob Evans and Paul Lewis, Friday 20 January 2012 20.15 GMT

Bob Lambert, believed to be holding the son he fathered while working as an undercover policeman

Bob Lambert (far left), with his child. The undercover police officer had a relationship with a woman who is now taking action against the police

Two undercover police officers secretly fathered children with political campaigners they had been sent to spy on and later disappeared completely from the lives of their offspring, the Guardian can reveal.

In both cases, the children have grown up not knowing that their biological fathers – whom they have not seen in decades – were police officers who had adopted fake identities to infiltrate activist groups. Both men have concealed their true identities from the children's mothers for many years.

One of the spies was Bob Lambert, who has already admitted that he tricked a second woman into having a long-term relationship with him, as part of an intricate attempt to bolster his credibility as a committed campaigner.

The second police spy followed the progress of his child and the child's mother by reading confidential police reports which tracked the mother's political activities and life.

The disclosures are likely to intensify the controversy over the long-running police operation to infiltrate and sabotage protest groups.

Police chiefs claim that undercover officers are strictly forbidden from having sexual relationships with the activists they are spying on, describing the situations as "grossly unprofessional" and "morally wrong".

But that claim has been undermined as many of the officers who have been unmasked have admitted to, or have been accused of, having sex with the targets of their surveillance.

Last month eight women who say they were duped into forming long-term intimate relationships of up to nine years with five undercover policemen started unprecedented legal action. They say they have suffered immense emotional trauma and pain over the relationships, which spanned the period from 1987 to 2010.

Until now it was not known that police had secretly fathered children while living undercover. One of them is Lambert, who adopted a fake persona to infiltrate animal rights and environmental groups in the 1980s.

After he was unmasked in October, he admitted that as "Bob Robinson" he had conned an innocent woman into having an 18-month relationship with him, apparently so that he could convince activists he was a real person. She is one of the women taking the legal action against police chiefs.

Now the Guardian can reveal that in the mid-1980s, just a year into his deployment, Lambert fathered a boy with another woman, who was one of the activists he had been sent to spy on.

The son lived with his mother during the early years of his life as his parents' relationship did not last long. During that time, Lambert was in regular contact with the infant, fitting visits to him around his clandestine duties.

After two years, the mother married another man and both of them took responsibility for raising the child. Lambert says the woman was keen that he give up his legal right to maintaining contact with his son and cut him out of her new life. He says the agreement was reached amicably and he has not seen or heard of the mother or their son since then.

Lambert did not tell her or the child that he was a police spy as he needed to conceal his real identity from the political activists he was spying on. The Guardian is not naming the woman or the child to protect their privacy.

Lambert was married during his secret mission, which continued until 1988.

The highly secretive operation to monitor and disrupt political activists, which has been running for four decades, has come under mounting scrutiny since last year following revelations over the activities of Mark Kennedy, the undercover police officer who went rogue after burying himself deep in the environmental movement for seven years.

Police chiefs and prosecutors have set up 12 inquiries over the past year to examine allegations of misconduct involving police spies, but all of them have been held behind closed doors. There have been continuing calls, including from the former director of public prosecutions Ken Macdonald, for a proper public inquiry.

The second case involves an undercover policeman who was sent to spy on activists some years ago. He had a short-lived relationship with a political activist which produced a child.

He concealed his real identity from the activist and child as he was under strict orders to keep secret his undercover work from her and the other activists in the group he infiltrated. He then disappeared, apparently after his superiors ended his deployment. Afterwards, she remained under surveillance as she continued to be politically active, while he carried on with his police career.

The Guardian understands that as he had access to the official monitoring reports, he regularly read details of her life with a close interest. He watched as she grew older and brought up their child as a single parent, according to an individual who is aware of the details of the case.

The policeman has been "haunted" by the experience of having no contact with the child, whom he thought about regularly, according to the individual.
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Imaginary person
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PostPosted: 21-01-2012 16:31    Post subject: Reply with quote

So that's what they mean when they describe a spy as a 'deep penetration agent'....
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Heuristically Challenged
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PostPosted: 21-01-2014 14:47    Post subject: Reply with quote

The undercover cunstable saga rumbles on.

Drax protesters' convictions quashed over withheld evidence of police spy

Lord chief justice says there was a 'total failure' to disclose evidence gathered by undercover police officer Mark Kennedy, Rob Evans. 21 January 2014

A group of environmental protesters have had their convictions overturned after senior judges ruled that crucial evidence gathered by an undercover police officer was withheld from their original trial.

The 29 protesters were convicted in 2009 after they blocked a train carrying coal from going into the Drax power station in North Yorkshire.

On Tuesday the lord chief justice, Lord Thomas, and two judges quashed their convictions after it was admitted that the involvement of Mark Kennedy, the undercover police officer who infiltrated environmental groups for seven years, had been hidden.

Thomas said there had been "a complete and total failure" to disclose evidence that would have been fundamental to the activists' defence. He said reasons for the failure remained unclear.

Earlier, Brian Altman QC, for the prosecution, told the court of appeal that the failure had been catastrophic, and it was unclear whether the fault lay with the police or prosecutors.

The verdict brings to 56 the number of protesters who have been wrongly convicted or prosecuted as a result of undercover police operations.

The appeal court heard that Kennedy attended a private meeting where the 29 campaigners formulated their protest. He hired a van and drove some of them to the protest.

The court was told that police had conceded after the original trial that Kennedy had been "the sole driver" for the protest, raising the possibility that the demonstration against climate change would not have gone ahead if he had not been involved.

Thomas ruled that Kennedy's role should have been disclosed to the activists as it would have enabled their lawyers to argue at the original trial that the spy had been an agent provocateur or that there had been an abuse of the legal process.

One of the acquitted campaigners, Robbie Gillett, said: "In our trial in 2009, the police and the Crown Prosecution Service deliberately withheld evidence from the jury. They're not interested in providing a fair trial to the political activists which they spy upon.

"This is political policing. It is an invasion of people's lives, a waste of public money and from the police's perspective, a legal failure."

Thomas said he was going to decide whether police or prosecutors should pay for costs of the wrongful prosecutions as he suggested those responsible for the misconduct should be required to pay.

Kennedy was unmasked by activists in 2010 after they became suspicious of his true identity.

His unmasking has led to a series of revelations in the Guardian over the controversial work of undercover officers who have been deployed to infiltrate political groups since 1968.

In another case, police and prosecutors withheld evidence of Kennedy's infiltration from 26 campaigners who planned to occupy Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station in 2009. Twenty had their convictions quashed, and the prosecutions of another six were dropped.

On Tuesday, Altman described some of the covert work of the spy who had transformed his appearance and pretended to be a committed environmental activist using the alias Mark Stone.

He read extracts from the notebooks of the long-haired, tattooed spy recording how he had been approached by an activist to see if he would be prepared to drive some campaigners to a protest. A day later another campaigner told him that a group of activists were going to delay the train going into the Drax power station.

Kennedy, who cultivated his image as an activist with money to spare and earned himself the nicknamed Flash, used £250 of the state's cash on the hire of a van.

Early on 13 June 2008 he used the van to drive some of the activists to the protest and dropped them off. Within the van he was on the phone to his police handler reporting what the activists were doing.

Emphasis mine.

So basically, the convictions were quashed because the cops set the whole Drax demo up in the first place. Not only was PC Kennedy the main driver of the protest, he actually drove his victims there in a van hired using public money. Dropped them off and then tipped off his plod mates. Classy.
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