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Dreams that have come true
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PostPosted: 05-04-2005 03:47    Post subject: Reply with quote

I also dream about a particular landscape quite often. This has been happening for about the last two years in my case.
I seem to be riding in a car along a rollercoaster rail that wraps all around and inside and out (through) several mountains. (the "car" is like an actual Rollercoaster car) Each of these mountains seem to represent a different aspect of my life...I think. I have that feeling after I have awakened anyhow. I do different things in different mountains. It's hard to explain. I can have a different dream every night, every dream is different... but the dreams always take place in these mountains.

I have had a few dreams in my life that have come true. One in particular stands out.
I knew of a woman when I was younger who used to drive around in this really nice black truck. It was her pride and joy according to those who did know her. In my dream I was standing in a baseball field and I looked up to see the womans truck parked in the field right in front of me. The windsheild was tinted black and across it in gold letters the words "IT'S A GIRL" were printed.
Approximately a week later this woman gave birth to a baby girl in the seat of her truck. Her sister was driving her to the hospital and had to pull over because the baby was coming that very moment. She had pulled over in the parking lot of the baseball field in my dream. A day or so after the birth the woman had posted the words "IT'S A GIRL" across the back window of the truck, not in gold but in pink letters.

Now...I did know the woman was pregnant. I saw her often driving the truck. The Hospital was no more than one hundred yards from the parking lot and the baseball field.
I was about 17 years old when I had the dream.


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PostPosted: 05-04-2005 04:48    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi all,

Back when I was a child, of about 8 or 9 I think, I had a long dream where I travelled all around places that I knew, visiting peoples houses, a birthday party - I've forgotten most of it now but I always remember the ending..

In the dream I had been searching for something but not really knowing what it was, when I arrived outside a large building with a paved area outside. Lots of uniformed children were running around and then a bell sounded and they began to pour in through the front doors of what was obviously now a school. As they did I saw a professorish kind of guy holding aloft a sort globe - the kind you normally see of the earth, with a semi-circle holder and stand, except this one was made out of wicker (don't ask me why). I knew then that this globe was what I had been searching for. I tried to get to him through the crowd but he was swept inside and then the dream ended.

It was a strange and vivid dream so it stuck in my head which was why several years later when I started secondary school that I recognised the entrance to my new school as being the one from my dream. I had never seen it in real life before my first day at the secondary school.

A few years later I had a very vivid dream where I was looking out of my parents bedroom window at night. The moon was extremely large appearing to be many times its normal size and low in the sky. From over the horizon a large passenger jet appeared heading straight for me. It crashed, silently and in slow motion into the houses a couple of streets over and caused carnage smashing everything up. This preceded a couple of plane crashes in the following week including one in which a passenger jet crashed onto the M25 motorway near London.

These days I often have dreams that feature people who I haven't seen or heard of in years and I also sometimes have dreams that are in the 3rd person, i.e. I am not actually in the dream at all, just as a disembodied observer of a situation or scene. These scenes can be quite mundane sometimes, but I don't know anyone else who has dreams which they are not actually 'in'.

Well, thats my two-pence worth, dreams = weird!


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Happy Mutant Posing As A
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PostPosted: 06-04-2005 08:01    Post subject: Reply with quote

As long as we're talking about odd dreamworlds, I should mention this time that I began having such realistic dreams I couldn't tell them from reality. Shocked

I was finishing up college my junior/senior years, when I started having extremely realistic, extremely mundane dreams just before I woke up. In one of these dreams, I would: wake up in my bedroom, stagger out to the kitchen for coffee, take a shower, get dressed, get my stuff together and go to the class I was supposed to go to that day. The professor would lecture, give us a plausible assignment, then I'd go to lunch with some friends after class.

Then I would wake up for real and have the exact same experience. Nothing strange or dreamlike ever happened - I never flew to school like a bird, showed up for class naked, or had my car turn into a blue alligator.

These dreams were so incredibly believable and realistic, I would often get confused as to what my actual assignments were! More than once I had to ask a friend something like, "Did he want us to write a paper comparing modernism with medievalism, or did I just dream that?" Embarassed

The dreams stopped just before I graduated and I've never had them since!
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Great Old One
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PostPosted: 09-04-2005 02:59    Post subject: precognitive dreams Reply with quote

I have only had one precognitive dream in my life. It was so vivid, and provided such rich detail, that I remembered it as if it were a real memory for a few days after I had it, and can still remember the dream today, many years later. Then the events in the dream actually happened.

This took place quite a few years ago, when I was a teenager.

I lived in a suburb of toronto that was characterized by woods, rivers, hills and valleys. I lived at the end of a flat section of the neighbourhood. To get to it, you could approach it from two angles, one of which was over a hill, between two apartment buildings and down under a freeway underpass.

Anyway, the dream ...

I was in a bus at the top of the hill, between the apartment buildings. The bus was stopped and we were told (by someone) that we were not allowed to continue because there was a sniper firing onto the road. I wanted to get home, of course, so I jumped out of the bus and ran down the hill towards the freeway underpass. I remember being shot at from behind as I ran down the hill, but once I was under the underpass, I was safe. When I emerged from the safety of the underpass, in order to continue towards home, I was shot at again. I remember hiding behind some buildings to avoid the shots. Once I was a few blocks away, I was safe from the shots and I went home.

End of dream.

A few days later, in real life, a gunman actually did fire down onto the street and the freeway from one of the apartment buildings. Traffic was stopped along the road in my dream to ensure that no-one would be shot. I was not personally involved (I was safely at home).

I have never had a precognitive dream since, but I did once dream that I was a bowling ball. That one probably won't come true.
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Great Old One
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PostPosted: 06-05-2005 23:28    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sunday night I dreamed that my alarm didn't go off and my husband & I found ourselves running late for work. Monday morning, we woke up to find the alarm hadn't gone off! We were awake in time not to have to rush, fortunately. Tuesday morning, the alarm didn't go off again but fortunately, again, we had enough time to get ready. Tuesday night, I checked the alarm, tested it and it went off like clockwork(sorry, I couldn't resist). I dreamed again that the alarm didn't go off and that I tried to call our HR director (we work together) to let her know we'd be late because it was already 9 when we woke up and we have to BE there at 9. But Wednesday morning, the alarm went off. Boring, I know. Never did figure out why the alarm didn't go off those two days but the coincidence Monday was weird.
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PostPosted: 07-05-2005 13:11    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just before my parents dog had to be euthanised my friend dreamed that she was ill and was being taken into the vet...neither me nor my friend were aware that there was anything wrong with the dog and we lived miles away from my mum and dad...I brushed this off as a weird co-incidence but on Sunday night I dreamed, amongst other things (most notably Sean Connery and me running in to Woolworths as a large building opposite was on fire and in danger of falling down) that my sisters guinea-pig had died...low and behold she called me on Monday evening to tell me that young Muffin had passed away..I will keep an eye out for Sean just in case he needs to rescue me from a burning building.. Laughing
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PostPosted: 08-05-2005 15:27    Post subject: Reply with quote

This JUST happened to me recently, and I'm still reeling..............

Several months ago, hubby and I were living in NYC, but planning on moving to Key West. I had a dream one night that we were in Key West. I was standing over some kind of doctor's table (bright light, doctor's instruments laying nearby, etc.) I was with an older woman and I was holding down a large bird-of-prey, while she was trying to help it.... I even mentioned it to hubby, said "I dreamed we were in Key West, and I was working as some kind of bird-rescuer." We had visited the Wildlife Rescue and Seabird Sanctuary last time we were there, so he said "Hmm. Maybe you'll wind up working at that Wildlife Rescue....."

However, me getting a job wasn't in our plans. We moved here to open my husband's first restaurant. But as it turned out, there was plenty of time for me to get a part-time job, and we needed the extra income while waiting for the restaurant to open. Anyway, I had forgotten all about the dream once we moved to beautiful Key West, and I got a part-time job--you got it--at the Wildlife Rescue. One day a beautiful young Osprey came in with injuries, so the director called me over to the table to hold the bird while she set the wing, and bam! it was the moment in the dream I had remembered! I was floored. I had to step away from the table and collect myself for a second. I guess it was destiny, as I really love my work at the Rescue, and though birds were never a huge interest for me, they are now my obsession!
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PostPosted: 08-05-2005 23:38    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ravenstone wrote:
I've dreamed Formula One Grand Prixs before. Even down to wheels coming off, the results, and a specific driver in a specific car crashing.

Obvious question, but don't people bet, often quite heavily, on F1 results? If you ever feel like funding a Fortean Phenomena research institute, I'll come & work there yeay
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Eat right, exercise, die anyway.
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PostPosted: 19-10-2005 13:07    Post subject: Dreamed of a man, then saw him in real life Reply with quote

My dreams are sometimes strange, in that they often predict the future so frankly, it doesn't surprise me a whole lot that this happened.

It happened about 2 weeks ago but I kind of put it out of my mind until now. In this particular dream, I was in a restaurant. It was fancy, and semi-dark...seemed to have great ambiance. I was near a door scanning the place when a man I have never seen before came up to me, took me by the arm and insisted I have dinner with him.

He kept insisting, saying things like, "But I am a doctor!!" And I kept refusing, saying, "No, I love Shaun!" ( who is actually my boyfriend in rl)

This went on for a few minutes, he being adamant and I refusing and then that was it. That was the end of the dream.

The next day I had to go to a post office not far from home and when I was walking across the parking lot, a man was unloading things from the back of a postal truck. I looked at him and it was the very same man from the dream. I mean the exact same, not someone who resembled the restaurant man. It was actually him. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw his face.

( I did my postal things and left and then didn't see the man again)

Now, I only have one regular mailman, and he looks nothing like the man in the dream so it is not like the dream-guy delivered mail to me and I remembered him.

Very strange, I thought.
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PostPosted: 19-10-2005 20:51    Post subject: Reply with quote

interesting post redhead666. I occasionally have dreams that contain some element of the future in them. Most recently i dreamed i was scratching scratchcards with my dead grandfather. I played two the next day, and won £13 on one (lost on the other), then played one tha day after, and won £6!

I do play a scratchcard on average once a week, with occasional phases of buying more or less than that, depending on how 'lucky' i feel.

The dream left me with a strong sense of 'luckiness', and happiness at having seen my grandad again. He was always very generous, so maybe he was pointing me in the direction of some fun money!

Whats really odd is he never played the lottery.

Do you keep a dream diary at all? I don't but if you regulary experience predictive dreams it could be useful (personally i have enough trouble getting out of bed in the morning let alone holding a pen Laughing )
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PostPosted: 20-10-2005 21:38    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ravenstone wrote:
I've dreamed Formula One Grand Prixs before. Even down to wheels coming off, the results, and a specific driver in a specific car crashing.

so have I actually, and usually they're considerably more exciting than the real thing! During the Chinese GP last weekend, and I think for the first time ever, I nodded off mid-race. I dreamt that there were two track invaders in lilac raincoats running hand in hand down the start-finish straight and saw the cars going off trying to avoid them, I saw a camera close up of Alonso's leading car hitting the wall, spinning and ripping its wheels off and remember thinking "sh*t I hope he's okay" and being really shocked. When I woke up it took a few mins to register; I knew I'd fallen asleep but it took until I saw Alonso still leading the race to realise that I'd dreamt all that stuff.

The other day I remember waking up and hearing on the radio "the music industry is today reeling after the sudden death of [a semi-famous singer I probably shouldn't name]". I thought 'woah, that's a shocker' and on my way into work that morning couldn't stop thinking about it. I'm not a fan of the singer, and I'd barely registered their existance before, but it shocked me.

Then I checked on the internet and found there was nothing about it. It had seemed to real, was amazed.
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PostPosted: 20-10-2005 21:49    Post subject: Reply with quote

aww, I want to know who it was
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PostPosted: 21-10-2005 13:20    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've only ever had one dream that came true (so far, anyway).

When I was a teenager, I had an extremely vivid dream that I was having sex with a beautiful dark haired older woman. It was highly unusual in that it wasn't simply about the physical sensations that generally come with these kinds of dreams, there was a highly emotive element to it that I certainly didn't have in my life at the time. To the best of my recollection, I was about 13 or 14.

When I was 27, I met the only woman I've ever been in love with (so far, anyway). From the first time I met her, I thought I knew her from somewhere else, but conversation proved that otherwise. About 6 months afterward, we started dating. About 6 months after that, she grew her hair long and dyed it dark brown (she had been blonde). The first time I saw her after the dye job, I recognized her as the woman in my adolescent dream!!

Unfortunately, no happy ending here...we broke up about 4 yrs. later. Still freaks me out, though!!
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Gender: Unknown
PostPosted: 21-10-2005 13:51    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bobzilla - That is the sort of thing which makes me wonder what, if anything, the point of precognition is... It seems so significant, especially if it only happens to you once or twice, and then it goes nowhere!
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PostPosted: 21-10-2005 14:03    Post subject: Reply with quote

Aarauer wrote:
Bobzilla - That is the sort of thing which makes me wonder what, if anything, the point of precognition is... It seems so significant, especially if it only happens to you once or twice, and then it goes nowhere!

Agreed. Not only that, but there definitely wasn't any immediacy about the dream...I mean, what's the point of having the dream 13 or so yrs. before I meet this woman?
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