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Airliner 'had narrow miss with UFO'
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I am Seeking Rest for my Weary Heart
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PostPosted: 06-01-2014 22:28    Post subject: Reply with quote

precisely - they could start with one in the nose pointing fore ! might be useful ...
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Great Old One
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PostPosted: 12-01-2014 20:02    Post subject: Reply with quote

These kinds of dangerous encounters have been going on for a while worldwide:

Aviation Safety and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena:
A Preliminary Study of 600 cases of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)
Reported by Military and Civilian pilots
Dominique F. Weinstein
NARCAP International Technical Specialist - France
GEIPAN/CNES1 College of experts - France
Copyright March 2012:
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PostPosted: 12-01-2014 20:31    Post subject: Reply with quote

You'd think the flying saucer pilots would have better flying skills, wouldn't you?

Or...maybe they have the same kind of arrogance and bravado as our fighter pilots, and actually want to be seen?
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Great Old One
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PostPosted: 12-01-2014 21:12    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mythopoeika wrote:
You'd think the flying saucer pilots would have better flying skills, wouldn't you?

Or...maybe they have the same kind of arrogance and bravado as our fighter pilots, and actually want to be seen?

You'd think they would! Seem to act kind of passive agressive Sad
Then again they or it could be totally ambivalent about our planes, as ambivalent as autonomous machines.. We are causing damage to this planet and can't get along, so we should be treated with courtesy? If the phenomenon does involve creatures with similar intellects and approaches, perhaps they are exposing themselves to the world population in dramatic ways, having given up on the world's superpowers, having been viewed as dangerous or enemies. These things seem to come close, but miss these airplanes, making a lasting impression on those who view them.. It's clear that the US government agencies don't want to talk about it, and come up with absurd explanations for these things. They simply don't seem to be in control of it, and are afraid. Perfectly understandable:,_D.C._UFO_incident
(yikers! Sad )
We feel as though we own this planet (we don't!), label other creatures here inferior, and work to develop the most dangerous weapons we can, to use against each other.
I suspect that our illusion of grandeur is in for some serious abuse from this phenomenon, and if the silly excuses from the governments continue, as well as events like the Phoenix Lights, things could come to a head sometime soon.
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What a Cad!
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PostPosted: 24-01-2014 11:59    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ibiza holiday jet in near miss with UFO over Reading
A Thomas Cook airliner flying holidaymakers home from Ibiza to Manchester passes "within feet" of a UFO
By Jasper Copping
12:20PM GMT 23 Jan 2014

Any pilot flying holidaymakers between Manchester and Ibiza must be prepared for outlandish sights.
But perhaps nothing so apparently unworldly as this.

The captain of a Thomas Cook airliner flying tourists back from the Spanish holiday island to the north of England reported a "near miss" with a "rugby ball"-shaped UFO, which passed within feet of his jet.
The encounter, over Reading, Berks, was reported to the aviation authorities, who launched an investigation. But no earthly identity for the object could be established.

The encounter was disclosed earlier this month by the Telegraph, following the publication of a report into the inquiry.
[Posted on this thread: Mon 06-01-2014, 2:09: ]

The document did not identify the aircraft involved.
However, following an analysis of flight data recorded on the internet, the Telegraph has established it was a Thomas Cook plane, with the flight number TCX24HX. It was an A320, with the registration G-KKAZ, which was made in 2003.

The jet was flying to Manchester International airport, from Ibiza, on July 19th 2013. For years, the island has enjoyed a hedonistic reputation, attracting thousands of tourists each summer, many attracted to its vibrant nightlife. In recent years, it has attracted an increasingly upmarket clientele, among them David and Samantha Cameron.

The aircraft was flying at 516mph, at an altitude of 34,000ft, when it was passed by the UFO.
The encounter occurred in daylight, at around 6.35pm. It only emerged following publication of the report, which concluded it was “not possible to trace the object or determine the likely cause of the sighting”.

The captain said he spotted the object travelling towards the jet out of a left hand side, cockpit window, apparently heading directly for it. He said there was no time to for the aircrew to take evasive action.
He told investigators he was certain the object was going to crash into his aircraft and ducked as it headed towards him.

The incident was investigated by the UK Airprox Board, which studies “near misses” involving aircraft in British airspace.

The report states: “(The captain) was under the apprehension that they were on collision course with no time to react. His immediate reaction was to duck to the right and reach over to alert the FO (First Officer); there was no time to talk to alert him.”
It adds: “The Captain was fully expecting to experience some kind of impact with a conflicting aircraft.”

He told investigators he believes the object passes “within a few feet” above the jet.
He described it as being “cigar/rugby ball like” in shape, bright silver and apparently “metallic” in construction.

Once it had passed, the captain checked the aircraft’s instruments and contacted air traffic controllers to report the incident. However, there was no sign of the mystery craft.

As part of the inquiry, data recordings were checked to establish what other aircraft were in the area at the time. However, all were eliminated. The investigation also ruled out meteorological balloons, after checking none were released in the vicinity. Toy balloons were also discounted, as they are not large enough to reach such heights. Military radar operators were contacted but were unable to trace the reported object.

A spokesman for Thomas Cook Airlines said, “All our pilots are trained and required to report any unexpected events that occur during the flight to the aviation authorities.”

The Ministry of Defence closed its UFO desk in December 2009, along with its hotline for reporting such sightings. Following that change, the Civil Aviation Authority took the decision that it would continue to look into such reports, from aircrew and air traffic controllers, because they could have implications for “flight safety”.

In 2012, the head of the National Air Traffic Control Services admitted staff detected around one unexplained flying object every month.

Good to see some investigative journalism still goes on! Cool
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Great Old One
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PostPosted: 24-01-2014 15:54    Post subject: Reply with quote

This stuff happens:

And this:
Only useful for the excellent comment at the bottom of the article. Bravo!
I'm going to post his comment here, as I heartily agree with what he is saying, and couldn't have said it better!:

'No Man
• 15 days ago

Are we really still having this debate 67 years and hundreds of thousands of sightings after Roswell? If UFOs were on trial, accused of trespassing in earth's airspace in a court of law, they would stand convicted on the strength of eye-witness, photographic, radar, and physical evidence, which has always been good enough for a criminal court in the past. I have known multiple people inside aerospace and the military whose routine job it was to report on these things, and if you posed this "Do they exist?" question to them, you'd just get a chuckle. That question is for the public -- among those who know, it isn't even worth discussion.

As long as we're viewing the phenomenon from a scientific perspective, one seldom-invoked argument in favor of their existence is the utterly consistent hallmarks of their technology around the world and throughout the modern era. This is too broad and too rich an evidentiary record to be mere coincidence or collaboration of hoaxsters. For example, the dull, silvery-grayish finish of the typical saucer suggests aluminum or magnesium; remnants of an exploded saucer in Uruguay were magnesium. The saucer shape is explicable as two radar antennas clapped together -- the ideal form to transmit an electromagnetic effect from an energy core to the hull of the vehicle. The sinusoidal flight pattern, the wobbly takeoff with sudden steadiness and acceleration at treetop level, the instant in-flight accelerations which indicate exemption from the laws of gravity and inertia, and so forth -- all of this adds up to a picture of one technology with diverse, but consistent embodiments. Incidentally, the wavy flight pattern seems consistent with observations with passive radar antennae that the objects emit microwaves in a square-wave pattern, suggesting the propulsion system has something to do with microwaves. This could also explain the radio and engine disruptions of eye-witnesses in automobiles on the ground in close proximity to a hovering vehicle. The microwave impulses could be disrupting the ignition system of automobiles and interfering with radio waves in the vicinity.

This seems like a more fruitful line of inquiry than the "do-they-exist" line, which really serves only one purpose: to impede progress at understanding. However, one might also argue that the "do-they-exist" argument serves a valuable social purpose: i.e. maintaining business-as-usual. It is a more civilized ploy than the one used by Charlemagne during a medieval UFO flap: "Talk about these things, and the King will chop off your head."

My point is simply that it's time to change the framework of the discussion, and leave the "do-they-exist" question behind as antiquated and worse than useless. Society has grown up a lot since the 1950s, and most people are going to shrug off the existence of an alien presence when it becomes validated by authority figures. It hasn't materially affected anyone's life, other than abductees, and there aren't too many of those.'
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