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My Story
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PostPosted: 26-03-2004 17:01    Post subject: My Story Reply with quote

I have never posted anything here before, and am really nervous about doing so now, but perhaps my story may interest a few of you.

First a bit of family history.
I was born the 5th of 5 children, in 1946. My father having been married to a first wife who passed away, leaving my oldest sister, and then he and my own mother having 4 more children.

We grew up in a little 2 room shack, and were very poor, so that my mother could never afford to replace any of the items in the house that belonged to the first wife. This first wife, D., had actually bought the house itself and most of the furnishings.
My mother was, in fact, not married to my father, but had been hired as a housekeeper, a fact he frequently alluded to and mocked and made fun of her about. She wore a maids outfit, and we children born of that union were never really accepted by him as being 'his' children. He felt we were not his reponsibility, as we were not legitimate.

Over time it became clear to us that D. had never left the house, that her spirit stayed there, and that she was not happy with the situation.
On one occassion, when I was perhaps 4 or 5, I was taking a nap, and found something holding me down, my face being forced down into the pillow, suffocating. I stuggled hard, but to no avail, and blacked out. I think she relented though, however angry she was, D was not a murderer of children. I woke up awhile later, none the worse for wear, except for a sore back and sore face. Old hag syndrome possible, but I have never been satisfied with that explantion of things, it may explain some of these episodes, but I don't feel it covers all of them.

On another occassion, I awoke one night to hear someone in the kitchen, rocking in the rocking chair, and a dim light burning. This would have been impossible as the kitchen, in my day, was too crowded with household effects to put the rocking chair there. The light too would have been such as would come from a coal oil lamp or candle, although by this time my own mother had installed an electric light. I was baffled but my mother wasn't, and just accepted my story with a resigned sigh. Apparently in D's time the kitchen was less cluttered, and she used to sit there sewing at night, in the rocking chair.

One of my sisters had a similar expierience when she woke early one morning and saw someone sitting rocking in the same chair, when the woman noticed my sister looking at her, she stormed off out of the house in a rage, slamming the door behind her. My sister screamed for my mother, but when Mother investigated the door was actually locked, so whatever my sister may have seen, it was apparenly 'not real'.

One time I was carrying some matches to my father, when they caught fire in my hands, not necessarily a paranormal event, but somehow I knew it was, although at that point in my life I had no words to describe what I 'knew' and was not even aware of the first wife's existence. I simply knew it was 'that thing that doesn't like me, that is mean to me'.
On another occasion I woke up one night to find something weighing down the bed, I stuggled to avoid being pulled towards whatever it was. I 'knew' it was not a normal thing. I finally summoned all my courage and touched it, to find it was something like a round steel ball, about the size of a baseball or a little bigger, but it must have been made of lead, to weigh down the bed as it was doing. I pulled myself as far away from it as I could and held onto the edge of the bed to keep from rolling back towards it, sometime later I felt the bed released from the weight, and spring back to normal. there was no such object in the house, and no one had approached my bed to remove it in any event.

To get to the main oddity though, and the real reason for this post, there is a strange problem with my family and lightning, whether or not this might be ascribed to the problems we had with D. or whether some sort of karma, or just a statistical blip, I don't know.
My sister, the one I just mentioned, has been stuck twice by lightning, I was struck once. Years later, when we had built a new house on the same spot where the old shack mentioned here stood, that house was struck by lightning on one occassion, and then on different occasions every tree (3 of them) on that small lot were struck by lightning.
Actually my great grandfather on my father's side was killed by a lightning bolt that struck his home. That has nothing to do with this piece of property nor D, as it happened long before her time, in a different location entirely, but my father always feared lightning. He felt there was some connection between our affinty for lightning, and some sort of divine judgement.

I would appreciate any thoughful comments,
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PostPosted: 27-03-2004 15:15    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just a small point: matches in those days were unstable, and they could catch alight spontaneously (I'm assuming this was before the days of 'safety' matches).
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PostPosted: 27-03-2004 17:13    Post subject: Reply with quote

Your right, matches were much more apt to simple catch fire in those days. But I was well aware of this, even as little children we learned how to start fires, and avoid starting fires by accident. In this case, I was handed several matches, and did the usual thing of holding onto them firmly, but keeping them apart from each other between my fingers. Somehow I knew there was going to be a problem however. I walked as cautiously as though I were carrying a glass of water filled to the rim, but they simple burst into flames before my eyes, all at the same time. It didn't really surprise me, I expected it. I dropped them, stomped them out, and went back for more matches.

Actually I related this as a sort of typical event, many such incidents occurred, but it would be difficult and rather boring to describe most of them.
Here is another one however.. one time when I was perhaps 9 or 10, the radio turned itself on.. again not too unusual in that household.. but I was expecting to hear the usual music or news, instead it was playing a terrifying (to me) song about a mummy that came to life and was now searching for someone to kill. I was at first just intriqued with this 'new song', then it became more and more grizzly, as it decribed ripping off peoples heads, dismembering them, etc. I tried to turn it off, but couldn't. Finally I simple left the house, and waited for someone else to return home. When we returned it was turned off. Poltergiest like phenommena were rather common.
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PostPosted: 27-03-2004 18:15    Post subject: Reply with quote

I mean this seriously, have you ever thought of writing a novel/memoirs based on your childhood?
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PostPosted: 27-03-2004 18:29    Post subject: Beter yet, a movie Reply with quote

These recollections could make a terrific movie, because all this being true sounds much more convincing than any phony script. Unless writing all this would be too painful...
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PostPosted: 28-03-2004 16:03    Post subject: I have thought of it Reply with quote

I have tried several times to write about those days, back in The Old Shack as we called it, but it would be very difficult to do without involving my siblings, who have really paid a high enough price already for situations that were not of their making.
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PostPosted: 28-03-2004 19:59    Post subject: Reply with quote

Eek Eek

Do tell us more ...
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Great Old One
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PostPosted: 11-04-2004 00:10    Post subject: Reply with quote

LobeliaOverhill wrote:

Eek Eek

Do tell us more ...
seconded by wombat.....please,after tweaking the top of pandora's box,continue............Eek Eek
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PostPosted: 12-04-2004 00:24    Post subject: Reply with quote

All in favor. . .AYE!

Motion passed. You must now post more stories.
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It's not easy being green
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PostPosted: 12-04-2004 00:39    Post subject: Reply with quote

Now let's not be pushy, guys. no-no

Queek, I can understand if it's difficult for you to share these types of occurances. Maybe if you share something more somebody else who experienced the same or a similar thing will read it and share their experience. I myself always feel better when find out I'm not the only one to experience a certain thing; at least I know I'm not alone. If you read through this forum you'll find plenty of other strange accounts that may serve as inspiration. Smile
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PostPosted: 12-04-2004 01:45    Post subject: Reply with quote

queek, i have to admit yr story has scared me rigid.

i know this may sound like a really moronic question, but did u ever try to enquire more about D? i.e. try to find out why she seemed to be so angry and intent on frightning u and yr siblings?

it is slightly pointless to speculate on these matters, but are u aware of what her relationship with yr father was like?

it is presumtuous of me to say, but it does not sound like things between yr own mother and yr father were exactly cordial. is it safe to at least speculate about maybe a similar sort of state of affairs between D and yr father? it would sound more logical that D would maybe be intent on frightning yr mother (ie her "successor" in the household) as opposed to her husband's children........(?)

but of course things of this nature are never of the logical kind are they.
i appreciate that these are very difficult things to talk about and so i really hope i havnt offended u with my comments.
its just i echo what many whove read this thread think. its all very intruiging.

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PostPosted: 12-04-2004 19:32    Post subject: in reply ' Reply with quote

Parzival - I have to agree.
It is true that you would expect the 'ghost' to target the mother. However it has long been known that, in animals, the offspring are more likely to be disturbed. This usualy occurs after the rival parent is dead/gone. However in the human state the ghost may see no point in attacking someone who may not ''produce'' anymore.

I see this a classic event of scaring. The offspring are most likely to pass genes/trends down their line. Why not scare them to death? They are the threat now. The childs distress is far more distressing to the parents than if it happened to parents themselves.

I too have experienced a very scary 'douvet pulling' night. It was thought that an old relative who was jealous of my mother wanted to scare the children of her rival in an act of dfiance. So said a spiritulist of a nearby church I attend every so often to gain insight into their works. I am not a spiritulist, witch or anything in particular myself. I do however love to see what happens in other beliefs.

Intriguing Your story is!!!! Thankyou.
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PostPosted: 14-04-2004 04:25    Post subject: Reply with quote

In responce to those who asked me to continue, I shall relate another incident from my childhood.
Not too spectacular a thing pehaps, but it made an impression on me. One night, I was reading a book, and put it down for a moment, turned to pick it up, it was gone. I searched for it, and finally located it, outside the house, partly covered with green stuff, and looking faded and old, like it had been outside for years, but the book itself was intact, and perfectly legible, which was the main point. I tended to have a rather pragmatic approach to these sorts of problems.

I knew it was the same book, not another copy of the same one, as it had a few words written in it in some language I did not understand "Neco .. " something else I did not understand then and can't remember now.

I don't know who's book it was, nor how I came to have it, just that it was so odd that in the hour or so I had misplaced it, it seemed to have aged 20 years, and how it got outside I don't know, although I had mischievious siblings who may have 'borrowed' it just to annoy me.
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PostPosted: 14-04-2004 08:19    Post subject: Reply with quote

That will be 'neco' the latin verb 'to kill' I imagine.
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PostPosted: 14-04-2004 13:56    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have been giving the matter some thought, and I rather doubt the language those few words were written in was Latin, no one in my family was familiar with Latin, they were not educated people. More likely it was in some other language and meant "from so and so, to so and so" At least I doubt it meant 'to kill' in any way.

As to the relationships within my family, D was not a vindicitive person in life, and my own mother was respectful to her memory. Kind to her (D's) daughter, she may have been targeted too, probably was, but she was a tough uncomplaining sort of woman who would have just accepted the situation as best she could.

I have often wondered why I was targeted in particular, and I can't think of any real reason.
My half sister was 16 years my elder, but was delayed in many ways, high strung, had learning disablities. Perhaps D saw in me all the things she had wanted for her own daughter, but it didn't work out that way for her.
My father was miserable with my half sister, as well as the rest of us, and my own Mother protected her as best she could from him. So perhaps D decided it was best for my mother to be there and continue to care for her, but that probably was a bitter decision and the 'amnesty', if there was one, between them, maybe did not extend to me. I am just speculating, as I really don't know.
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