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Finehair / Again6's Gnomes (Caution - may be tripe)
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PostPosted: 29-09-2004 16:01    Post subject: Finehair / Again6's Gnomes (Caution - may be tripe) Reply with quote

Not about stick people, but comments by posters are similar to my own suspicions, re: our possibly transposing recognisable features on these creatures or whatever they are.

Twenty years ago I returned home to an empty house at approx. 9.30 p.m. I'd just returned from a week away and I'd slept all through the flight and drive home from the airport. So I was well rested. After turning on the lights, making a cup of tea, turning on the TV etc., I decided to unpack my suitcase. Intended to take a shower and spend the evening reading, watching TV, etc.

Went into my bedroom, slid back the sliding door to the built-in wardrobe and commenced hanging up some clothes. Within seconds, I was overcome by sleepiness to the point I staggered backwards and lay full length on the bed, shoes and all. Last I saw was the ceiling light, which seemed incredibly bright. As I sank into an unconscious void, I told myself I would just lie down for a few minutes before continuing my plans for the night.

Next thing I was aware of was the sound of several voices, all urging each other to hurry, hurry ! (I don't know if they were speaking English or even if they were speaking aloud. Can only report the way it seemed). It took a lot of effort to raise my head and look down to the foot of the bed, where the voices were. There were several small people, tugging on my legs. They were trying to pull me from the bed and into the open wardrobe. It didn't seem odd to me. I wasn't afraid. I looked at them briefly and told myself I was too big and heavy for them to move far. I decided it was safe for me to close my eyes for a few more minutes.

Then I looked up and the small people were standing around me, looking at me silently. They were not very tall; possibly only two or two and a half feet tall. There were males and females. They looked like 'gnomes' or 'dwarfs'. They were stocky. Their skin was very coarse and weathered, as if they spent a lot of time outdoors. They looked at me the way you stare unmoving and silent when a child starts waking up. On those occasions, you say nothing in the hope the child will drift off to sleep again. Well, that's the way they stared at me. They were not kindly, nor were they overtly hostile. They seemed to regard me as a 'nothing', as just a 'job' to them. They had absolutely no compassion or sympathy for me. They did not seem overly intelligent, but they were determined. They were joyless. They wanted me to just go to 'sleep' again, or whatever state it was that kept overwhelming me. At that point I must have become unconscious again. The odd part is, at that point, when they were gathered around me. I was reversed in position on the bed; my head was where my feet had been, moments earlier.

Some time later, I again heard their argumentative voices, urging each other to 'hurry !'. As before, it took a lot of effort to raise my head and open my eyes. When I did, I experienced a huge shock of adrenalin, because I could see that they'd managed to drag me a lot further from the bed. My legs were almost totally off the bed at this point. I grasped instantly that I had awoken just in time. A little bit more and gravity would have done the rest of their work for them and they would only have needed to steer my falling body into the open wardrobe.

Again, the scenario did not seem strange to me. Which is ridiculous. Nor was I afraid of the little people, which again is illogical. When I saw how far they'd managed to drag me from the bed, adrenalin shot through me. It flashed through my mind that it was my own fault for allowing my self to lie back down after the first time I'd woken up. I began kicking out at the little people and screaming at them. I still wasn't afraid of them at that point -- I was angry with them. They muttered and groaned amongst themselves. They realised I was not going to lie back down this time.

I jumped from the bed and into the middle of the room, which wasn't very large. The light in the room seemed incredibly bright. That's something I've always remembered.

From the middle of the room, I continued to yell at the dwarfs or whatever they were. They gave me resentful looks and then began walking into the open side of the built-in wardrobe ! It still didn't seem strange that they existed. They seemed to walk in and down an incline inside the wardrobe.

When they were gone, I remained in the centre of the room in the bright light for a few seconds. To that point I was not afraid, nor was I in a state of mind to question what had just occurred. Then I suspect my mind began to return to normal. I ran from the bedroom and into the living room. It was at approx. this juncture that I fell apart in every way. It was very sudden. I was just overcome with terror, shock, panic, hysteria. It was very acute. I couldn't breathe or think -- I was close to being 'out of my mind' with fear, but it had no real focus -- it was just a hideous terror. I was reduced to the level of a very small, terrified child, in the space of a few seconds.

I phoned a friend. Couldn't get my breath to speak properly and don't know what I said. He said he would come straight over. The fear continued to escalate. I doubt I would have been able to remember or say my own name by that point. I was blind with fear, but it wasn't focused on the little people -- it was just total fear.

The house was unbearable. I couldn't stand to be in there. All I wanted was to be with others, even strangers. I ran out and into the street. All the houses were dark, although there were a few cracks of light showing behind some of the houses' curtains. Because of the fear, I couldn't breathe or speak properly. I tried to call out, but my voice wouldn't work -- all I could do was make noises and sobs. I stayed there on the road until my friend drove up. He looked terrified when he walked towards me. I couldn't talk. He pushed me into the car and said he'd lock up my house for me. I watched him walk up the driveway. Moments later he reappeared. He'd left all the lights burning and the front door open. We drove to his place. Didn't speak all the way. He put me in a spare room and covered me with lots of blankets. I was freezing and couldn't get warm. Nor could I bear to be alone or in the dark. In the end he spent the night in a chair next to my bed, with the lights on.

My friend is logical, practical, sceptical. He would be the last person to ever take an interest (or even tolerate) Fortean topics, for example. Next day when I got up, I felt weak and dazed, very fragile, very unsure. My friend didn't want to discuss my experience. I realize now that he was probably scared. At the time, I thought he despised me and believed me to be insane or something. I wanted to tell someone about what had happened, so I told my friend some brief detail. I asked if he thought I'd gone crazy. He said he knew I wasn't. He said he didn't want to even speculate on what may or may not have occurred, other than to say he'd never seen anyone as scared out of their minds as I'd been when he found me. (We never discussed it again, although we continued to work together for a further 14 years).

He was in the perfect position to know I had been perfectly normal only an hour before I'd called him in hysterics, because he had travelled with me on the plane and the drive from the airport. We were colleagues and worked together. He knew I don't drink or take drugs, etc. I had been perfectly normal during the week long seminar and the plane flight and drive from the airport. We worked out that whatever had occurred (re: the little people) after I arrived home, had taken place within three quarters of an hour or less.

I sold the house not long afterwards. There had been several very strange 'otherworldly' occurrences there in the six years that I'd owned it, even though it was modern, new and appeared 'normal'. I suspect it was built over some odd land.

I never told anyone about my experience with the 'little people'; I was too embarrassed, it sounded too ridiculous. Ten years later, my daughter revealed that she had seen the 'dwarfs/gnomes' when she was small, and had been terrified of them. She told me they came out of the wardrobe -- the same one they'd tried to pull me into. She said she and her brother had even been terrified of the hallway that backed onto the wardrobe, when they were young. I asked why she'd never told me about all this. She said she'd known, even as a small child, that I would not believe her and would have told her it was 'all her imagination' or a 'dream'. She was right. That's exactly what I would have said.

I've since reached the conclusion that is the reason these creatures sometimes take the form of 'dwarfs' or 'gnomes' -- because no one believes in the existence of such creatures. Either that, or my mind 'saw' them as dwarfs, rather than acknowledge what they really were -- whatever that may have been.

I submitted this experience recently to a UFO magazine, here in Australia. Didn't know where else to send it. The publishers wrote to say they intended to print it the following month (they did). Incredibly, prior to printing, the UFO group received an urgent phone call from a woman in Melbourne (other end of Australia) to say she didn't know who to call and was terrified, because she and her adult daughter had watched several small creatures (described as 'like gnomes') darting around quickly inside the house ! The woman was near hysterical apparently -- thought she was going out of her mind. The UFO group people were stunned by the 'coincidence'.

I've never had any interest in 'gnomes/dwarfs' etc. Until my experience, if I thought of such creatures at all, it was in the context of 'fairy tales', 'old stories' etc. Has anyone had a remotely similar experience, involving 'dwarfs / gnomes' ?
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PostPosted: 29-09-2004 16:15    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, Finehair - that's pretty scary. Eek Eek
You tell the story well.
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Great Old One
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PostPosted: 29-09-2004 16:20    Post subject: Reply with quote

Eek Eek
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PostPosted: 29-09-2004 16:29    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you Mythopoeika -- the terror was out of proportion for something even as ridiculous/odd as 'dwarfs'. Terror's hard to describe -- just takes you over, breaks you. You imagine you will always be able to 'deal with' things, that you'll always be able to think on your feet, fight, use your brain. But when fear takes over, you can't even breathe properly, let alone think. I've experienced some frightening things, physically and 'other dimensional', but the 'little people' experience, even though it sounds sort of funny, was one of the worst.
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PostPosted: 29-09-2004 17:52    Post subject: Reply with quote

I watched him walk up the driveway. Moments later he reappeared. He'd left all the lights burning and the front door open.

Was there any particullar reason for this? I was waiting for you to say that he'd seen them too or something, and left hastily.
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PostPosted: 29-09-2004 18:19    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm very impressed. Very scary indeed.
Do you worry that they'll come back?
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PostPosted: 29-09-2004 18:24    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Spillage. It's a coincidence, hearing from you, because earlier tonight, I printed out your initial post about your migraines, for my son, who also suffers them. Gave him the print out of your post so that he can read the entire thread. Up until now, I think he believed migraines were mostly a female complaint, and I think he had a bit of a complex about getting them, so it will be reassuring for him to read of your experiences and those of the other male posters.

With regard to my friend and the 'little people', I can only guess that he experienced a fright or uneasy feeling when he went into my house. Maybe seeing me did it. I don't know. I can remember watching him as he came down the drive, and he was walking very stiffly, which for him is a defensive posture. He got into the car and he seemed to be angry or irritated -- impatient. Which is the way he behaved when he was not in control of a situation. I'd seen him like that at work and socially many times. He is the sort of person who is very dominant, but he used to behave very coldly if he lost control of a situation. He's a rather intimidating person at times. Afterwards he made it clear he did not want to discuss it. Characteristically, he behaved very formally; as if I were a complete stranger he'd just met, as a way of preventing there being any discussion of the situation.
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PostPosted: 29-09-2004 18:47    Post subject: Reply with quote

There were similar posts in the Bedroom Animals thread:
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PostPosted: 29-09-2004 19:07    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Escargot --- I've read a lot of your posts; you've lead a very interesting life by the sounds of it. Has made you very interesting person. I enjoy your comments.

To be honest, I tell myself that whatever was in that house is still there and can't harm us now we're gone from there. Illogical but comforting. There was definitely something wrong with that house; I felt it the moment I went into it, after we'd bought it. BEfore we bought it, it seemed lovely; so warm and friendly and as if it really wanted our family to live there. It was the last house we looked at, after three solid days of going from property to property with the estate agent. My husband and I were both tired and the twins were exhausted; we had a plane to catch and we'd given up finding a suitable place. Then when we followed the agent inside, it felt just gorgeous, to the point my husband and I turned to each other spontaneously and shook hands. The agent laughed his head off; said he'd never seen a couple do anything like it before. The agent didn't like the house; he'd been reluctant to take us there, we realised later. But we decided on the spot and signed the contract half an hour later. We had absolutely no doubt we'd found a perfect family home.

I moved in on my own with the twins, who were only little at the time. My husband had to stay behind for work reasons. The kids and I were eager to see the house again -- we'd only spent ten minutes in it the one time we'd seen it before.

But as soon as I walked in, I felt this awful feeling, to the point I could pin-point the area the horrible feeling was coming from. Yes, it was the same part of the house that all the paranormal experiences later took place.

Those first few minutes after the twins and I stepped inside, it was as if a group of 'presences' were watching us and were hostile. I've never experienced anything like it before or since. I've never forgotten it. And my mind behaved in a way that it's never done before; it seemed to split in two. One half was behaving just like normal 'mummy', pointing things out to the twins and trying to make them feel ok. And the other half of my mind (which I'd never known I'd had up until then) acted like an independent person; a really strong, brave person. It was like having a body-guard inside your own head that you'd never met and which suddenly emerged to take care of you. It 'said' to the house to the effect; ' This is our place now. We're staying. It's you who'll have to leave'. This 'other me' was so strong and was protecting us, fighting for us. I know it sounds peculiar. It felt pretty peculiar too. And this 'strong' me began sort of pushing 'my' feelings through the house -- really sort of pushing, and filling the house with 'our' feelings, and driving the horrible feelings out.

After that, the strong 'me' kept up this strength. It was like a protective bubble around the twins and me. It kept the strength up, didn't relax it. Then there was all the moving in and unpacking to do, curtains to be hung. I didn't want to admit to myself (the ordinary 'me') that there was anything wrong with the house, because we'd sold our old house and didn't have anywhere else to go. And my husband was working so hard to pay for it and was looking forward to moving up to be with the twins and me permanently. I didn't have the heart to tell him that there was something wrong about the place. And I told myself I was just overtired, etc. and was imagining things. So I kept busy. And pushed negative thoughts out of my mind. But I'll admit that I put open Bibles next to the twins beds every night. I wasn't all that religious, but I knew I needed help from something a lot stronger than I, so that's what I did. And I'm glad I did.

Two weeks after we moved in, detectives came to the house and asked me if I had any information on the people who'd lived there before. I didn't. But when I told my new next door neighbour about the detectives, she said two couples had lived there, with their dogs. And one of the couples had been shot to death on a nearby beach, some six months earlier. It was then that I remembered seeing it on the news, when we lived in another city. That was in 1979. The case is still open and was mentioned recently in the newspapers, along with several other unsolved murders.

In one of the bedrooms, that first day the twins and I moved into the house, I found a machine of some kind in the top of the built in wardrobe -- the same wardrobe the 'gnomes' retreated into and into which they tried to pull me years later. I felt something 'not nice' when I opened the wardrobe that first day. The twins felt it too. If I'd been on my own, I don't think I would have stayed in the place. But when you have children, you emphasise the positives and do all you can to stop them being frightened. So when I found the machine thing, I tried to make it all seem like a big adventure. Apart from that one object, the house was completely empty.

I took the machine and put it in the garage. As soon as I could, I gave it away. It wasn't all that big. In those days I didn't have a video player, and assumed it was possibly one of those. It was just boxy shaped and grey metal. Have no idea what it was. Quite possibly it was harmless. Whatever ... it was in that particular wardrobe and must have belonged to one or the other of the two young couples who'd lived there. But the wardrobe had a 'bad' feeling long after the machine was gone. In fact, I don't think it was the wardrobe structure itself that had anything wrong with it -- it was that section of the house. So many frightening things happened in that one small section. I would love to think someone would investigate it one day.

We liked the house itself, but I was glad to sell it and move. Have experienced various phenomena all my life, but nothing like in that house.
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PostPosted: 30-09-2004 08:57    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK, Finehair - hope you don't mind me asking a few questions?

You gave away this 'machine' you found to somebody who also didn't know what it was? Most people I know wouldn't have anything off me unless they knew what it was (and needed it). Have you since established what it was?

You're married - so where were the husband and kids that night when you got back from your trip? What made you call this other guy?

What other frightening things happened in that house?
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PostPosted: 30-09-2004 09:22    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Mythopoeika. Lol. Your friends must be quite a bit different to mine .. mine will take anything. However, I gave the thing away to the pest-control man who came to the house shortly after we moved in. There was a large plastic drum of swimming pool chlorine which he also gladly took. There had been warnings about explosions of the stuff, and I didn't want it near the children. He also was very happy to take a gigantic 'stag-horn' palm which was attached to the side of the house. They're worth a fortune at garden nurseries, but they also harbour huge huntsman spiders, so I was glad to see that go as well. He didn't know what the 'machine' was either. We speculated it may be an early video player, but this was in 1979 and at the time not a lot of people had them, at least not in Australia. I certainly didn't. We thought it could possibly have been some kind of film projector, but didn't really know. As stated in my post, it was metallic grey, boxy, and about the size of an old fashioned video player. Never saw the pest control man again and naturally have never known what the thing was. As stated in my post, it may well have been harmless. The focus of the paranormal occurrences in that house were in a small area comprising a short hallway, and the built-in wardrobes and linen cupboards adjoining the hallway.

The experience of the 'little people' occurred in 1984. By that stage, my marital status had differed to that of 1979 (when my husband and I purchased that house). As for where my children were on that night; as stated in my post, I had just returned from a week long seminar. My children were being cared for during that week and when the 'little people' experience occurred, they were still with the person who had been caring for them while I was away.

Other experiences which occurred in that house were the spontaneous appearance of what could only have been a 'ghost'. He appeared utterly 'normal' in every respect; even had a shine to his hair and a ruddy blush to his cheeks. Only 'otherworldly' aspect of him was the fact he had no legs below the knees. I afterwards discovered his identity. He was unknown to me at the time of his appearance.

Another experience (deeply frightening) was a sense of attempted mental 'invasion' within the hallway already described. It occurred on perhaps four occasions. This was definitely a malignent presence; I suspect there was more than one 'thing' involved; it felt like combined multiple presences.

A similar attempted (and almost successful) mental 'take-over' occurred in relation to my attempting to describe, on paper, a frightening paranormal experience which occurred during childhood. I nearly succumbed to that attack.

You asked about the man I called for help on the night of the 'little people' experience. We were colleagues and personal and family friends for many years and had attended the seminar and travelled together. He in fact had driven me home from the airport shortly before the experience. Not only was he someone I could rely on to help; he was also aware that when he had dropped me off a short time earlier, I had been rested and unaffected by alcohol or any other substance. We later married.
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PostPosted: 08-10-2004 15:39    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this story , but it has some similarities , so here goes . About six years ago I was staying at a friends house as her parents were away on holiday and weren't comfortable with their daughter and her younger brother being alone for the week ( the area they lived in wasn't a very nice place ) .
One night I was asleep on the sofa in their front room , having a very peculiar dream ( about a squirrel being in my bedroom ! ) , when I suddenly jerked awake to a feeling of absolute terror . Sharing the room with me were about twenty " shadows " , they were just shadowy silhouettes of people like you'd see if you're standing in almost total darkness and there is someone else nearby and you seem to sense them as much as see them . Sorry if that doesn't make much sense , but it's the best way I can describe it .
There were two armchairs in the room , each of these had someone sitting on them and in front of me there was a large crowd of people sort of milling around and acting like they were watching something interesting and talking amongst themselves . If you imagine standing in a shop window at Christmas while a crowd of people are looking in at something , that's pretty much how it felt , but although they seemed to be talking , I couldn't hear it , as if the volume was turned down on the scene .
I've had friends I've told about this write it off as sleep paralysis , but I was propped up on one elbow , blinking and looking away and back again in full command of my faculties .
I stared intently at the middle of the crowd and they seemed to fade out until I could see a line of light where the curtains met , but only the middle of the crowd faded , the rest stayed solid . The strangest thing was the feeling of total terror , they weren't behaving in a threatening way , just watching but I've never been so scared in all my life , I'm usually fairly level headed and not easily frightened but this really knocked me . When I looked away and back at the centre of the crowd , they were solid again .
I eventually managed to jump off the end of the sofa ( I wasn't going to get off normally as I would have been moving closer to them , they were only about five feet away and nothing on earth could have made me approach them ! ) and hit the light switch . When I looked back the room was completely empty . I slept the rest of the night with the light on . The next day I was thinking about this , I hadn't told my friend as she can be quite nervous and she was living in the house at the time and something hit me . This makes the whole thing seem like a tall tale , but I swear to god it's true . The night before was the 24th of September , a year to the day from the night I suffered a serious spinal injury ( C2 cervical fracture ie. a broken neck ) which I had recovered from with no problems , as if I had suffered damage to the spinal cord that high up it would have killed me outright , or so the doctors told me . It was also about 4.20am , round about the time I was injured . I remember checking the clock before getting back on the sofa to see how long I had to stay in that room on my own .
I can't help feeling that I cheated death and a year later "someone" came back for me , I certainly felt in fear for my life . I've had a few more experiences of the "shadows" , but they've always seemed non-threatening . If anyone's interested I'll post that story as well sometime . I know the whole thing seems incredible especially with the broken neck "twist" , but reliving this as I write my flesh is creeping and I swear it's true .
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PostPosted: 08-10-2004 16:09    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh you poor thing! That would have been horrifying beyond belief ! It must have taken huge amount of courage to move and get to the lights. Don't know if I could have moved. Glad you were able to. The shock lasts a long, long time, doesn't it? Hope you've found some way of making yourself feel safe; prayer or whatever helps you feel more secure.

Maybe you could do some exercises to strengthen your 'aura'. Sounds very new agey, but that's the term I've heard used. Possibly your accident had the effect of making you vulnerable to occurrences which normally could not gain access. It's said this can occur after anaesthesia, or injury to the head in particular. Not trying to frighten you. But apparently there are alternative health people who can rectify the problem; either by 'energy balancing' or reiki, or something similar. They say yoga can be very beneficial, even the mild, stretching kind. It would be great for your peace of mind to have a method which feels right to you, which you could use any time you felt the need, to make yourself feel connected to something strong, good and protective.

Best wishes.
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PostPosted: 08-10-2004 18:10    Post subject: Reply with quote

Best just put it down to a lucid dream mate. That way you won't go mad with all the gibberish. Very Happy
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Disenchanted Bast
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PostPosted: 09-10-2004 13:03    Post subject: Reply with quote


There was a (bloody awful) film made in 1973 called 'Don't be afraid of the dark' about a couple in a strange house. When the husband was away & the wife was asleep these 'little demons' would emerge from a hole in the wall (some sort of shaft I think) & attempt to drag her to her doom..

As realistic as it seems, you've got to accept it was a very lucid dream & it's very possible this film influenced it.. Read some of the childrens bed-time experiences on this board somewhere.. They're just as bizarre.. These things can't possibly be real.

..or can they.. Eek Eek
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