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Strange Deaths
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Divine Wind
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PostPosted: 17-10-2003 14:34    Post subject: A shitty way to go Reply with quote

Sewage spill kills Kitchener driver, 38


A driver less than two weeks on the job hauling Toronto's sewage to Michigan dumpsites was killed when his 70,000-pound (32-tonne) load spilled on him as he was emptying the massive truck into a landfill trench, police say.

Jovan Sarovic, 38, of Kitchener, was knocked into the trench early yesterday by the tailgate of the truck in which he had transported biosolids produced by Toronto's Ashbridges Bay sewage treatment plant.

The contents of the truck then poured out on him, said Detective Michael Czinski, an investigator for the Sumpter Township Police Department.

Czinski said the tailgate knocked the truck driver, who was standing behind the truck, into a pit at the Carleton Farms Landfill southwest of Detroit.

He was found after colleagues, who noticed he was missing, raised an alarm.

The investigation was continuing, Czinski said.

The victim worked for LDM Transport, an Ontario firm that is a subcontractor for Terratec, the company that has the contract to remove sewage sludge from Ashbridges Bay, said Tom Thoren, vice-president of communications for American Water, the New Jersey-based company that owns Terratec.

Thoren said he did not have all the information on the driver and the incident. However, he understood Sarovic was a new employee of the subcontractors. "Under two weeks with the company and could be it was only his second day on the job," Thoren said.

A final report was expected tomorrow, Thoren said.

Preliminary reports were that the tailgate of the truck flew open with such force that it knocked him into the trench and the load then came down on him.

Thoren said the sludge is the "claylike," 30 per cent solid matter left after sewage had been treated at the Ashbridges Bay plant.
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Divine Wind
Joined: 18 Aug 2002
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PostPosted: 22-10-2003 14:38    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oct. 21, 2003. 11:07 AM

NY teen killed while 'surfing' subway train

NEW YORK (AP) — A 14-year-old boy who was "surfing" on the roof of a subway train was killed when his head struck an overhead beam and he fell to the tracks.

Eric Alvarez of Harlem was found dead on the tracks between two stations in lower Manhattan at about 4:45 p.m. Monday, said Det. Carolyn Chew.

While Alvarez was riding home from school, his friends dared him to climb to the top of the train, a practice known as "subway surfing," said Marisa Balde, a spokesperson for New York City Transit.

He apparently had climbed the rear of a car and had reached the top when his head struck a steel beam in the ceiling of the subway tunnel, Balde said.

Another train ran over the tracks where Alvarez had fallen. Initially, it appeared that the second train killed him, but investigations showed that he probably died of head injuries and the impact of his fall, Balde said.

Alvarez was described as a computer whiz.

He "was extremely smart, too smart for that happened to him," an aunt, Haydee Alvarez, told the New York Post.

It might go in Dumb Criminals but he was too smart Wink

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Divine Wind
Joined: 18 Aug 2002
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Age: 43
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PostPosted: 22-10-2003 14:50    Post subject: A bloody tale of dark barrooms, group sex and human dismembe Reply with quote

Dancer owns up in grisly killings

She gets 10 years for role in 3 deaths

Tuesday October 21, 2003

By Stephanie Doster
East Jefferson bureau

A bloody tale of dark barrooms, group sex and human dismemberment ended Monday when Patricia Biehn, an exotic dancer who already admitted her involvement in one murder, pleaded guilty to helping her boyfriend dispose of two other bodies.

Her plea came less than three weeks after her boyfriend, Charles Atwood, admitted killing three women in the winter of 2001-02 and brought an end to a case so gory that even seasoned detectives were stunned by what took place in the couple's Metairie apartment.

Atwood, 41, was sentenced Oct. 2 by Judge Ross LaDart of 24th District Court to three consecutive life terms in prison, after prosecutors waived the death penalty. Biehn, 33, pleaded guilty last year to being an accessory in one murder and was sentenced by LaDart to five years in prison.

On Monday, in contrast with the sallow-faced blonde captured in her arrest mugshot, Biehn returned to court as a brunette in makeup and dark lipstick. Shackled at the ankles and waist to another inmate from the parish jail, she sat in the jury box and looked to LaDart and her attorney as she succinctly answered the judge's questions about her culpability and her understanding of the proceedings. Only once did she glance away, resting her head on the chair back and gazing silently at the ceiling when prosecutor Walter Amstutz recounted how she helped detectives piece together the serial killings.

LaDart handed her two more five-year sentences, to run concurrent with each other but consecutive to the earlier prison term, for a total of 10 years.

First incident

At their apartment complex at 6826 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Biehn had impressed neighbors as an animal lover who often walked her dog but who sometimes seemed disheveled, perhaps physically abused. Co-workers at a Metairie lounge where she worked as an exotic dancer remember her as fickle, disappearing for weeks at a time. Neighbors and former co-workers describe Atwood, a print shop worker and former gasoline station attendant, as a weird but reliable loner who drank Diet Cokes and could be rude to some customers while eyeing attractive women who came into the station.

Their first victim, Susan Keller, 45, was a housekeeper and bartender.

Atwood and Biehn picked her up at the Cajun Pub at 3835 Tulane Ave. in New Orleans on Dec. 19, 2001, and persuaded her to go to their apartment for group sex in exchange for money, Amstutz said. There, Atwood strangled her with a stick and a shirt, lined the bathtub with a tarpaulin and laid her in it, Amstutz said. During a hearing last year in which she pleaded guilty to being an accessory in Keller's death, Biehn painted a gruesome picture of the scene.

"He made me sit on the edge of the tub and face the wall, and he cut her head off," she testified.

Atwood then mutilated Keller's face and dismembered and bathed the rest of her body to wash away evidence, Amstutz said. Fans of forensic crime shows, the couple wrapped Keller's head in a plastic bag and dumped it in the swamp near St. Rose, and scattered other body parts in a landfill on Almonaster Avenue in New Orleans and in the lagoon at Lafreniere Park.

On Christmas Eve, someone at the landfill stumbled upon a human torso with no heart, broken ribs and a broken right arm. "Whoever did this was really angry at this person," Orleans Coroner Frank Minyard said.

For several weeks, the remains went unidentified.

Two more victims

Atwood and Biehn struck again Jan. 25.

Biehn persuaded Dixie Esaki, 35, a former lover of hers who also worked as an exotic dancer, and Anjanette Penzica , 27, who had convictions for prostitution, to come home with her and Atwood for a sex party, Amstutz said. Atwood has told investigators that he met Esaki at the Artist Cafe at 608 Iberville St. in the French Quarter, where Biehn worked as a dancer under the stage name Crystal, then rendezvoused with her, Penzica and Biehn at Hoggs Bar, 135 Chartres St. in the Quarter.

At the Metairie apartment, while Biehn and Esaki bathed together, Atwood turned up the music in another room, bashed Penzica on the head and strangled her, Amstutz said. When the two women exited the bathroom, Esaki realized what had happened.

That's when a recording device somehow was activated, capturing Biehn talking on the phone while Esaki pleaded in the background.

"At some point the murder is starting to take place on the phone," Amstutz said.

Atwood hit Esaki on the head and strangled her. Both victims' fingers were cut off, presumably to hinder identification through fingerprints. Their bodies, bound with duct tape, were later found in garbage bags on the Interstate 510 Service Road near Lake Forest Boulevard in New Orleans. Atwood and Biehn had dumped them there on the way to Biloxi, Miss., where Atwood drilled as a Navy Seabee, Amstutz said.

Neighbors said Esaki was a trusting person who had traveled to Japan and had at one time been married to a Japanese man.

"She had a pure heart, and she had decent morals," said a woman who works at a business near Esaki's former home. "What happened to her shouldn't have happened to a dog."

Coming clean

Detectives got a break in the murders when Esaki's boyfriend reported her missing. They determined she had been headed to an apartment on Veterans, and soon a passer-by found her wireless phone near Atwood and Biehn's complex.

In a stroke of luck for investigators, Atwood and Biehn returned from Biloxi just as police descended on their apartment. Atwood said Esaki and Penzica had been at the apartment but left by bus, Amstutz said. But Biehn, telling investigators she needed a cigarette, went outside and began relating the gruesome tale.

"She came clean with everything," Amstutz said. "She wouldn't stop talking."

Col. Walter Gorman of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office testified last year that in his 34 years in law enforcement no suspect had relayed to him "the butchering I heard in this particular account."

Biehn led police to an eastern New Orleans storm drain, where they found 20 severed fingers belonging to Esaki and Penzica. She told them about Keller's murder, then took them to a swamp near the Interstate 310 interchange at Airline Drive, where they recovered the woman's head. She directed them to a lagoon in Lafreniere Park, where divers recovered machetes, knives and a bayonet used to dismember Keller's body.

"The fact of the matter is she was able to corroborate everything she said," Amstutz said.

Atwood soon admitted killing Esaki and Penzica, whom he called Little Bit. But he said he feared they were going to "roll," or rob, him.

Amstutz doesn't buy it.

"What do I think the reason he did it is?" Amstutz said. "He liked it."
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PostPosted: 24-10-2003 18:08    Post subject: Reply with quote

Fatal Bump causes merging..
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PostPosted: 03-11-2003 04:14    Post subject: Reply with quote

A bizarre accident with a model helicopter killed a Houston man Sunday afternoon. The victim was watching the radio-controlled aircraft at Tom Bass Park in southwest Harris County, when it went out of control and struck him in the throat.
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PostPosted: 06-11-2003 11:33    Post subject: Reply with quote

Can't find this on the 'net yet but it's in my local Guardian today, November 6th.

'A Crewe man predicted his own death with a card trick before accidentally taking his own life by drinking a bottle of whisky, an inquest heard.'

Mr Grycewicz, 32, a heavy drinker, 'told his mother he was going to die and proved it by splitting a pack of cards with his half black and his mother's all red. He said it was destiny and performed it again'.

He apparently foresaw his own death in three weeks' time. The actual timespan is not given in the report.

The verdict was accidental death as there was no evidence of any intent to suicide.

Allow me to say-

(edited for spelling)

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Bolt from the blue
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PostPosted: 13-11-2003 11:55    Post subject: Not a strange death..but almost.. Reply with quote

03:34 PM CST on Tuesday, November 11, 2003

From 11 News Staff Reports

HOUSTON -- A woman aboard a Continental Airlines flight into Houston was arrested after the airline says she tried to get off the plane while it was still in the air.

Continental says that shortly before the flight from Atlanta was expected at Bush Intercontinental airport Tuesday afternoon something made the woman believe it was time to get off.

So she went to the front door and tried to open it. The woman didn't speak any English and was escorted back to her seat.

Houston police took her into custody for a mental evaluation as soon as the express plane landed...

Careful miss...the first step is a bit of a drop..
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PostPosted: 14-11-2003 20:00    Post subject: Reply with quote

Workers Killed by Manhole Sewer Gases
NOVEMBER 11, 2003 - Tragedy struck a work crew in Edinburg, early Tuesday morning. Two men died, trapped in a live sewer well. A third victim, is fighting for his life.

Edinburg lawmen were forced to shut down traffic on Schunior and M Street, after the three men were overwhelmed by toxic fumes in the sewer.

"It means that there's raw sewage, not treated that is coming in from people's homes and businesses, " said Edinburg Fire Chief, Shawn Snider. "That's what they were in."

It was a deadly domino effect. Police say Javier Cruz climbed in to begin cleaning out the sewer pipes. Minutes later, police say Cruz then passed out from the deadly fumes. A second man jumped in to help, but met the same fate. Both men died, in the sewage pipe--overwhelmed by the poisonous gas.

Edinburg firefighters say it was a lethal mixture of hydrogen sulfide and methane that overpowered the workers. Now safety procedures are being called into question.

Fire Chief Snider ran the rescue that eventually turned into a recovery operation. He says one thing was glaringly obvious when the bodies were pulled out of the man-hole, "there were no breathing devices or respirator protectors being used."

Snider went on say, "there were also no safety lines being used for retrieval of these individuals."

Police agree that the work crew seemed to ignore obvious hazards. Air quality reportedly wasn't checked in the manhole. And as Snider mentioned, no life-lines were available, to pull the men out. Police Chief Quirino Munoz says that will lie at the heart of this investigation.

"We understand that there were certain basic training and equipment that's required. Of course it'll be part of the investigation."

OSHA has already been notified about the fatal encounter.

The deceased victims are identified as 22-year-old Javier Cruz and 24-year-old Francisco Hernandez, both of Edinburg. The third victim is Robert Dose, of San Antonio. He is said to be in critical but stable condition.

Action-4 News has learned that the crew's immediate supervisor, Beverly Borroum is being questioned in connection with the case. Criminal negligence charges have not been ruled out.
Also strange are the typically 'Scottish' names of these workers...
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PostPosted: 14-11-2003 20:22    Post subject: Reply with quote

Northern Va. Man First Reported U.S. Human Death from Raccoon Rabies
Atlanta (AP) - Scientists have documented the first human death in the United States from raccoon rabies. And the victim is from northern Virginia.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported today that a 25-year-old office worker died in March from rabies. The man, who was not identified, was hospitalized in mid-February with flu-like symptoms. He died after 14 days in the hospital.

Genetic analysis of tissue samples by the CDC (website/news) determined the man had gotten rabies from a raccoon.

Doctors could not figure out how or when the man became infected, despite extensive interviews with relatives, friends and co-workers.

The Virginia case is the only death reported so far in 2003.

Virginia's last fatal rabies case was in December 1998, when a prisoner died at the Nottoway Correctional Center in Burkeville.
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PostPosted: 19-11-2003 20:54    Post subject: Man dies from pet emissions Reply with quote

What a smell!

AMSTERDAM — Police suspect that a man found dead in his home Wednesday was poisoned by ammonia gas from the excrement of his pet parrots and ferrets who had been badly cared for.

The man reported feeling unwell early in the morning in his house in the town of Tegelen in North Limburg.

An ambulance reached his home by 7am, but he was already dead. A post mortem is to be carried out on his body to confirm the cause of death, newspaper De Telegraaf reported.

A spokesman for the emergency services said it appeared the victim had not cared for his parrots and ferrets well and ambulance workers were struck by a "penetrating odour" when they entered the house.

It is suspected that the animals' excrement was allowed to accumulate in the building over a long period of time and that it began releasing toxic amounts of ammonia.

Normally, police seal of a property where a person has died in suspicious circumstances, but in this case the windows and doors were opened to clear the ammonia vapours. Locals reported the parrots' screeching was heard all around the town.
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Is this water or air?
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PostPosted: 19-11-2003 21:16    Post subject: Reply with quote

The parrots are probably screeching to get out of there. How awful. It's just sad all the way 'round.
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PostPosted: 19-11-2003 21:37    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bump! (Smelly parrots death moved to this thread.)
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PostPosted: 20-11-2003 07:59    Post subject: Reply with quote

rynner wrote:

Bump! (Smelly parrots death moved to this thread.)

cheers! I so out of touch these days! blush
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Divine Wind
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PostPosted: 08-12-2003 04:11    Post subject: Walled in body an accident? Reply with quote

DJ's mummified body found behind wall in club
Winnipeg mystery

Chris Wattie
National Post

Some time in the early hours of a cold October day last year, a young disc jockey stumbled into a Winnipeg cabaret and disappeared.

This week, police found the mummified body of Eduardo Sanchez entombed behind a wall in the basement of the popular nightclub, 14 months after he was last seen alive.

While the case is reminiscent of an Edgar Allan Poe story, police say there was no foul play in the 21-year-old's death, just the lingering question of what exactly he was doing behind the wall where he became trapped and died.

"The cause of death was determined to be positional asphyxiation," said Constable Bob Johnson, a Winnipeg police spokesman.

"We don't know for what reason he went between these two walls, but some time while he was in there he either fell, [or] passed out -- we don't necessarily know the circumstances -- but he got himself positioned in a place where he was unable to breathe properly due to the restrictions on his chest.

"It wouldn't have taken a long time ... He probably would've been dead within minutes."

Police were called back to the nightclub -- the last place Mr. Sanchez was seen alive -- when neighbours complained about a foul odour coming from the Village Cabaret.

If not for a recent citywide ban on smoking in bars, investigators said, they might never have found the body.

Neighbours of the club, in a trendy downtown Winnipeg neighbourhood, said they noticed the foul smell more than a year ago, but put it down to spilled beer and stale cigarette smoke.

"Sometimes it reeked of sewage when you came in in the morning," Kerrie Drine, a business owner in a neighbouring building, told The Winnipeg Free Press. "We had to light incense to get rid of it."

But when the municipal smoking ban came into effect in September, the smell persisted and someone eventually notified police. "They took the whole wall down," Const. Johnson said.

Using a special camera borrowed from a local duct cleaning company, police found the body wedged into a narrow space between a stone foundation wall and a newer wall.

The camera was snaked into the claustrophobic gap between the old wall and the newer one, which police said was built several years ago. Officers soon spotted the badly decomposed body of Mr. Sanchez.

"It was pretty close to mummification; it was certainly in the early stages of it," Const. Johnson said.

He said Mr. Sanchez had entered the gap between the walls from an opening at one end and had managed to wriggle through almost its entire 23-metre length, through a gap ranging from 20 to 60 centimetres wide.

"In some places there was enough room to move around, in others it was a very tight fit."

Mr. Sanchez, also known as DJ Phonosys and Grandmasta Sanchez, was last seen by friends in the early morning hours of Oct. 12, 2002. He made an withdrawal from his bank account at 12:48 a.m. from a bank machine in the front entrance of the nightclub. Just before 3 a.m., he spoke with three friends not far from the club and was last seen walking back toward the building.

Family, friends and police searched the Winnipeg area for weeks after his disappearance, but found nothing.

Abbey Sanchez broke down in tears while reading a statement on Thursday about the discovery of her brother, which she called "our family's worst nightmare."

"This news definitely is not what we had anticipated," she said.

Const. Johnson said there is some evidence Mr. Sanchez had been drinking on the night of his disappearance and tests are being conducted to attempt to determine whether alcohol was a factor in his death.

"But the body had degraded so much that the quality of the samples was very, very poor. We may not get anything at all."

He said the question of why Mr. Sanchez crawled behind the wall will probably never be answered. "People will, I think for years, be asking the question: What the heck was he doing in there?" Const. Johnson said.

"And we just don't have a good answer to that, to be honest. We don't know why he was there ... and likely will never know."

He said police considered the possibility that he was looking to retrieve something left or somehow dropped there earlier, but they found nothing behind the wall other than Mr. Sanchez's body.

It just sounds awfully fishy to me.

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Divine Wind
Joined: 18 Aug 2002
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PostPosted: 17-12-2003 18:42    Post subject: Reply with quote



December 16, 2003 -- A construction worker was decapitated and another hurt yesterday in a freak accident on Staten Island.
Two employees of Formica Construction were digging a ditch in the street to install a sewer for 17 townhouses being built at Taylor Street and Degroot Place in Port Richmond, officials said.

Suddenly, dirt and cement collapsed, burying the men under the debris.

One man was buried up to his waist. The other, a 39-year-old man, whose name was withheld, was completely buried

He was decapitated when the workers tried to rescue him with a tractor.

"No doubt the fellow using it had good intentions, but there were extremely tragic results," said fire battalion Chief Daniel O'Gara.

Stefan Konowalskyj, 40, who lives nearby, was returning home from some errands when the workers realized what had happened.

"I saw these guys running around frantically screaming, 'The other guy is dead! The other guy is dead! His head is off,' " Konowalskyj said.

"There was a lot of commotion. There was also one guy down there trying to pull the other guy out . There were about a half a dozen workers standing around, not knowing what to do."

Rescuers arrived and pulled out the injured worker, 66, who was in stable condition at St. Vincent's Hospital.

The Department of Transportation issued two citations for inadequate protection procedures because the crew had not put up a retaining wall in the trench, a department spokesman said.

Its not fully clear how his head came off. Ahhhhhhhhh more info:

Backhoe beheads worker


Firefighters at scene where construction worker was decapitated.

A construction worker was decapitated yesterday when panicked colleagues used a backhoe to try to dig him and another man out of a collapsed trench on Staten Island.

The construction workers jumped into action without waiting for firefighters or cops to arrive, officials said.

"They struck him with the backhoe, and that's what severed his head," said FDNY Battalion Chief Daniel O'Gara.

The tragedy unfolded around 3 p.m. when a poorly supported ditch 16 feet deep caved in, trapping the men, authorities said.

"The whole situation was very dangerous," said witness Stefan Konowalskyj. Some workers "were yelling, 'Don't go in! Don't go in! It's too dangerous.'"

A 39-year-old Staten Island man, whose name was not immediately released, was decapitated by the backhoe.

His co-worker who was buried up to the waist was saved when Firefighters Gary Persch, Jimmy McHale, Chris Geissler and an unidentified civilian dug him out with their bare hands and shovels.

The rescued 66-year-old worker was treated for minor injuries at St. Vincent's Medical Center on Staten Island.

About 75 firefighters from three boroughs converged on the cave-in, at the intersection of Taylor St. and Degroot Place, in Port Richmond. They used ropes to lower themselves into the trench, taking about two hours to shore up the walls of the 35-foot-long, 10-foot-wide ditch and remove the victim's body.

The city Buildings Department said the trench collapsed because it was not properly supported. "After 5 feet, you are required to install sheeting and shoring to brace the hole, and that was not there," said Ilyse Fink, a Buildings Department spokeswoman.

She said the Formica Construction Co. had a permit to dig the trench, linking a row of homes to sewer connections.

Officials at the Staten Island-based construction company could not be reached last night. Founded in 1948, Formica Construction has built more than 2,000 homes on Staten Island's North Shore.

The city's Transportation Department ordered workers to fill in the trench and opened an investigation into Formica's permit. Investigators from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration were at the construction site yesterday.

Originally published on December 16, 2003

Oh I see he was buried in the trench and when they tried to dig him out......

A Worker Is Killed in a Trench Collapse

Published: December 16, 2003

Staten Island (NYC) construction worker was accidentally decapitated in a Staten Island sewer tunnel yesterday when co-workers tried to dig him out of the collapsed trench with a backhoe, Fire Department spokesmen said.

The worker and a colleague had been digging a sewer pipe tunnel at Taylor Street and DeGroot Place in West Brighton. But the trench collapsed, possibly because the walls had not been reinforced, and the workers were trapped, Police and Fire Department spokesmen said.

The worker who died, a 39-year-old man, was face down in the collapsed trench but close to the surface, a Fire Department official at the scene said. The other worker was pulled out by firefighters and suffered only minor injuries.

Immediately after the collapse, construction workers tried to dig out the buried men with a backhoe, which sliced the 39-year-old man's head from his body, said a Fire Department official and a witness.

It was not clear last night if the worker, who was not identified by the police, was already dead when his co-workers tried to dig him out.

"It happened so quickly," said Battalion Chief Daniel O'Gara, adding that the man using the backhoe "had the best of intentions but with tragic results."

The other worker was only partly buried, officials said.

Trucks at the site bore the emblem of a Staten Island company called Formica Construction. Phone calls to its various numbers went unanswered last night.

The tunnel connected a row of new houses to the main sewer line, said Ilyse Fink, a spokeswoman for the Department of Buildings. James Leonard, a Fire Department official, said the trench had been dug too deep, causing the collapse.


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