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The Meiwes case
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PostPosted: 23-11-2003 20:20    Post subject: Reply with quote

A website for cannibals!! Where is this?


A German accused of killing and eating a man he met on a website for cannibals has expressed regret for his actions.
Armin Meiwes, who is awaiting trial, told a German newspaper he wants to deter other people from copying him.

Mr Meiwes, from Rotenburg, says his victim was a willing participant who ate part of his own body before Mr Meiwes stabbed him to death and stored his remains in a freezer.

The 41-year-old computer expert is expected to go on trial on 3 December.

Advertised on internet

The grisly details of the case caused a sensation in the German media when Mr Meiwes was arrested in December, 2002.

Mr Meiwes, a computer expert, met 43-year-old Bernd-Jurgen Brandes in early 2001, after Mr Meiwes advertised on websites for "young, well-built men aged 18 to 30 to slaughter", the German daily newspaper Bild reported at the time of his arrest.

Mr Meiwes told investigators he took Mr Brandes back to his home, where Mr Brandes agreed to have his penis cut off, which Mr Meiwes then flambeed and served up to eat together.

Mr Meiwes says he then killed Mr Brandes with his consent - recording the two-hour event on video.

Life story

"I admit what I've done," Mr Meiwes told Welt am Sonntag newspaper. "I accept that I am guilty and I regret my actions."

Mr Meiwes said he wants to write his life story with the aim of deterring anyone who wanted to copy him.

Disturbingly, a number of websites dedicated to Mr Meiwes have appeared, with people advertising for willing victims.

"They should go for treatment, so it doesn't escalate like it did with me," said Mr Meiwes.

He said he believed there were about 800 "cannibals" in Germany.

Prosecutors are seeking a conviction of murder for "sexual satisfaction", as cannibalism is not technically illegal under German law.
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PostPosted: 03-12-2003 20:58    Post subject: Reply with quote

Trial begins:

A man accused of killing, dissecting and eating another man has gone on trial in central Germany.
The court heard how horror films had fuelled Arwan Meiwes's childhood fantasies of eating school friends.

The 41-year-old computer technician is charged with murder, even though the victim allegedly volunteered for his fate by replying to an internet advert.

The gruesome incident was all captured on camcorder and the footage is expected to form part of the evidence.

"I had the fantasy, and in the end I fulfilled it," he said. The fantasy first developed between the ages of eight and 12, he added.

Mr Meiwes spoke of how he felt ignored by his father, and longed for a good-looking younger brother - whom he would bind to himself forever by consuming.

Internet link

It is Germany's first cannibalism case, and the world's media have gathered in Kassel to watch the proceedings.

Television images showed Mr Meiwes - wearing a jacket and a tie - smiling and talking light-heartedly to his lawyer moments before the trial began.

It was the first time that the self-confessed cannibal had been seen in public since his arrest.

The grisly details of the case caused a sensation in the German media when Mr Meiwes was arrested in December, 2002.

In a recent newspaper interview he admitted that he had killed and then partly eaten his victim.

Mr Meiwes advertised on the internet for a well-built male prepared to be slaughtered and then consumed.

"Slim and blond, that would have been the type", he told the court.

The victim, 43-year-old Bernd-Jurgen Brandes, answered the advert in March 2001.

Mr Meiwes told investigators he took Mr Brandes back to his home in Rotenburg, where Mr Brandes agreed to have his penis cut off, which Mr Meiwes then flambéed and served up to eat together.

Prosecutors say Mr Meiwes then stabbed the victim repeatedly in the neck and dissected the corpse.

Shock value

Legally it is a tricky case, says the BBC's correspondent in Berlin, Ray Furlong.

Cannibalism is not a recognised offence under German law and the defence will argue that, since the victim volunteered, this was no murder.

If the court accepts the defence argument, Mr Meiwes can expect a jail term of up to five years.

But the prosecution will push for a life sentence on the basis that Mr Meiwes is simply too dangerous ever to be released.

Meanwhile, Germans will continue to be treated to a media frenzy that plays on the story's unrivalled shock value.

And among the "highlights" will be the two-hour video that Mr Meiwes took of the whole incident on his camcorder, our correspondent says.

"The public probably won't be excluded from this part of proceedings; we have a tradition of open trials," says legal expert Felix Hardenberg.

"But the panel of judges will show only the relevant parts: what the victim is saying and doing before and during the killing."

Mr Meiwes has said that after his trial he intends to pass the time in jail - if convicted - by writing his memoirs.

The court will hear 38 witnesses and 14 sessions are scheduled in the trial, which is scheduled to end in late January.

The case only came to light when an Austrian student spotted another advertisement placed by Mr Meiwes on the internet and alerted police.
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PostPosted: 04-12-2003 14:56    Post subject: The ones that got away... Reply with quote

A CANNIBAL who admitted eating a willing victim rejected another man because he was "a bit weird", a court heard yesterday.

Armin Meiwes, 42, said the man was one of several who answered his adverts for victims on perverted websites.

But he added: "he wanted me to burn his b***s with a flamethrower and hammer his body down with nails and pins while he was whipped to death. I found that a bit weird."

Another man showed up saying he wanted to be beheaded. But Meiwes said he sent him away because he was too fat and not talkative enough.

Finally, he chose Bernd Brandes, 43, who came to his farmhouse in Rotenburg, near Kassel in Germany, and said: "Now you can see my body. I hope you'll find me tasty."

Meiwes said: "He told me he had had the desire since he was a child to be slaughtered and eaten. He was very intelligent and I didn't see any sign that he was disturbed."

He killed him with a kitchen knife in a "slaughtering room" he had built containing meat hooks, a cage and a butcher's table.

Meiwes videoed the killing and the tape may be shown to the court.

It shows Meiwes cutting off Brandes's penis at the victim's request. He said: "It was important to him that his member be cut off and that he witness it. It gave him pleasure."

Ten hours later, Brandes fell unconscious and Meiwes killed him with a knife, hung up the corpse and cut it up, again filming the process.

He said: "I kissed him once, prayed for forgiveness and stabbed him, but I knew he had already gone.

"After I had done it, I felt hate, anger, happiness all at once."

Meiwes, described by his lawyer as a "gentleman of the old school", said it was the fulfilment of a "lifelong dream" for both of them.

"I couldn't regret it because this is what we both wanted. That is why I am not guilty of murder - I helped a man fulfil his biggest wish too."

People in the public gallery gasped as he said he kept plastic bags of flesh in his freezer. He said: "With every piece of flesh I ate, I remembered him. It was like taking communion."

Meiwes said he had fantasised about killing and eating a man since he was 12. As a teenager he wanted "blonde, slim people to slaughter - like Sandy in the TV series Flipper".

The killing has made him a sick cult figure in Germany with websites devoted to him and cannibal supporters in court rooting for his freedom. He denies murder. The case continues.

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Piffle Prospector
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PostPosted: 04-12-2003 18:42    Post subject: Reply with quote

One of my fifteen year-old pupils was ahead of me on this case. He blurted
out some of the details of an on-going German cannibalism case and assured me
there was no law against it there.

"Nonsense! That case was ages ago and I'm sure the Germans have laws against
such dreadful things, Oscar*. Now can we get back to the subject, which is Ten
Ways to Improve your Life!"

Duh! What do teachers know? roll eyes (sarcastic)

*Name changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

Eek Eek
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Divine Wind
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PostPosted: 18-12-2003 00:52    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dark Detective wrote:

A website for cannibals!! Where is this?

This is indeed the question that I have been wondering about - I would have though Portal of Evil would have featured any major sites. If people find any drop them in (even they are 'passed on by a friend' Wink ).

Anyway a slightly different slant on his defence:

'Gentleman' cannibal poses legal dilemma

03 December 2003

BERLIN: The trial of Armin Meiwes, the German computer expert who gained worldwide notoriety by killing and eating a willing victim, is to begin, in a case of sexually inspired cannibalism so perplexing it could make legal history.

Meiwes, 42, described by his lawyer as a "gentleman of the old school", has confessed to killing a Berlin man who answered an advertisement he had posted on the Internet seeking a fit man "for slaughter."

They met in Meiwes's elegant half-timbered home in the town of Rotenburg, central Germany, in March 2001. Meiwes killed the man, named only as Bernd-Juergen B., with a kitchen knife and filmed the deed on video tape which may be shown at the trial.

Meiwes's lawyer Harald Ermel said it took the victim nearly 10 hours to bleed to death and that he had repeatedly urged Meiwes to keep on cutting him.

Meiwes cut up the body and stored parts in his freezer. "He believes he ate about 20 kilograms and there were about 10 kilograms left over," said Ermel.

"He defrosted it little by little and ate it."

Police arrested Meiwes over a year later, in December 2002, after a tip-off from someone who had spotted another of his adverts on the Internet.

Meiwes is expected to repeat his confession at the trial that will be attended by reporters from all over the world. He is already planning to write his memoirs, his lawyer said.

Meiwes told German newspaper Welt am Sonntag last week: "I am guilty and regret what I did." He said he had eaten his victim because he wanted to make him part of himself, a desire that he had satisfied and that would not recur.

Professor Andreas Marneros, director of the Halle Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, said: "This is cannibalism as a sexual perversion, it's a phenomenon that has been known about for centuries. I have examined four such people."


Prosecutors in the city of Kassel say a psychiatric examination found Meiwes is not insane but they added that his victim may have been incapable of rational thought.

So while prosecutors acknowledge the victim said he wanted to die, they are seeking a life sentence on a charge of murder motivated by sexual urges.

Meiwes's lawyer wants him to be convicted of "killing on request", a form of illegal euthanasia which carries a sentence of six months to five years.

The problem, legal experts say, is that Meiwes's victim wanted to be eaten. That could make a murder charge difficult to apply, while the lesser charge of manslaughter carries a term of 15 years or considerably less, after which Meiwes would be free.

Professor Arthur Kreuzer of the Institute for Criminology at Giessen University, said the case might make legal history.

"This is killing undertaken for both killer and victim and cannot be regarded as the worst case of premeditated killing.

"But I don't think it is a killing on request either because it was not an altruistic, but an egoistic deed."

Kreuzer said the case may go as high as the Federal Constitutional Court and that prosecutors may be forced to consult new medical experts to assess Meiwes's mental state.

Meiwes's lawyer has revealed that his client had four other guests in his home, but let them all go.

"There was a teacher, a cook, a hotel employee and a student. He had them hanging from the ceiling head down and they had no chance of freeing themselves. One felt sick, the other didn't want to go on, he let them all down."

Ermel said Meiwes chatted about cannibalism with at least 280 like-minded people on the Internet. In Germany about 200 people on the Internet were offering to be slaughtered, 30 ready to do the slaughtering and 10 to 15 wanting to watch, he said.,2106,2747205a4560,00.html

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Divine Wind
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PostPosted: 18-12-2003 00:55    Post subject: Reply with quote

A general article on our interests in cannibals in real life and films and books:

Curiosity that's all-consuming

WHEN Anthony Hopkins in his role as Hannibal Lecter sauteed slices of a detective’s brain before feeding it back to his victim, audiences across the world shuddered. But it wasn’t just the gruesome sight that sent shivers down the spine, the dual reactions of revulsion and fascination went much deeper.

Perhaps it is because it’s regarded as one of the last taboos, but there is a definite morbid interest in the idea of cannibalism. It stretches back to times when the majority of the world was still being explored and tales of flesh-eating savages in the depths of South American jungles or wandering African plains became popular, but it is a subject that still holds a strange fascination for people.

The recent trial of the German self-confessed cannibal Armin Meiwes is an example of how cannibalism can be a transfixing subject. People have been eagerly reading about how he advertised on the internet for a volunteer to be eaten. He finally met, killed and ate 43-year-old Bernd Brandes at his house in Rothenburg. Meiwes is arguing in his trial that Brandes was a willing victim.

Similarly, Hollywood has discovered tales of people eating each other also do well at the box office. Alive, the true story of the Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashes in the Andes leaving them no other way to survive but to eat the dead passengers, grossed £21 million, while Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal made £131,585,395 between them. In the UK, Robert Carlyle starred as a cannibal in Ravenous, a movie set during the Mexican-American war, and now the legend of Lothian cannibal Sawney Bean is also being made into a movie.

Bean of course is a fabricated tale, but the story of how he and his incestuous family robbed their victims and dragged them back to their cave where they ate their flesh or preserved it for future consumption, has gripped imaginations since the 18th century. Glasgow-based Posh Pictures and Raygun Films, an American production company, are to bring the Bean legend to life and Scottish writer Robbie McCallum says the film will do for Scotland what Jaws did for swimming in the sea in the 1970s. "People will hear the sound of bagpipes, or grouse in the trees, and think of this gruesome tale," he says. But what is it about cannibalism that holds such a fatal attraction? Dr Keith Ashcroft, an Edinburgh-based forensic psychologist, says: "I think we are fascinated by anything which is regarded as taboo. And then there’s the fact that we want to demonise anything or anyone which is considered out of the norm. Paedophiles, for instance, as well as cannibals. There’s a need in all of us to distance ourselves from these very basic desires and thoughts because it makes us feel better about ourselves that we are ‘not like them’."

He adds: "Our language contains all sorts of references to cannibalism, although people probably don’t think of that, but terms like ‘all-consuming’ basically means to eat, and these are bandied around without a second thought, and yet the motivations for people who do eat others is to consume that person, because that is the ultimate power.

"The fascination with cannibalism probably starts with the idea of whether you would eat someone to survive, but these days, with that being so unlikely, the motivation for the fascination is one of being able to distance yourself from such a basic need."

London-based psychologist Willma Scott agrees. "Part of what goes on in your mind when you listen to these tales is a sort of fantasy in which you almost act out the story with yourself in it and try to reassure yourself that you could have got away where the victim didn’t.

"There’s also some part of your mind which is reassuring itself that it would never do such a thing.

"But cannibalism is a very interesting subject from a psychological point of view, because it fascinates most people even when the story isn’t about a psychopath preying on victims. Even when we’re talking about someone who has eaten human flesh because there simply was no other way to survive, we’re still gripped."

She adds: "The taboo against eating your own kind seems to be such a fundamental part of the human psyche that we feel driven to know as much as possible about anyone who could let themselves go against it."

Scientists believe the need to eat other people has long played a part in human history. Joel Richman, professor of medical anthropology at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), says: "We used to think cannibalism was rare in prehistoric society. It was assumed the holes found in skulls were for releasing spirits. We now find that ancient man got a lot of protein from eating each other."

The reasons for cannibalism have varied. Sometimes it was because food was limited - as recently as the 1930s, cannibalism driven by hunger was common in the Ukraine, where children were eaten by their parents and spouses sometimes killed each other for food, while in impoverished North Korea an outbreak of eating people was reported this year.

Revenge and punishment also fuelled cannibalism. Captain Cook lost a party of sailors to the cooking pot when Maoris in New Zealand took offence. Similarly, the British missionary, Reverend Thomas Baker, was eaten by Fijians after giving offence by inadvertently touching the chief’s head. Just this year the current villagers apologised to his descendants. Even Chairman Mao used cannibalism as a threat during the cultural revolution. "In China, a way of degrading intellectuals was to defile the dead by eating them. Killing them was not seen as punishment enough," says Richman.

But cannibalism for fun or sexual desire is very different. According to psychologist Mike Berry, also of MMU: "The pleasure of eating somebody would be the ultimate in playing God"

And Gerald Bailes, a forensic clinical psychologist based in Norwich, says: "They might take trophies, or body parts, which they get obsessed with and are turned on by. A tangible object can be arousing and reactivate fantasies."

As to why the public are fascinated by such stories, author of Flesh and Blood, a book which documents cannibalism through the ages, Reay Tannahill, says it is because we are increasingly anaesthetised to blood and gore by its proliferation through mass media. "The bulk of Stephen King’s fans, I believe, are teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 18. We are inured to violence so I’ve no doubt that people buy Flesh and Blood for entertainment, as they would watch Hannibal for entertainment."

It’s also why people are drawn to places where cannibalism has taken place. For instance, the home of Jeffrey Dahmer in Milwaukee, where he entrapped at least 11 young men with promises of payment and drink before drugging, strangling, dismembering, filleting and, sometimes, eating them, has many visitors.

But according to Ian Hancock, director of psychological services in Dumfries and Galloway, the reason we respond to cannibalism so strongly is because of its rarity. "When we think of cannibalism, we think of ancient tribes, Hannibal Lecter, and the film, Alive. In real cases, we will be shocked and intrigued in the same way we are intrigued by serial murders. Such cases will continue to sell papers, books and cinema tickets, all the more because they are true."

[edit: Also on the general topic:

Cannibalism: A modern society taboo

Kevin McElderry
Posted Wed, 03 Dec 2003

As a German court began hearing chilling details of cannibalism last week, psychiatrists and criminal experts sought to explain a practice as old as history but which remains a taboo in modern society.

Cannibalism, which spans the cultures and centuries, has been seen by some practitioners as a religious ritual, by others as a way of taking revenge and also as a sign of respect — such as devouring the spirit of a brave enemy — or even family tradition.

Earlier this year UN officials accused rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo of acts of cannibalism.

In 1972, survivors of a plane crash in the Andes ate the flesh of dead passengers, a story later told in the film 'Alive!'. Then, it was a matter of surviving against the odds.

But what distinguishes the German case is that, as the prosecution admits, it was carried out apparently at the victim's own behest, in front of a video camera and with the full knowledge that he was to be eaten.

It was also, prosecutors claim, for sexual satisfaction.

Quite what drives someone to such lengths is unclear, however.

A lonely childhood

In evidence on the opening day on Wednesday of his trial, Amin Meiwes pointed to a lonely childhood, abandoned by his father, that caused him to fantasise about having a brother figure who would always be with him.

It spiralled from there, fuelled by horror films and watching animals being slaughtered. The advent of the Internet then made it possible for him to find like-minded souls in Germany and beyond.

The fantasies often start in childhood, agreed Professor Andreas Marneros, head of psychiatry and psychotherapy at the University of Halle-Wittenberg.

In rare cases, usually due to a personality disorder, they develop over the years until the urge to consume human flesh becomes uncontrollable.

He said cannibals he had studied were "possessed" by their lust.

Marneros said some people were aroused by seeing animals being killed, and the experience could trigger a desire to repeat the moment of lust.

In sexual cannibalism, he added, "fusion with the other person is a central aspect, a pathological escalation of the sentence, 'I'd like to eat you'."

Criminal psychologist Rudolf Egg said Sigmund Freud noted nearly a century ago that by eating a human, a cannibal believes he is ingesting his victim's power and soul.

'I want you to be in me'

"It's an extreme form of a desire that 'I want you to be in me'," he said, "and therefore quite different to something like sadism, in which you torture someone and take pleasure in their pain."

The internet provided the opportunity, he added.

"In Internet forums, probably 80 percent are playing with a fascination for perversion, but five or 10 percent might be ready to go a step further."

Thomas Busch, a psychology expert at Bonn University, told AFP that for a killer, it was like exercising "ultimate control" then prolonging the feeling by freezing the human flesh for later and reviewing the video.

The last alleged case of cannibalism in Germany was when a 33-year-old man claimed at his robbery and murder trial in 1995 that he had eaten the innards of his victim.

Two German serial killers early last century were suspected of eating parts of their victims.

Karl Denke, who killed 31 people between 1914 and 1918, had pans of pickled human flesh in his house, while Fritz Haarmann drank some of the blood of the 26 men he murdered from 1918 to 1924.

More recently, Jeffrey Dahmer was imprisoned for life in the United States in 1992 for the murders of 17 men and boys. Police uncovered partially cooked flesh in his freezer.

Andrei Tschikatilo, a Russian who was executed in 1992, is alleged to have eaten the sex organs of some of his 52 victims

and a similar article touching on the same kind of themes: ]


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Divine Wind
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PostPosted: 18-12-2003 00:57    Post subject: Reply with quote

Blimey found this while nosing around:

Man eats infant's head after row

Posted Tue, 09 Dec 2003

A Kenyan man has been arrested after decapitating his infant nephew and eating parts of the severed head after a row with the boy's mother, police said on Tuesday.

"The man chopped off the head of a young child using a panga (machete), tapped and sucked blood and then drunk it, before starting to eat part of the head," Rift Valley deputy police chief Peter Leiyan told AFP by telephone, from the regional capital, Nakuru.

"Police were alerted by the wailing mother and neighbours and we arrested the suspect while he was boiling the head to drink the soup as well as eat it," in a village in Koibatek district on Saturday, Leiyan added.

The man's motives were being investigated, said police, adding that he had no known history of cannibalism.

Koibatek Police chief Maurice Kiplagat said the suspect attacked the one-year-old boy after fruitless attempts to send his mother back to her estranged husband.

"They quarrelled and the suspect stormed into his father's house, armed himself with a machete and chopped of the boy's head," Kiplagat told the Tuesday edition of the east African Standard newspaper.

Immediately after the incident, the aggrieved mother ran away screaming, neighbours responded swiftly and found the man quietly seated in the kitchen waiting for soup to boil, the Standard said in a front-page story.
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Divine Wind
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PostPosted: 18-12-2003 01:07    Post subject: Reply with quote

In the Meiwes trial they are interviewing two men who bailed out at the last stage:

Two to testify at cannibal trial
14/12/2003 19:51 - (SA)

Kassel - Two men who were invited to be slaughtered by a self-confessed German cannibal are to testify on Monday at the flesh-eater's trial in this German city.

Police say Armin Meiwes, 42, examined both men in his "slaughter chamber" but they refused to be actually killed. According to a justice spokesperson, the men gained a thrill from the "role-play" in a picturesque small town where Meiwes occupied a rambling manor house.

Meiwes is accused of homicide "for sexual gratification".

The trial has thrown light on two complementary groups who make contact with one another over the Internet: people who are excited by the idea of eating human flesh and masochists who fantasise about being eaten.

Meiwes has admitted to killing, carving up and eating a 43-year-old engineer from Berlin in what he says was an act between consenting adults. Cannibalism is not a crime in Germany, so he has been charged with murder.

Judges have said they will issue a legal ruling on Monday, the fourth day of the trial, that will have a bearing on the penalty.

Legal analysts said it was possible the court might rule out murder and reduce the indictment to manslaughter, or possibly that it would open up for debate whether Meiwes should be remanded into psychiatric care instead of being sent to prison. - Sapa-DPA

Article also has links to older reports on this case:,,2-10-1462_1459451,00.html

Here are reports on their testimony:

Cook Testifies At Gay Cannibal Trial

by Malcolm Thornberry Newscenter
European Bureau Chief

Posted: December 16, 2003 12:01 a.m. ET

(Kassel Germany) A chef testified Monday that he allowed the man dubbed the Kassel Cannibal to string him up on a meat hook and mark out the choice cuts on his body with a pen.

Jorg Bose, 32, from Villingen, in southern Germany arrived in open court wearing skiing goggles and a baseball cap with ear flaps to avoid being recognized.

Bose testified that he had agreed to become the second victim of Armin Meiwes (pictured), on trial for the death of Bernd-Juergen Brandes. Parts of Brandes' body were found packaged and labeled in Meiwes' freezer. Bones and other "usable" parts were discovered buried in Meiwes' garden. Meiwes told authorities he had eaten about 40 pounds of Brandes. A note left Brandes' Berlin apartment said he was a willing victim.

Bose, the first of five men who initially agreed to become Meiwes' supper and for various reasons never made it to the dinner table said that he, like Brandes, met Meiwes on an internet cannibalism bulletin board about five years ago and they kept up an email dialogue where they discussed their fantasies.

Bose said that shortly after he arrived at Meiwes' home he removed his clothes and Meiwes strung him up on a meat hook, then using a pulley, brought him over a butcher table where his body was smeared in oil and Meiwes marked out his body for butchering.

The man said he finally began to feel ill and Meiwes let him off the hook. He said he left soon after.

Dirk Moller, 27, a London-based hotel worker was the second witness. He told the court how he was chained to a bed by Meiwes and also had his body marked out for butchery before changing his mind and released.

Like the other two, Moller said he met Meiwes on the internet where Moller outlined his desire to be killed and eaten by Meiwes.

But Moller got cold feet after they met in person.

Meiwes has already admitted in court that he killed Brandes insists Brandes, wanted to be killed and consumed.

Meiwes is charged with murder. Cannibalism itself is not a crime in Germany.

Meiwes' lawyers say he is guilty, at worst, of killing on demand, which is punishable by up to five years in prison.

On the weekend it emerged that Meiwes is negotiating with movie producers for a film about his life.

First a Big Mac, then marked up for slaughter

By Roger Boyes
Potential victims of German cannibal panicked and were allowed to go home

A CONFERENCE organiser based in London gave an explicit account yesterday of a winter afternoon spent in a German hotel being marked up for execution by the self-confessed cannibal Armin Meiwes.

The 27-year-old, cleanshaven, black-haired Dirk Möller was ushered into the Kassel courtroom through a concealed entrance to avoid a battery of television cameras and photographers, and his address was not given in open court. An earlier witness wore ski goggles and a hat. No one wants to be identified as the partner of a cannibal.

After the London witness briefly confirmed his name and profession, Judge Volker Muetze cleared the court of reporters, spectators and the court artist. Even the court stenographer was blind.

The significance of Herr Möller and the preceding witness, Jörg Buse, is that both were in a position where they could have been killed and eaten by Armin Meiwes. Both panicked at the last moment and were allowed to go home.

The cannibal, the court was being told, was interested only in eating someone who actually wanted to be eaten. The defence team has argued that Herr Meiwes should be sentenced only for “killing on request”; that he was a reluctant mercy killer of someone who had suicidal tendencies, the computer programmer Bernd Jürgen Brandes, with whose murder he is charged.

Cannibalism does not appear in the German penal code. If the court accepts that the act of cannibalism was a legal irrelevance and that the killing was made on request, Herr Meiwes stands to serve a maximum of five years in jail and may even get away with just six months. The prosecutor is pressing charges of murder driven out of sexual desire.

Judge Muetze, perhaps recognising that murder might be difficult to prove, reminded the prosecution yesterday that Herr Meiwes could also be tried for manslaughter or desecration of the dead.

Herr Möller was crisp and to the point. Court sources said that he confirmed that he had engaged in hectic e-mail conversations with Herr Meiwes. Eventually the cannibal and his potential victim agreed a date, in the winter of 2001 in the Etap Hotel in Mannheim. This was after the killing and partial eating of Herr Brandes in March 2001.

Herr Meiwes met Herr Möller in the hotel lobby and shook hands. “You must be hungry after your journey,” Herr Meiwes said. The two men went out for a Big Mac and french fries. In the hotel room the men stripped naked and lay with each other.

Then Herr Meiwes wrapped clingfilm around the body of the London manager and placed pins in him as if mapping him out for butchery. “It was just a role play,” Herr Möller said, according to a source inside the courtroom.

Part of the game was that Herr Meiwes should pronounce a death sentence. Herr Meiwes had accordingly printed an “execution order” on his computer and presented it to the prone and handcuffed man.

Harald Ermel, the defence lawyer, speaking outside the courtroom, admitted that Herr Meiwes had wanted more than a game: he was sizing Herr Möller up for eating.

“My client was still looking for victims after the death of Brandes,” he said. “That desire went only after he was taken to prison and saw a psychiatrist. Then the urge to eat humans disappeared.”

But when the cannibal showed pictures of Jörg Buse to Herr Möller, the London conference organiser took fright. “Not like that; I don’t want to do it like that.”

Herr Buse said yesterday that he had been shaved under his armpits and in the pubic region, and then hung upside down on a hook as part of a slaughtering game. Herr Buse — who met the cannibal five times in 30 months — wanted to be let down from the hook because his ankles were hurting.

“This supports my client’s testimony,” Herr Ermel said. “If you’re hanging naked upside down, you have to trust that the man standing opposite you. Herr Meiwes did not betray this trust.”

After some hours in the hotel room, Herr Miewes and his London visitor went to see the film Oceans Eleven. They parted on good terms; it was not an example of a victim fleeing from his potential murderer, the court was told.

The case continues.,,3-933667,00.html

I suppose the thing I'm struggling with is that he didn't even have to go out and hunt them down but they wilingl showed up at his hosue asking to be slaughtered.


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And trial reports on toxicology (pretty crucial if we are to believe his testimony about events) and the video screening of the process:

'Volunteer' was alive during cannibal carvery

December 16 2003 at 11:15AM

Forensic and toxicology experts told a German court that the victim of an act of cannibalism was still alive - but probably drugged - when his alleged killer was carving him up before administering the fatal knife wounds.

Forensic scientist Manfred Risse told the court in Kassel that self-declared cannibal Armin Meiwes knew his victim was alive when he began to cut him apart.

Meiwes, 42, has admitted killing and eating his victim in an act of cannibalism. He denied it was murder, however, claiming to have slashed the victim's throat before cutting him up.

But Risse's testimony countered this claim.

"He (the victim) was still moving his head back and forth. He was still breathing, his lips were moving," the forensic scientist said, describing what he had seen on the video tape taken of the deed.

Risse, giving evidence on the third day of the trial, said if help had been sought in time, the 43-year-old victim's life could have been saved after his penis had been severed earlier.

In later testimony, toxicologist Harald Schuetz said the victim was heavily under the influence of alcohol and medication in the final moments.

Schuetz said the victim had drunk two bottles of a cold medicine containing alcohol and a bottle of schnapps, and had swallowed 20 sleeping tablets. The combination had made him drowsy and had made him less sensitive to pain, the expert told the court.

But the toxicologist did not indicate to what extent the victim's own free will may have been impaired by the drugs and alcohol. He said the effects of such combinations differ from person to person.

The two experts' testimonies appeared to diverge in some aspects about the victim's final hours. Meiwes said the victim had drunk the bottle of schnapps after his penis was severed, but that this could no longer be proven.

Also, the moment when the fatal stabs of the knife were applied came 10 hours later, when in any event the alcohol would have worn off, the forensic expert said.

During all the testimony with its grisly details, Meiwes sat quietly, showing no emotion.

A police officer said Meiwes often helped colleagues in private matters and visited the sauna with workmates.

Meiwes is charged with murder "for sexual satisfaction" and "disturbing the peace of the dead" for butchering the corpse. He could be jailed for life.

His defence is pressing for a lesser charge of "killing on demand" which carries a maximum five-year jail sentence.

In previous evidence, Meiwes described how he cut up and ate his victim, saying he was merely carrying out his partner's wishes.

The court also viewed video tapes of the killing and butchering of the body in a session held in private.

Meiwes has, meanwhile, begun writing his autobiography in custody, his lawyer, Harald Ermel, said. Reports said Meiwes has also received a number of film offers for his story. - Sapa-DPA
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Emperor wrote:

This is indeed the question that I have been wondering about - I would have though Portal of Evil would have featured any major sites. If people find any drop them in (even they are 'passed on by a friend' Wink ).

Righto I did some digging and found a site that dealt with this.

Before the link some warnings - it deals with cannibalism in a very frank way it also has a lot of porn ads (although no popups which is odd) there is a lot of information on various cannibals there but some of the pictures are gruesome (although in the 'baby cannibal' and 'biker chick' do give you fair warning). It was clearly registered to take advantage of his notoriety hence the domain name:

they have alleged copies of some of his Internet postings here (the originals were removed by the respective site owners), however, they also rely on the Google cache and that is now cleared):


However, the site ( they claim he posted on is a listings directory and either it is a blag or they have cashed in on their notoriety.

Also whoever registered the arminm domain also has other serial killer domains with the same content on it e.g.:

so they may alo be up to something.

His email is said to be and searching on that may reveal more information.

OK I did a quick search and it appears he was posting to the newsgroup and those morbid souls who wish to see can find the posts here:

The whole NG (well the 0.5% that isn't spam):

is pretty distrubing although where fantasy ends and reality starts is unclear.

[edit: And to keep all the reall disturbing stuff in one post Dark Sites has a full page of links to other sites which deal with cannibalism:

again the above warnings apply]


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This article claims they met in the 'Gay Cannibals' chatroom (but that sounds awfully convenient):

but its is confirmed here:

There seems to have been a Gay Cannibals mailing list at yahoo but they took it down.


This site has a lot of pictures of his house (exterior) and screencaps of some of his message board postings:

which also has this claim:

The family's next-door neighbour was self-avowed Satanist Ulla von Bernus who claimed to "cast death spells with 90% reliability."

now I'd read soemthing about this somewhere.......

[edit: So I did a quick search and found this:

Cannibal's fairy tale obsession

December 18 2002

The probe into the cannibal murder case in Germany took a further bizarre turn today with reports that the suspect's next door neighbour was a self-professed witch who was once taken to court for casting death spells.

The reports coincided with a police statement saying they had confiscated an electric saw and a barbecue grill from the murder site - both allegedly used by the murder suspect for criminal purposes.

The suspect himself reportedly has told investigators he had a childhood obsession with the Grimm Brothers' fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, and was especially fascinated by the passage in which the storybook witch "fattened up little Hansel" in hopes of cooking and eating him.

This fixation may have been exacerbated when his family moved to the rambling, 30-room, half-timbered manor house in Rotenburg an der Fulda when he was 16, experts were quoted as saying today.

The family's next-door neighbour was a self-avowed Satanist called Ulla von Bernus who published occult tracts and gave interviews to German print and broadcast media about her prowess at "casting death spells with 90 per cent reliability", according to Der Tagesspiegel newspaper.

Von Bernus made headlines throughout Germany in the early 1980s when she was taken to court by a disgruntled woman who claimed she had paid von Bernus 30,000 marks ($A26,525) to put a death curse on her husband, who then did not die.

A court ruled that von Bernus was guilty of an "illusory crime exempt from punishment" and ordered her to repay the 30,000 marks.

The court in Kassel judged that the whole business "had been objectively impossible from the start".

Von Bernus was on close terms with the mother of the cannibal murder suspect, according to a reporter for Der Tagesspiegel who said he interviewed von Bernus in the 1980s and recalled meeting the suspect's mother, described as the witch's best friend.

The suspect himself has told investigators he was "in and out of Ulla's house all the time", according to a report in Bild newspaper today, which said von Bernus died in 1998 at age 86.

The cannibal suspect's family moved to Rotenburg in the mid-1970s, purchasing the derelict property as a holiday get-away. His parents divorced, and he rarely saw his policeman father or two step-brothers again.

He remained there with his mother. He stayed on in the old half- timbered house after her death in 1999.

"He was a mama's boy," a neighbour told reporters. "He was totally fixated on his mother, who he said never let him date girls. After she died, he began to thaw out."

Investigators are combing the house in search of clues to a grisly case in Germany.

More details of the case emerged today, indicating the victim willingly ate his own flesh and allowed himself to be killed.

The 41-year-old suspect, identified only as Armin M., reportedly told investigators he arranged via the Internet to met his victim at the Kassel train station on March 9, 2001, and that they discussed the impending "slaughter" in detail on arrival at his home in Rotenburg.

Both men were computer experts, both described as "Internet addicts". Authorities filed murder charges against the reclusive computer systems expert Armin M. last Thursday.

His 42-year-old victim, a computer chip developer at Siemens corporation in Berlin identified only as Bernd Juergen B., agreed to have sex with Armin M. but afterward had second thoughts about going through with the rest.

The suspect said he drove his guest back to the train station where he bought a ticket to Berlin. But, changing his mind again, the victim decided to remain, and they returned to the house in Rotenburg.

Investigators were told how the suspect severed the subject's penis and how the two men cooked and ate it. The victim then placed himself in a bathtub as he bled to death. His final request was for the Armin M. to wait until he lost consciousness from loss of blood before slashing his throat.

The suspect made a videotape record of the entire ordeal and transferred the images to a CD-ROM. Investigators who have seen the images are said to be undergoing psychological counselling.

Dismembering the body, the murderer packaged the flesh in freezer bags for later consumption and disposed of the bones on his property.

He said he defrosted and ate the contents over a period of months.

Asked why, he told investigators, "I got a kick out of the idea of having another person inside me." ]


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Self-confessed cannibal is ruled sane by psychiatrist

Ben Aris in Kassel
Tuesday December 30, 2003
The Guardian

A psychiatrist who evaluated Germany's self-confessed cannibal told the murder trial yesterday that Armin Meiwes was completely sane but had "emotional problems".

Heinrich Wilmer said Mr Meiwes had no self-control, and that he would not have been able to act out his fantasies without the internet.

Mr Meiwes, a 42-year-old computer expert, is accused of murdering a Berlin engineer, Bernd Brandes, 43. The pair met after Mr Meiwes advertised online for a "young, well-built man who wants to be eaten".

Dr Wilmer has interviewed the accused, who is being held in a psychiatric hospital, six times. "He is healthy in mind and body but needs therapy," the doctor told the court in Kassel.

"If the internet didn't exist then this could never have happened. He has the desires, the fantasies, we all have. But he doesn't have the self-control or the self-discipline to keep a grip on them."

Mr Meiwes admits cutting off Brandes' penis, causing him to bleed to death. He butchered the corpse and ate at least 20kg (44lb) of flesh over the next weeks.

He was arrested when police discovered Brandes' remains.

Dr Wilmer blamed Mr Meiwes's father, who abandoned the family when the boy was eight, for his emotional problems. "It was a very painful experience for him. His father drove off leaving him crying and never once looked in the mirror."

Mr Meiwes's relationships with women were short-lived and superficial, and "crushed by his domineering mother".

Dr Wilmer said the accused had strong sexual desires, but sex had not been his motive.

"Sex plays a secondary role here. The most important is sensation seeking. He is always looking for strong emotions.

"He doesn't lose his head. To all his neighbours he is polite and friendly - the nice man from the station - but the rest is a fantasy world."

He said Mr Meiwes had shown little remorse and was enjoying the attention generated by the trial. He had been "like a child waiting for Father Christmas" as the trial approached.

The defendant had told him: "I have achieved my life's ambition. I am happy and what comes next is not important."

Cannibalism is not illegal in Germany and the prosecution hopes to prove "murder for sexual gratification".

The judge read out tran scripts of explicit correspondence between the men. Using the pseudonym Frankie, Mr Meiwes wrote in an email: "I hope you will bite a piece of muscle tissue from my arm or my leg because I want to see the blood trickle from your mouth, and at the same time have an orgasm in your arse."

On discovering that they were both smokers, Brandes wrote: "Good, smoked meat lasts longer." He was worried about having his nipples bitten off and asked Mr Meiwes how he would dispose of his bones.

"Maybe you can use my skull as an ashtray," he suggested.

"I don't want there to be anything left from my ex-person."

"Don't worry," Mr Meiwes replied. "I am just interested in your flesh. I will get rid of the rest. I'll throw it into an autobahn parking lot."

Mr Meiwes's lawyer, Harald Ermel, has argued that Brandes was not murdered because he went to his death a willing participant. "Today has shown that Meiwes is not the monster he has been painted," he said after the hearing.

The verdict is expected early next year. [b]If Mr Meiwes is cleared of murder but convicted of the lesser crime of "killing on demand" he could serve just five years in prison.,3604,1113835,00.html
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I am suprised by the sheer number of people who would apply for this (surely we'd all be better of if a mad German ate them all?):

German cannibal had 204 ‘applicants’

16 January 2004

KASSEL - Self-confessed gay cannibal Armin Meiwes had more than 200 "applicants" expressing wishes for him to slaughter and devour them, a court in Germany heard Friday.

Taking the witness stand in the precedent-setting murder case in Kassel, Hesse state police inspector Wolfgang Buch said Meiwes' computer files showed he had received internet offers from 204 men in Germany, Britain and elsewhere.

Meiwes has admitted killing and partially eating one Berlin man he met via the Internet, but has steadfastly insisted he killed no one else.

However Buch told the court it is entirely possible that others may also have been his victims, despite the fact that investigators have unearthed no physical evidence that more than one person was killed.

"It is at this point in time impossible to say whether others among these 204 persons might also have been homicide victims," Buch told the court.

In other testimony, the father of the sole known victim testified before the court Friday that his son had displayed no suicidal tendencies prior to his disappearance in March 2001.

Because Germany has no law against cannibalism, Meiwes is charged with murder "for sexual satisfaction" and "disturbing the peace of the dead" in the death of Brandes.

His defence is pressing for a lesser charge of "killing on demand" which carries a maximum five-year jail sentence and is normally applied in cases of "mercy killing". Meiwes contends his victim had wanted to be killed and was aware of his fate.

But Brandes' father, taking the witness stand Friday, said his won had never shown any signs of depression.

That supported earlier testimony by Brandes' last male lover as saying Brandes was cheerful and showed no signs of depression ahead of his fateful encounter with Meiwes on 8 March 2001.

"Bernd-Juergen had absolutely no suicidal thoughts and had no crises or major problems of any kind," testified the witness, who added that he and Brandes were making plans for their summer holidays when he suddenly vanished in March.

Also appearing before the court Friday was Meiwes’ father who described his son as having been a quiet and well-behaved little boy who never displayed any desire to harm anyone or anything.

The elder Meiwes testified before the court in Kassel that he had no inkling of his son's purported "Hansel & Gretel" obsession.

However, he pointed out that he had had little contact with Armin since the Meiwes marriage broke up when the boy was 8 years old. Armin stayed with his mother when the elder Meiwes abandoned them in what he said was the result of long-standing domestic disputes.

Young Armin remained in the custody of his mother Waltraud while the father took an older son to live with him.

The defendant himself has told investigators he had a childhood obsession with the Grimm Brothers' fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel", and was especially fascinated by the passage in which the storybook witch "fattened up little Hansel" in hopes of cooking and eating him.

This fixation may have been exacerbated when his mother moved to the rambling, 30-room, half-timbered farm house in Rotenburg an der Fulda when he was 16.

Earlier, a former boyhood friend described Armin as having been a polite and mild-mannered mama's boy.

The witness said Meiwes was firmly under the thumb of his mother who ordered him about the house "like a drill sergeant" and who chaperoned him on his rare dates with women and who even insisted on accompanying him on field exercises when he was in the military.

"The other soldiers in his company thought that was pretty weird, to say the least," the witness testified.

When he was 20 she even had the temerity to post a stick-on label saying "Kinderzimmer" (Child's Room) on the door of Armin's bedroom. He never removed the label, the witness said, even after his mother died in 1999.

The witness said it was only after her death that Armin began talking about "horrible things" he had discovered while surfing the internet in search of gay companionship, the witness said.

Because Germany has no law against cannibalism, Meiwes is charged with murder "for sexual satisfaction" and "disturbing the peace of the dead" in the death of Brandes.

His defence is pressing for a lesser charge of "killing on demand" which carries a maximum five-year jail sentence and is normally applied in cases of "mercy killing". Meiwes contends his victim wanted to be killed and was aware of his fate.

Meiwes was tracked down and arrested in December 2002 after police became aware of an advertisement he had placed on the Internet looking for volunteers willing to be killed and eaten.

Thousands of pornographic pictures depicting acts of violence and torture were also found at the house near the town of Rotenburg, south of Kassel.

One police witness said prosecutors were investigating another man who was allegedly plotting an act of cannibalism.

Meiwes was tracked down and arrested in December 2002 after police became aware of an advertisement he had placed on the internet looking for volunteers willing to be killed and eaten.

Thousands of pornographic pictures depicting acts of violence and torture were also found at the house near the town of Rotenburg, south of Kassel.

The trial continues. Sentencing is expected on 30 January.

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mmm! tasty thread Very Happy

i wonder if the servers (not pun intended) and the website will get done (nother not intended) for aiding and abetting then?
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PostPosted: 25-01-2004 15:56    Post subject: More Meiwesings Reply with quote

Sundry updates:

This isn't an easy readbut it does provide a good overvie of things so far - for those wanting a quick synopsis Meiwes had a domineering mother who wen ton about Hans and Gretel and he ended up creating an imaginary brother called Franky whos name he used as his online persona when he went hunting for victims. Brandes seems to have blamed himself for his mother's death and had tried to get a male prositute to castrate him earlier.

As weird as it sounds a conviction for assisted suicide wouldn't be too outrageous.

Posted on Sun, Jan. 18, 2004

Germany's cannibal trial reveals utter horror

Knight Ridder Newspapers

KASSEL, Germany - The e-mail that brought together cannibal and meal was simple, direct.

"I'm your meat," 43-year-old Bernd-Jurgen Brandes wrote in the month before he died.

There is little more that needed to be said to cement the relationship between a man desperate to be eaten, and one craving human flesh. But much since has been said, throughout Germany, Europe, and the rest of the world, about what happened next.

On March 9, 2001, Brandes took a train to Kassel, where Armin Meiwes was waiting for him. Meiwes' murder trial opened in December and will wind down this week. The gruesome highlights along the way have included:

- A videotape of the slaughter.

- Meiwes explaining that his first meal of Brandes was accompanied by a South African red wine and tasted like pork.

- His defense, as told by attorney Harald Ermel, who recently wore a purple suit to court and shares an occasional joke with his client during proceedings. Ermel pointed out that because cannibalism is not against the law in Germany, and because the "victim" was wholly willing, the only crime committed was assisted suicide. This crime carries a maximum sentence of five years.

- And the prosecution acknowledging that the victim was willing. Brandes even repeatedly said this on the videotape of his slaughter.

Still, prosecutors are pursuing a conviction of "murder for sexual satisfaction," combined with "disturbing the peace of the dead."

Volker Mutze, the provincial presiding judge explains, "In many cases, the court would announce its verdict on the last day of proceedings. But this is such a complicated matter. I hope to have a ruling by January 30."

Of course, this is not the first, or most famous, scary story to come out of Kassel. Home to 200,000, it's a 12th-century town that was reduced to rubble by allied bombing in World War II. Rebuilt since, it's nestled between rolling hills - some high enough for skiing - and surrounded by postcard villages, where the apples are produced that make the area's hard apple cider. And it's chief claim to world fame is that here, the Brothers Grimm started out, working at the local library as they wrote and collected their tales, from Cinderella to Godfather Death.

But there is little doubt that even the Grimm Brothers would have blanched at much of what has been revealed in the courtroom.

The first oddity is that neither of the principals seemed the type to take part in such horrors. Both were respected by neighbors. Meiwes lived in a massive gingerbread-style house surrounded by meadows in Rotenburg, about 100 miles southeast of Kassel, in central Germany.

People knew only that Meiwes was single, repaired ATMs and computer screens for a living, and fixed up classic cars as a hobby.

Brandes was a software developer for Siemens, highly respected for his work on telecommunications systems. He was athletic, organized, well liked.

But beyond that, both were troubled. Psychiatrists, two of whom sit in on the trial and question witnesses, maintain that both men had troubled relationships with their mothers. They believe Brandes might blame himself for his mother's death when he was 12-years-old. She died in a car crash, which his father often described as a suicide.

Meiwes' mother was domineering, berating him loudly and publicly, living with him until her death, accompanying him on dates and even going along on troop outings in the early 1980s when he joined the German Army. Meiwes claimed that such treatment led him to create "Franky," an imaginary brother who listened to him.

But both men had large secret lives. Brandes, while openly bisexual - living with a man, dating women - was frequenting a tall, male prostitute named Emmanuel, and demanding more and more violent sex.

Emmanuel showed up for trial recently, his head wrapped in a black scarf to hide his face from the cameras. He sat, as witnesses do in German court, alone, surrounded on three sides by the defense, the panel of judges, the prosecution and the expert witnesses. His back was to the gallery, which is no longer overflowing, but still full of spectators.

After telling the court that, "mostly, Brandes wasn't happy … he was addicted to sex," he went on to explain that Brandes frequently asked him to either cut off, or bite off, or eat, his penis.

"Once, I brought a knife to him during sex, and told him I was going to cut it off, but I thought it was fantasy," Emmanuel said, pausing to cry before finishing. "Unfortunately, he really had it done."

This revelation led to more than an hour of discussion from all sides on the exact meaning of the request, about whether Brandes had asked to be eaten by others, before meeting Meiwes in an Internet, cannibal chat room.

Police investigator Wolfgang Buch told the court about the secret online lives that brought Meiwes and Brandes together. Both had become chat-room addicts, hanging out in rooms such as the Cannibal Cafe, where humans are described as cows, and their preferences for slaughter are discussed.

Buch told the court that in such sites, Meiwes, calling himself Franky, posted more than 80 notes asking for a "well-built man, 18-30, who would like to be eaten by me."

At night, he dismembered Barbie Dolls and even, in his childhood bedroom, videotaped himself, smeared with ketchup, pretending to be slaughtered. He stored images of violent death and violent pornography on his computer.

But Buch explained that he also spent time answering e-mail from the 204 people who wrote to volunteer to be his meal. He would e-mail photos of the slaughter room he'd built in his house, using mattresses to soundproof the room, and an old metal patio table that would allow blood to drain to the floor.

A few he met, some coming to the house and allowing themselves to be strung by their feet, as if for slaughter, as he outlined in marker the cuts of meat on their bodies. Meiwes has said none of these were ultimately willing to be eaten, and that he only wanted a totally willing victim. Others agreed to meet him, but didn't.

"We found e-mail describing how he went up to Holland to meet a potential victim, who wouldn't open the door when Meiwes knocked, later explaining he got too scared when he saw him."

All this ended in February 2001, when Brandes offered himself, and insisted he was serious. Brandes made out a will, leaving his possessions to his lover, and bought an untraceable cash ticket to Kassel.

The videotape shows the two men caressing and joking about the shapes of the shadows on the walls. It shows them both taking part in Brandes castration, as agreed upon before the meeting. It also shows their frustration at the fact that the penis is too tough, once cooked, for them to eat.

Meiwes later would cook pieces of Brandes along with his morning eggs or for lunch. He believed that with each piece he ate, he became closer to Brandes, even telling Stern magazine that Brandes' skills at speaking English passed on to him. In fact, he told police that while he hated himself for having killed, he felt the consumption of Brandes completed him, gave him a soul mate.

Still, in the months after Brandes' death, Meiwes would go back online, seeking another willing victim. Police were alerted this time and went to Meiwes house.

Once arrested, he freely admitted his crime and led police to evidence, the videotape, ground bone-meal, freezer bags of meat.

"I had the fantasy, and, in the end, I fulfilled it," Meiwes told police.

Recently, he has said he hopes to use his time in prison to write his memoirs.

Horror becomes chic

January 16, 2004

It may be fantasy, rather than a genuine fad. But, as Peter Fray reports, cannibalism is far from a joke.

They exist under half-names and phoney identities in the darkest crevices of cyberspace. People like Laura who pleads her bona fides in poor English: "Please don't tell me I'm sick," she writes. "It is just a fantasy, but the realism of it turns me on so much."

Or, Robert, who cuts to the chase: "I already have a young, pretty, slightly plump married women from Iowa offering herself ..."

They are probably fantasists, sexual deviants and plain old fruitbats, but their messages are nonetheless chilling; especially chilling because one of these modern cannibals - and their allegedly willing victims - has stepped out of cyberspace, evolving before our eyes from the virtual to visceral.

It may be hard to digest, but it appears we live in a time of cannibals. The question is, how can such apparent savagery exist in a supposedly sophisticated world?

ARMIN Meiwes used to be a nondescript, polite, middle-aged, even sensitive, German computer nerd, or so his friends and neighbours say, but now the world knows him as the Rotenburg Cannibal or the Hesse Hannibal.

A lonely bisexual, the product of a tortured, cold and unloving relationship with his late domineering mother, Meiwes, 42, collected sex and torture scenes off the net - and advertised to meet a "well-built man who wants to be eaten". In gruesome, often stomach-challenging detail, the world heard how his fantasy became frighteningly true.

Almost three years ago, he met Bernd-Jurgen Brandes, 43, a computer engineer from Berlin, via an online cannibal "cafe". Like Robert and Laura above, Brandes posted an explicit and challenging note: "I offer myself to you and will let you dine from my live body. Whoever REALLY wants to do it will need a REAL VICTIM." Unlike Laura and Robert, it seems he wasn't playing out a sexual fantasy.

Meiwes, using the name Franky, replied and after an internet courtship, he killed and ate Brandes in March 2001. Meiwes stabbed his willing victim and cut him up into joints of meat.

Meiwes now attends a packed court room in Kassel, waiting to find out if he is guilty of murder for sexual satisfaction or, as he claims, guilty of the lesser charge of killing by demand. According to Meiwes's legal team, the Berliner "could not wait to be eaten".

It is tempting to think of Meiwes as an aberration, a throwback to the kind of savage society fiercely debated by anthropologists in texts on the Aztecs (who had a taste for eating enemies) or Australian Aborigines (a colonial myth perpetuated for political reasons, argues the respected Australian researcher Michael Pickering). But the Meiwes case raises questions far beyond the realms of academe.

THE word cannibalism comes from the West Indian Carib tribe who, according to Christopher Columbus, supplemented their fruit and fish diet with human flesh. Why they did is not known, but armed with such evidence, many a white Christian missionary has sought to civilise natives away from such voodooistic practices.

When the Meiwes case first came to light, sections of the German press painted him as a kind of hereditary witch. Papers found people who supposedly knew the family and were prepared to say his mother, Ulla von Bernus, who died about five years ago, was a witch who would kill on Satan's orders. But the main magic Meiwes employed is available to most Westerners. It is called the internet.

And, as his trial has gone on, it has become impossible to throw him into the same repulsive category as the American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who was murdered in prison as he served a life term for killing and eating 17 men and boys, or his Russian counterpart Andrei Tschikatilo. He was executed in 1992, the same year as Dahmer was sentenced, for killing 50 people and eating their sexual organs.

But Meiwes, psychologically challenged as he undoubtedly is, is now not being seen as a violent maniac or serial killer or a member of a Satanic, flesh-eating cult. A female friend, who could not be identified, told the court he was sensitive and friendly. "He came across as being very childlike," she said. Another female witness, a neighbour, said he had tried to start a relationship with her and had wanted to start a family.

The Meiwes case has opened the door on something more insidious and pernicious: the secret world of the suburban cannibal, with the internet as the key. A criminologist, Rudolf Egg, a psychologist from Germany's leading criminology institute, believes there are thousands of would-be, Meiwes-style cannibals. "There are several hundred people with cannibalistic tendencies in Germany alone," he has told the court. "And many thousands around the world. Cannibalism has always been around, but the internet reinforces the phenomenon. You can be in contact with the whole world and do this anonymously."

Most are fantasists who only play with the sexual allure of being eaten or eating someone else - and never come out from behind the veil of cyberspace. As Meiwes lamented to Brandes, "there are a lot of people out there who are interested, but only a few really mean it".

Not so Meiwes. He had so much correspondence from cannibal forums he could fill two trucks, police say. He was in contact with more than 400 cannibals, mainly from Western Europe and America. In the manner of the net, they conversed frankly, with the talk carrying a frisson of the illicit, of two people being very, very naughty.

"Did you kill any young men over the holidays?" asked Jorg, one of Meiwes's many correspondents, in January 2002.

He replied: "It was the only thing I didn't do over the holidays. Do you think that I have slipped out, that I want to kill a young man and eat him?"

Jorg: "No, there is nothing sexier than to be killed like a pig."

Meiwes met four men after he killed Brandes, and he is being investigated over the deaths of two more people, one in Frankfurt and one in Austria. He has yet to be charged with these murders.

SEX lurks behind cannibalism. Egg has described Meiwes's actions as "sexual cannibalism", a highly elevated form of the sexual act. "Sexual cannibalism ... is the 'highest' form of intimate behaviour." He believes Meiwes had been trying to find in cannibalism the intimacy he never found with another human, especially his uncaring mother.

The four men who met Meiwes after he killed Brandes were clearly prepared to indulge in a deep and dark sexual fantasy, part bondage, part flagellation. They allowed him to wrap them up in cellophane and mark out their body parts as joints of meat. When they chickened out, Meiwes let them go. As his lawyers argue, this is hardly the act of a depraved serial killer.

CAN cannibalism ever be justified? Yes, when it's the choice between life and death. History abounds with instances of so-called survival cannibalism, among them the Donner party of 90 American frontier settlers who survived being trapped in Sierra Nevada snows in 1846 by eating their dead comrades, and the members of an Uruguyan rugby team who used their dead teammates as food after an Andean plane accident in 1972.

Their exploits were later recreated in the film, Alive, and condoned by the Catholic Church. Archbishop Rubio of Montevideo compared their survival tactics to a medical transplant.

"Eating someone who has died in order to survive is incorporating their substance, and it is quite possible to compare this with a graft," he said. "Flesh survives when assimilated by someone in extreme need, just as it does when an eye or heart of a dead man is grafted onto a living man."

Citing the Uruguyan crash, the late Australian philosopher, Richard Routley (later Sylvan), argued that "there is really nothing extravagant at all in contending that sometimes cannibalism is perfectly right: any extravagance is due to the fact that the admissible cases lead, naturally and coherently, once human chauvinism is properly left behind, to much more controversial cases."

A known stirrer, Routley's 1982 paper, In Defence of Cannibalism, hit a raw nerve among the nation's philosophers, as his former colleague, William Grey, recalls. "Apparently some philosophers believed it was outrageous, or evidence of a corrupt mind, to be prepared to seriously address such a topic as cannibalism. Perhaps, too, more timid members of the philosophical community were alarmed that Sylvan might be a Hannibal Lecter in the world of philosophy."

In the paper, Routley asks: "Since it is not eating human flesh per se that is wrong, what is it that is wrong, if anything, with raising humans or other creatures for food? Is it the raising, or the killing, or is it both?"

The German court listening to the evidence against Meiwes will not be afforded such rhetorical flourishes. Cannibalism is not on trial in Kassel as it is not illegal in Germany, just as it isn't in Britain and several other Western nations. The question is, did Meiwes murder Brandes or, as he maintains, did he just help him fulfil his wishes. This would put the case on a par with euthanasia. Brandes's ex-boyfriend, Rene Jasnik, has told the court that his lover had "no thoughts of suicide".

For murder Meiwes faces life, for the lesser charge, about five years. Either way, he will have time to finish his autobiography which he has reportedly started. There is talk of a movie. Sentencing is expected within the month. Whatever Meiwes receives, the secret world of cannibals - real or imaginary - will never be so secret.

"In Defence of Cannibalism" by Richard Routley/Sylvan can be found here (with an interetsing forward):

More evidence on his sanity:

German cannibal 'fit for trial'

Self-confessed German cannibal Armin Meiwes "is fully fit for trial and not mentally ill", a second psychiatrist testified on Friday.

"He carried out an act that was planned and prepared," Georg Stolpman told the court in the city of Kassel.

His testimony, along with that of other experts, means that Mr Meiwes can be held criminally liable.

He has admitted killing and eating Bernd-Juergen Brandes, but says it was "killing on demand" and not murder.

Professor Stolpman said Mr Meiwes was incapable of showing "warm and tender feelings towards others".

With this act, Meiwes thought only of his goal, not of Brandes needs - Meiwes realised his dream
Professor Georg Stolpman

His difficult relationship with his mother meant that he did not learn how to maintain relationships.

He apparently fantasised about a friend who would never leave him, and the arrival of the internet and e-mail encouraged him to act out this fantasy, Mr Stolpman said.

The expert described Mr Meiwes as "extremely smug and self-assured" and as having a "schizoid personality" - but said he detected no indication of mental illness.

He said the accused enjoyed the publicity he was getting.

Verdict in a week

"I believe the accused was above all fascinated by the act of cutting up corpses. Killing was a necessary evil to achieve that end
Sexologist Klaus Beier

Sexologist Klaus Beier told the court on Monday that the 42-year old computer technician "had at least average intelligence and showed no signs of psychiatric illness".

"I believe the accused was above all fascinated by the act of cutting up corpses," he said.

"Killing was a necessary evil to achieve that end."

Another psychiatrist testified last month that the self-confessed cannibal had a personality disorder but did not need to be kept in a psychiatric hospital.

A verdict is expected next Friday.

Cannibalism is not a crime under the German constitution, but the crime of murder carries a minimum 15-year prison sentence.

The maximum sentence for "killing on demand" is five years.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2004/01/23 16:16:45 GMT


which isn't to say he isn't right upstairs:

Jan. 23, 2004. 02:44 PM

German cannibal has 'schizoid personality'


KASSEL, Germany ? A German who confessed to killing a man and eating his flesh is incapable of showing "warm and tender feelings" toward other people, but is not mentally ill, a court-appointed psychiatric expert testified at his murder trial today.

Defendant Armin Meiwes, 42, has a "schizoid personality" and difficulty in forming relationships, expert Georg Stolpmann told the state court in the central city of Kassel.

"What we have here is an inability to have warm and tender feelings toward others," Stolpmann testified. But, he added, "there is no indication of mental illness" and Meiwes is fully fit to face trial ? an assessment shared by other experts who have testified.

When his trial opened Dec. 3, Meiwes confessed in detail to the March 2001 killing of 43-year-old Bernd Juergen Brandes at his home in Rotenburg, some 30 kilometres southeast of Kassel.

Brandes, who had travelled from Berlin after answering his ads, wanted to be stabbed to death after drinking a bottle of cold medicine to lose consciousness, Meiwes testified.

Prosecutors say the killing was sexually motivated and filed murder charges against Meiwes despite concluding that the killer had the victim's consent.

If convicted of murder, Meiwes could face life in prison. But his lawyer argues that the slaying was a form of mercy killing, which would carry a maximum five-year sentence.

Stolpmann described Meiwes as a "calm and balanced" prison inmate who enjoyed the publicity he was getting.

Meiwes has told the court that following Brandes' death, he looked for further willing victims through Internet ads and chat rooms.

Police tracked down and arrested him in December 2002 after a student in Austria alerted them to an advertisement Meiwes had placed on the Internet seeking a man willing to be killed and eaten.

A verdict in the trial is expected next Friday.


Cashing in:

Sun 25 Jan 2004

Cannibal killer wants £1m for his memoirs


ONE of the most sensational and lurid court cases in recent history ends this week, but if the self-confessed cannibal at the centre of this extraordinary saga has his way the verdict will not be the end of the story.

Armin Meiwes, on trial in Germany for the murder of Bernd Brandes, who he mutilated, killed and ate, is seeking £1m for his memoirs, which he has chillingly promised will contain some of his favourite recipes for human flesh.

It is also understood there has been some interest from Hollywood about a movie deal - Meiwes has told his lawyer he would like Kevin Spacey to play him on film.

However, legal sources close to the case, which is due to end on Friday, believe the three-judge panel are moving closer to convicting Meiwes for murder, which carries an automatic life sentence in Germany, meaning he would never benefit from any earnings he makes from his shocking story.

Meiwes is charged with "murder for sexual gratification" for the March 2001 killing of Brandes, a homosexual whom he met through internet chatrooms with names such as ‘Flesh and Bone’ and ‘Gourmet Cafe’. But he denies murder, claiming he was carrying out the last wish of Brandes.

During the trial a videotape showed Brandes apparently willingly having his penis cut off. Both tried to eat it, but found it "too tough" because Brandes had begun to feel so faint he could not wait for it to be fully cooked - in garlic, salt and pepper.

The tape, described by a judge last week as "perhaps the ultimate snuff video", ends with Meiwes plunging a knife into Brandes as he begs for forgiveness.

There appear to be some key facts which point to a conviction for the 42-year-old whether or not Brandes was a willing victim. The first is that the erudite, often smiling, cannibal was responsible for his actions and knew what he was doing, and secondly that he would probably kill again if found not guilty or sentenced on a lesser charge of assisting a suicide, which could see him freed within a year.

Constitutional law expert Hermann Grollmann, from Berlin, said: "I think they will sentence him for murder and I think they will believe he is not guilty of it," he said. "They have, quite simply, been presented with an erudite, often charming, psychologically sound individual who performed something another human being required.

"His victim left behind a will stating that he wanted to die at his hands and that he knew what he was letting himself in for. There is no ‘victim’ in the classic sense here. But society and its mores have to be satisfied: colleagues I speak with believe the judges will have no choice but to pin a murder conviction on him and subject him to 15 years or more of intensive therapy behind bars."

The four-hour videotape itself both supports and condemns Meiwes. While it shows the apparent pleasure of Brandes, 43, at the amputation of his own penis - "there, it’s finally gone!" he exclaims - his subsequent massive blood loss, which the cannibal did nothing to staunch, save for wrapping a towel around him, points, judges believe, to a calculating, almost demonic streak in him.

Then there is the bloody end to Brandes, videotaped in ‘the butchery‘ of Meiwes’ farmhouse home near Kassel, where he later stripped 65lbs of flesh from his victim’s body, then froze and ate it over the course of the next few months.

The final images have Meiwes saying "forgive me" as he plunges a nine-inch knife repeatedly into Brandes’ throat. Meiwes’ lawyer, Harald Ermel, tried to argue that Brandes was virtually "brain dead" when this happened. This was seen as a bizarre defence ploy, paving the way for the prosecution to bring in its own experts to rebut it. Pathologists who sat through the video said there is a flicker of recognition in Brandes’ eyes as the knife goes in and out.

The trial has oscillated between black comedy and horrifying reality as Meiwes took the courtroom on a bizarre journey of kinky sex, lurid fantasies and Keystone Kop-style encounters with potential victims seeking to be killed and eaten.

After nurturing fantasies of slaughter since he was a boy, he began his internet trawl for a willing victim in 2000. Using the moniker Franky - the name of an imaginary friend he invented during his lonely childhood - he posted advertisements on English language websites visited by like-minded souls.

But the last stop on this odyssey was the videotaped mutilation and butchering of a fellow human being - e-mail no. 430 - who turned out to be the only person deranged enough to go along with Meiwes’ scheme.

"After I had done it," said Meiwes, "I felt hate, anger, happiness all at once. But I couldn’t regret it because this is what we both wanted.

"That is why I am not guilty of murder - I helped a man fulfil his biggest wish too."

There is little doubt that a murder conviction would leave the door open for Meiwes to appeal to Germany’s supreme legal body, the Constitutional Court. And there are constitutional lawyers who believe the cannibal would have a very good case.

And if Meiwes escaped a life sentence his fortune could be made. Heyne Verlag, which publishes serial killer and cannibal killer books, has announced that it would publish Meiwes’ memoirs if they were available.

"With the level of interest in him we would most certainly be interested," said a spokesman.

And it is understood Stern magazine has offered £100,000 to the cannibal’s lawyers for first publication of his autobiography.


IF KEVIN Spacey star of American Beauty and The Usual Suspects, takes up the German cannibal’s challenge he would be following in a fine tradition of films tackling cannibalism.

Anthony Hopkins has become best-known for his portrayal of Dr Hannibal Lector, the brilliant and murderous cannibal from Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal.

Delicatessen, set in France in a post-apocalyptic future, saw tenants of an apartment building lure strong, healthy men, planning to eat them to combat famine.

And in the black comedy, How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman, an explorer tries to ingratiate himself with a tribe of cannibals in the Brazilian jungle in a vain attempt to avoid becoming their next meal.

The 1968 horror film, Night of the Living Dead, shocked cinema-goers with its plot, which saw the dead rise with a hunger for human flesh after radiation from a fallen satellite caused them to wake.

Alive dealt with the issue of enforced cannibalism, telling the true story of the Uruguayan rugby squad, whose chartered plane crashed in the Andes in 1972. Stranded in freezing temperatures some of the team eventually decided they would have to eat their dead comrades in an effort to survive. The story which made headlines worldwide when it became known.

Recipes for human flesh? I'd imagine they are pretty much like ordinary recipes - its actually acquiring the meat that is the tricky bit.


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