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Dreams that have come true
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PostPosted: 15-03-2010 11:55    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello everyone, first time poster here. Been lurking on the board for a long time but never had anything to contribute until now.

My mother often told me of a dream she had while she was pregnant with me. She had a dream about the day I was born, and in this dream the nurses and the doctor seemed very concerned for some reason. The doctor who was treating her was not her usual doctor and she had never seen him before. In another part of the dream, she saw a child with blond, curly hair, about 6 years old. She thought no more of this dream until the day I was born. I was born 3 months too early, and her doctor was unable to be there in time because of a strong thunder storm which had blocked off the road by toppling a few trees. The doctor who was on call at the hospital and who delivered me was exactly the same doctor as in her dream, although she had never seen him before. To everyones surprise, there wasn't just one child to be delivered, but two. It turned out that my mother was pregnant with twins, but due to the fact that our heartbeats were completely in sync, the ultrasound (or what ever they were using at the time) had everyone believe that there was only one child. My sister died during birth - which, together with the fact that I was born way too early and nobody expected me to live more than a few days, explain the concerned look of the people in her dream. As I grew older, it turned out that I was the child see had seen in her dream - when I was 6 years old I was the spitting image of the boy she had dreamed of.

I myself have had 2 dreams come true.
The first was really mundane, I was about 11 or 12 years old and gameboys were really in back then. I remember playing a complete level of a game in minute detail, though after waking I had no idea which game it was. I had never read about it in any magazine. I eventually got this game for christmas, and it was exactly as it was in my dream, down to the last detail.

In the other dream I was arguing with somebody in front of my front door - I couldn't remember the dialogue in detail, but this person had come past and wanted to take me somewhere, although I had no intention whatsoever of going there. A few years later, my dad had just died from cancer and I had been missing out on school sport lessons in the afternoons to spend time with him and care for him. I was never any good at sports and didn't give a damn about missing the lessons, but week for week I would give a written excuse to the teacher, without disclosing the real reason for not attending (my fathers illness). I didn't want anyone to know in which bad shape my dad was, but I did write down my telephone number and that I would be willing to tell the teacher my reason if he really wanted to know. Then one day, the door bell rang. I let the person in with a strong sense of deja-vue, and it turned out to be my sports teacher. He had come past to take me with to lessons, otherwise he threatened to let me fail the course. We had a heated argument in front of my front door and I eventually took part in the lessons, not wanting to have a bad grade in my report card. Only after he had left did I realise that I had experienced exactly this argument in a dream a few months earlier.

Please excuse my grammar and spelling, English isn't my native tongue.
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PostPosted: 15-03-2010 22:14    Post subject: Reply with quote


Ever since I was a kid I’ve had weird dreams (usually early morning when I am in and out of consciousness) and in the next couple of weeks they seem to replicate themselves in real life. Most of them are mundane things, I remember one about being in a queue when I was at high school, cooking a dinner etc but the most memorable one was one in which I was in a car with my Dad and we were speaking about his father’s funeral. My Dad was not close to his father so we didn’t really know anything about him but a few weeks later we were informed that he had died and I ended up in the car with my Dad discussing it word for word, just how I remembered it.

The thing is that when I am living through this “dream” it all most feels like I am not in control of myself and I get the distinct impression of being out of my body (looking high over my right shoulder) and I have actually tried to change the outcome but I seem to be automatic. I would put it down to some funky kind of déjà-vu but I am so sure that I definitely dreamed it before. It is really weird and strange although hasn’t happened to me in a while now.
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Great Old One
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PostPosted: 16-03-2010 10:00    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kluger maybe we are more sensitive when we are pregnant? When I was pregnant with my second daughter I dreamt I was in hospital giving birth and the nurse said " Here is your third daughter." I thought this was odd but 8 years later I actually did have the third.
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PostPosted: 16-06-2010 18:20    Post subject: Reply with quote

I had my first (That I can remember) spookily prophetic dream. Just before waking up, I dreamed I was in a room with a female acquaintance who I knew through friends but didn't talk to often. In this dream we were, shall we say... becoming more acquainted! (My dream-self is so much more of a womaniser than my real self!)
I remember that, in the dream, before this person and I engaged in too vigorous an activity, I left the room for some reason to talk to my partner, and then woke up with a feeling that I had to get back to this lady, and I felt so strongly about it that I mentioned this to my partner the minute I woke.
I turned on my computer upon getting out of bed, and logged into Facebook, as is my habit before I do more important things. There was a message from the same girl I had dreamed about, asking to come and visit me at my house. It's worth mentioning that we are not close friends and have never gone to visit one another before.

We spent a thoroughly pleasant day together, hanging out and chatting. I did notice, however, that she was making a shy but obvious attempt to flirt with me, which was not unpleasant, but completely out of the blue to me! This girl is moving to Spain in a few weeks... do you think she's doing her best to reconcile old crushed that she's invading my dreams? No complaints, or anything...
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rabbity mousey cat-like thing
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PostPosted: 30-03-2013 17:06    Post subject: Reply with quote

This isn't about a dream that came true, exactly, it's more of an odd (but very specific) dream symbol that turned up in real life.

Recently, I'd been struggling with some mental blocks and heard that a way to break through them was stream-of-consciousness writing. The idea was to encourage ideas to flow from the unconscious to the conscious mind, so every night before sleeping I'd write pages of whatever nonsense popped into my head. One night after doing this, I had a vivid dream, the kind that seems to hint at something deeper and haunts you for ages afterward.

In the town where I grew up, there is a long, twisty road that goes out to the country. In my dream, I came back to this town after many years. Near the start of this twisty road, I saw a tree with overhanging branches. This tree had a history, and (in the way one does in dreams) I had always known of it. People would secretly come there to leave symbolic objects, which would gradually be overgrown by the tree's bark.The objects people left there represented some element of their private pain and suffering. The significance was not always obvious, only the person who'd left the object might understand what it meant. Over generations, the tree had grown over and absorbed all sorts of things - jewelry, bits of cloth, keys, links of chain, etc., all signifying suffering of some type. I understood that some of my loved ones had left things there long ago too. I felt sad for them and was acutely aware of the passage of time. I also felt like there should be something I could do about it, but couldn't understand enough to know what. The latest item that had been placed in the tree (and which showed that the tradition still continued) was an American flag wrapped around the branches which overhung the road.

When I woke up, I couldn't shake it off. The dream was really troubling. After a few weeks, I decided making a trip to that road might trigger some thoughts, or maybe put the feeling to rest, whichever. We went down to the beginning of the road but didn't see anything unusual, so we drove all the way down to the other end. That's where we found the scene from the dream - the winding road, the branches, the flag...the sense of deja vu was dizzying. I haven't ever seen a flag wrapped around a tree like this before, but there it was. I took a picture, here:

Was it a just a coincidence? Some trick of the unconscious to make me revisit the past? Some precognition or retro-psi? Does it mean anything at all? Why dream of that specific scene, in that specific place, where I haven't been in 15 years and then feel such a nagging pressure to go there? I'm still pondering these questions. There's not an easy answer, but it's interesting to think about.
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I am Seeking Rest for my Weary Heart
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PostPosted: 30-03-2013 18:38    Post subject: Reply with quote

did you write the dream down at all ?
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PostPosted: 07-04-2013 13:31    Post subject: Reply with quote

I had one of these this weekend. I don't know if anyone on this board has heard of Park Run? It's basically a weekly 5k timed run that takes place in hundreds of parks across the UK each Saturday morning.

On Friday night I had a dream that my time for the Park Run the next morning was going to be 21 minutes and 1 second. When I woke up, I told my wife about it before going out to the run.

When you finish, you don't know what time you've got - you get e-mailed or texted later that day. So at dinner time I got my e-mail saying my time was 21 minutes, 1 second.

I've never got that time before even having run Park Run 30+ times. I've never dreamed about it before either. Lastly, my times have ranged from 20 mins 30 secs to 23 mins so there is a fair bit of variation. Weird!
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Joined: 03 Jun 2012
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PostPosted: 07-04-2013 13:42    Post subject: Reply with quote

PS just reading people's stories about "pregnancy dreams" has reminded me of another I've had quite recently.

My wife and I already have one child (a boy) and my wife is currently expecting our second child. Everyone in both our families, including my wife herself, were *convinced* that this one was going to be a girl because my wife had such bad "morning" sickness (it was actually sickness 24/7).

But I had a dream that it was a boy, and that furthermore, that it was going to come out "the wrong way" i.e. feet first and would therefore necessitate a Caesarian. In my dream, the whole process was over in a matter of minutes and worked out fine.

Well, we had our 20 week scan last week and is indeed going to be a second boy - despite my wife's incredulity. So the first part of my dream was true - I will post again to let you know if the second half comes to pass!
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PostPosted: 09-05-2013 22:12    Post subject: Reply with quote

Everybody has a Twin Towers story so this was probably a total coincidence for me as it is the only time I've had a premonition type of dream and otherwise I might not have noted it, but on the evening before 9/11 this is what came to me during sleep.

I was in a lift inside a large government building in my nearest city. This is a building I was familiar with but had never actually been inside in real life. All of a sudden the lift began shaking furiously then somehow I could see outside and up to the sky which was filled with apocalyptic black clouds and crashing lightning. The shaking got worse and worse until bits of the building started to fall apart with rubble falling all around me. At that point I woke up sweating and shaking with terror.. It was a strange dream in itself but even more so after subsequent events.
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Great Old One
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PostPosted: 02-07-2013 21:33    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've just had a disturbing precognitive dream experience. Last Friday night/Saturday morning I dreamed that I was sitting chatting to someone I know from work, who I'd guess is in his mid-fifties. I've only been working in my current job since January and I only met this chap in February. Our real life interaction has been limited to a few meetings and email exchanges about a project we're both involved with. He works on a different floor to me, I've never had any extended conversation with him and never discussed anything which wasn't work related.

In the dream we were sitting in a field by a loch, watching the sun set and just chatting about life... nothing of any great consequence. As the sun finally disappeared and it grew properly dark, he told me "Everyone has to die. When it's time, it's time.", then got up and left me sitting alone and feeling lost. I remember this clearly because I woke up feeling absolutely bereft and struggled to get back to sleep.

When I arrived at the office today, I was greeted with the news that he died yesterday evening after collapsing at home. Make of that what you will but it has freaked me right out if I'm honest.
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The FTMB member previously known as Sundog
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PostPosted: 03-07-2013 03:20    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow Ronner that is incredible. It would freak me the freak out as well. Someone is sure to call it coincidental but I bet you will never be able to see it that way.

Bunnymouse I hadn't been following this thread since it resurrected and didn't read your post until just now. That's such a haunting and poetic image, the tree that overgrows peoples' icons of suffering! God you could write such a great story around that! And then to find the tree in real life, with the flag...what the hell can it mean?

Two of the most thought-provoking tales I've heard in a long time. This is why I hang out here!
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Great Old One
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PostPosted: 25-06-2014 12:17    Post subject: A precognitive dream on tape. Reply with quote

As regulars here may know I frequently report dream related coincidences and the fact I often record my dreams into a digital recorder to check matches with subsequent events.

On the weekend just gone (20-22 June) I paid a flying visit to Helsinki. I'll save the commentary and simply report first a minor sequence of events that took place on Saturday 21, and then follow it with the transcript of a dream recording from sometime before June 8th (on that date I made a passing reference to the dream in a private message, but didn't mention what night it had happened)

The incident: When I’d arrived at my hostel on the Friday night, unexpectedly it wasn’t one building, but several. I was directed to my room..essentially a student flat.. in building A. It was a pain to find, as there were assorted buildings, several of which could have been it, gathered around a narrow back street and car park. Finally we found the right one. On the Saturday after wandering around on my own sight seeing I returned to the hostel and I saw ahead of me in the otherwise empty street a young man who’d just been in reception, wandering around looking lost. I recognised immediately he was in the same situation as I had been the night before. I whistled or gestured and nodded and pointed towards the correct building, then caught up with him and showed him how to use the key etc and where his room must be.

He was very young looking, late teens, early twenties maybe, and very notably blonde. We made chit chat as we ascended the first few flights of stairs. He had a distinct accent so I asked him where he was from. St Petersburg. He returned the question, I said I’m from Liverpool. He was just there for the day/weekend, leaving tomorrow, like me. I told him what I’d been told repeatedly and had just seen for myself was true...that as it midsummer’s day, a big holiday in Finland, the whole city was nearly empty, all the locals closing up shop to go to their cabins in the country. As we separated I quietly realised something...we were essentially dressed identically. Like me he had a light brown leathery jacket over a hoody, with a pack pack over his shoulder. This effective sharing a "uniform" broke my dream...

I returned to my room then immediately straight out to meet up again with a local friend. Our conversation on our way to our destination involved me asking him about what the place was like in the winter, and him commenting on my British accent not being very strong, as the British people he knew at work where impossible to understand. I tried to get hm to imitate the accents.


Dream Transcript from 2 weeks earlier:
“An odd dream about being in New Zealand. It was summer time and it was very empty. Small flat-pack buildings. A crowd watching a display. I’ve been somewhere on my own, basically I’m travellign around on my own. Finally a blond boy..18, 19..blond, in school uniform, without a blazer, is standing next to me. And he’s from Liverpool too judging my his accent, at which mine becomes exagerated. I’m kind of..I dunno..sort of inadvertently tying to get his attention...not inadvertently but subtly, noting we’re from the same place. And (indecipherable) we do end up wandering around going back into someone’s place or indoors together on our own. Discussions about having been here before. What was it like in Winter? Oh I’ve been in Winter, its bloody awful! But its nice to say you’ve been, kind of thing” This was an odd dream (indecipherable) location (indecipherable) it said New Zealand but (...) everything was laid out as if in isolation from the rest of the (?) community..In the winter the weather’s bloody awful and bitter and all the buildings must be connected indoors to each other because it would be unbearable to go outdoors really. But its summertime when we’re there. “

5 minutes later I wake again with some follow up thoughts, slightly more alert and say into the tape:

“It’s always a mistake to analyse the dream at the time but given I’m going away to Finland – NewZealand:Finland – flat empty country, worth saying you’ve been but not much there, cold in winter, pleasant enough in it may relate to Finland, what does it mean? That I’m going to meet another Scouser? Will he be a school boy? Dunno.”
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What a Cad!
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PostPosted: 17-07-2014 08:43    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lottery win - sweet dreams are made of this?
The court victory of the waiter Fatih Ozcan who persuaded his employer to buy a lottery ticket on the strength of a dream is a wake-up call for sceptics everywhere
By Harry Wallop
6:38AM BST 16 Jul 2014

There have been some strange witnesses called in court cases over the years, but it is not often that someone’s dream is examined by a judge. Yet that is what happened in York this week, when Judge Mark Gosnell, who admitted he was presiding over a “troubling case”, ruled that Hayati Kucukkoylu, the owner of a Turkish restaurant, should hand over half of his million-pound Euro Millions lottery win to a waiter.

The waiter, Fatih Ozcan, said that he had had a premonition about the win the night before. He dreamt that he was holding a large bundle of cash, and standing in front of him was his boss. In the morning, Mr Ozcan pestered his boss to buy a ticket, and CCTV footage backed up Mr Ozcan’s claim that they then filled in the ticket together.

Judge Gosnell decided that the waiter’s explanation of the dream was entirely “plausible”. “Mr Ozcan is a strong believer in the power of dreams and interpreted this to mean that he and Mr Kucukkoylu would win the lottery,” he ruled.

It might be surprising that someone’s dream has ended up being analysed in a court case – though it is possibly less strange than a dog being called as a witness in a French murder case, which happened earlier this year. But what is not surprising is that dreams continue to exert a powerful hold on our waking thoughts.

[Followed by a lot of blather about dreams in general. Richard Wiseman is wheeled on to say something about the law of large numbers, etc..]
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King-Size Canary
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PostPosted: 17-07-2014 16:29    Post subject: Reply with quote

I tend to think it was the CCTV footage that swayed the case in his favour.
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