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Strange Murder/Suicide Case? (and a few more random queries)

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PostPosted: 29-09-2013 17:36    Post subject: Strange Murder/Suicide Case? (and a few more random queries) Reply with quote

I'm looking for information on a strange murder and/or suicide case that I read about maybe 10 years ago now. I think it was mentioned in one of Loren Coleman's books, of all places, but I wouldn't like to swear to that - especially since looking through those copies I've got at home hasn't turned anything up. At any rate, the only details I can remember about the case are these:

Somewhere in the US, a car was found abandoned by the roadside, and there were two bodies inside, a man and a woman. One body was found crouched down in the space between the front passenger seat and the dashboard, as though the person were attempting to hide beneath it, and both victims' clothing had been removed and was lying neatly folded in the car or on the road nearby.

The case was presented in the book as being somehow related to one of the 'triangle' or 'window' areas in the US, like the Bridgewater Triangle in New England, and I believe that the implication was these unfortunate people had been the victims of an alien abduction. But there wasn't much in the way of identifying information such as names or dates IIRC, because I distinctly remember wanting to look it up online and being frustrated because there was so little to go on.

Since then, I haven't come across anything which even references such a case despite searching periodically through more 'mainstream' venues like true crime sites. Does anyone recall something like this, or know what the source of this story might be?

While I'm here, I might as well ask those other little 'Does anyone remember this Fortean story?' questions I've had kicking around for years.

The first is a 'true haunting' story I read when I was a child, so early to mid 1980's when I first read it? It was in an old copy of one of those cheap paperback 'weird & unexplained' books that were all the rage throughout the 70's. It was a typical (possibly completely fabricated) 'Hell House' story in which a family in their new house is plagued by supposedly demonic phenomena, which in this case culminated in them fleeing the apparition of a giant bipedal rat. (!) (So it definitely wasn't Amityville at least.)

The book was also my introduction to classic Fortean tales like Gef the Talking Mongoose and the Giant Phantom of Parker Road, Nova Scotia. Any clue on what the book might have been, or what story about demon rat monsters this could be?

Next, on an even more vague note, I have extremely hazy recollections of researching regional ghost stories from the Southern and Midwestern US and running across an obscure local legend about a cemetery monument which was altered after the woman buried beneath it was seen after her death. Yeah, I know, might as well throw a rock in identifying ghost stories like this one Laughing, but - what caught my attention about this story in particular was that the implication was that the return was not ghostly per se, but in the form of an actual physical revenant (or perhaps 'zombie' to use the Hollywood style term).

I made a note of the story at the time in order to include it in a short article I was writing on regional ghost stories, but sadly, my harddrive was damaged soon after and there went those notes. The only possible clues I've remembered are that the cemetery monument might have been rose-colored granite, might have included a statue of the woman, and might have been set in a state whose name begins with I. Finding this story again would be an extremely long shot, I know, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, I suppose. Laughing

Finally, bringing things back to this mb, did anyone ever find that story someone told once about running into a bizarre cat-headed entity as a child and holding a conversation with the, ah... creature? about specific local issues and being warned away from a local cemetery? Several people have brought this up now, and it's always sounded so wonderfully high strangeness, but I don't think there was ever any elaboration.

Well, this post certainly turned out much longer than expected, and for that I apologize. Embarassed But any help anyone could give in tracking down these stories would be most appreciated, so many thanks in advance.
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PostPosted: 29-09-2013 18:03    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm pretty sure there was a story about two kids being warned away from an area by a large, talking cat, but can't remember if it was on here or in the FT mag.
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