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Cannibalism: Disturbing, Gory, Strangely Common
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PostPosted: 06-11-2001 13:32    Post subject: canibal thread Reply with quote

someone was askin about a canable story...i think it was this one from Cornwall......

Falmouth 1884 SS Montezuma arrives with Capt. Tom Dudley mate Edwin Stephens Hand Edmond Brooks picked up from a lifeboat 1,600 miles from land in the South pacific... Sailed in the Mignonette a yacht built on the Thames for an Australian to explore Great Barrier Reef. At Southampton they picked up the cabin boy RICHARD PARKER (17) July 5th swamped by giant wave in Pacific took 5 mins to sink and they got away in a small boat with few supplies. Richard started to drink seawater and was in a bad way and after considering drawing lots to see whom they would eat they decided on poor Richard. They cut his throat and drank the blood from a bailer and eat him raw...29th July picked up by Motezuma They were arrested for Murder and sentenced to death (there being no other sentence for murder). A plea of Necessity was applicable only of the victim consented (Reportedly Richard said...”What me don’t”.....On Appeal a plea of “duress of circumstance” was entered successfully and they wee sentenced to six months hard labour.... a memorial stone to Richard stands in Peartree Churchyard, Southampton.

The recovered lifeboat was sold to a noted ‘Curiosity Shop’ in Falmouth who traded in returning sailors knickknacks including parrots. Monkeys even supposedly a Jaguar once. They sold it in little pieces to goulish ‘tourists’....
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PostPosted: 05-02-2002 13:57    Post subject: Is cannibalism legal in the UK? Reply with quote

Okay, apologies for the dodgy thread title.

Ages ago, I remember watching or reading that cannibalism isn't actually illegal in the UK. Presumably, that sort of thing is taken care of by making it illegal to kill someone in the first place, or to not report finding a dead body. Anyway, I told someone this (it won me an argument, after all!), and I'm now desparately trying to find some evidence to back it up... Can anybody out there help?

Ooh, and given that I bite my fingernails, I shouldn't report myself to the police on a technicality, should I?


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miaow, miaow... purrrr
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PostPosted: 05-02-2002 14:50    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice thread Octopus - I was just eating my lunch! Smile

As far as I understand it, caniballism refers to the eating of another person's flesh (presumably without their permission!), so biting your nails, sucking a cut finger etc doesn't count.

There are certainly cases of women eating the placenta of their newborn baby, but again this isn't caniballism and in any case isn't limited to the UK.

So, I'd have to say that no, caniballism isn't legal and (almost certainly) never have been.


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PostPosted: 05-02-2002 14:54    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm glad I don't have to down the local nick and present my fingernails to the local constabulary...

I opened this one up on the newsgroups at work, and someone replied with this:

"As I was told a while ago, cannibalism used to be on the statute books as being illegal - but had to be taken off during one of those sea-battle things that happened in the past. Too many sailors got stranded with only their compatriots to eat to prosecute all of them. I think only those who had eaten superior officers were prosecuted.."

And when I was doing a bit of Googling, trying to find web resources, there was a reference to a book that, looking back with hindsight, probably referred to the events described above.

I'll do some more investigation and see what shakes...

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PostPosted: 05-02-2002 15:12    Post subject: Reply with quote

On a similar theme:
Maybe I'm just being naive and this website is a joke but has anybody been here?

LOL I'm not sure if they're serious or not, but they sell human steaks from corpses that have been donated.

As to if it's legal or not in the UK I'm not sure, sorry I couldn't help with that part.

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PostPosted: 05-02-2002 15:23    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yay, good old manbeef. It is a joke site, you'll be pleased to know. Smile

But, hands up now people....
...your airplane had crashed in the mountains
...or your ship been sunk by a large whale
...and the provisions were gone
...and it was do or die time
Would you????
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Stand back boy!
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PostPosted: 05-02-2002 15:48    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cannibalism is very much illegal, however if in the situation where I am starving, and would die without feasting on my unfortunate companions' bodies, I would eat them without regret - if the tables were turned and I died, I wouldn't mind if I was eaten to help others live.

Let's hope I wouldn't get the taste for it, like a nice, cold pint of stella on a hot summers day. "Let's just have the one *glug*, perhaps two *glug*", etc, .etc Wink
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PostPosted: 05-02-2002 19:44    Post subject: Reply with quote

As far as I'm aware, cannabilism isn't a crime unless you go around harvesting your own fresh meat. So if your plane crashes and you eat the dead, that's okay. If you draw lots and kill each other to eat, that's not, it's murder.

In a bizarre case of synchronicity, this has recently been discussed on a mailing list I'm on. The recommended reading is Cannibalism and the Common Law by A W Brian Simpson. Try looking up the case of the ship 'Mignonette'.
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PostPosted: 06-02-2002 10:33    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tastes like chicken, you know Very Happy
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PostPosted: 06-02-2002 12:59    Post subject: What are we saying? Reply with quote

Are we saying that if person X murders somebody, then person Y eats them, person Y isn't guilty of anything?

It would be a conveniant way of disposing of the bodies.
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PostPosted: 06-02-2002 13:33    Post subject: Reply with quote

I wonder if any of this can be tied up with the fact that no-one can 'own' a dead body. In theory you could go obtain one and take it home. It still wouldn't belong to you, but as it belongs to no-one else, you should be able to keep it. The problem comes in obtaining the stiff; probably the only legal way is if it is willed to you by the previous occupant.
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PostPosted: 06-02-2002 19:42    Post subject: Reply with quote

What the hell, they'll never catch me.
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PostPosted: 06-02-2002 19:51    Post subject: Re: What are we saying? Reply with quote

Red Dalek wrote:

Are we saying that if person X murders somebody, then person Y eats them, person Y isn't guilty of anything?

An accessory after the fact, perhaps? I'm not entirely sure about the law on cannibalism, but I'm pretty sure that necrophilia is actually not a crime, oddly enough, as you can't assault a dead person. I think the family can go through the civil courts for tampering with property or something, but the act itself is not a crime.
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PostPosted: 06-02-2002 22:23    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sounds a bit like the old body snatching dilema Helen, where the act of taking the body wasn't a crime as no one could own another's body, the resurrectionists were therefore, careful to leave the shroud etc behind.

I think this rule may still apply. As there was a body stolen from a mortury about twenty years ago & there were claims that it would be hard to prosecute those involved if they were found.

I don't know what did happen in this last case, as like all good news items, there was never a follow up item!!!
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Things can only get better.
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PostPosted: 06-02-2002 22:37    Post subject: Reply with quote

Slytherin wrote:

Tastes like chicken, you know Very Happy

Actually, it tastes like pork,hence the description long pig.Dead / drunk
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