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Mad scientists

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Great Old One
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PostPosted: 12-08-2013 17:39    Post subject: Mad scientists Reply with quote

"Fools, i'll destroy them all!"
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PostPosted: 13-08-2013 07:55    Post subject: Reply with quote

I clicked on that but was immediately distracted by the link about tsunamis. Embarassed
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Psycho Punk
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PostPosted: 20-06-2014 13:01    Post subject: Reply with quote

Does this chappie qualify as mad?

Leading scientist ejected by audience after 'trying to crowd surf' at classical music concert

A leading scientist was ejected by fellow audience members during a performance of Handel’s Messiah after he took the director’s invitation to “clap and whoop” to the music a step too far by attempting to crowd-surf.

Tom Morris, artistic director of the Bristol Old Vic, encouraged the audience to respond with enthusiasm to the music but accepted that Dr David Glowacki had “got very over-excited”.

The show was a forerunner to the Bristol Proms, launched by Mr Morris as a more “accessible and informal” alternative to the traditional classical concerts, which will start next month.

Before the performance, Mr Morris invited the audience to bring their drinks into the standing area in front of the stage and instructed them: “Clap or whoop when you like, and no shushing other people.”

But Dr Glowacki, a Royal Society Research Fellow, was so overcome during the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ he began lurching from side to side with his hands raised and whooping before attempting to crowd-surf, witnesses claimed.

Irritated by the distraction, audience members proceeded to physically eject the Bristol University academic from the area, in what Mr Morris claims is the first such incident at a classical concert since the 18th century.

Some ticket holders are now urging Mr Morris to set clearer guidelines for acceptable behaviour but the director is unwilling to re-impose the strict rules of etiquette which he has sought to cast off.

However, he has agreed crowd-surfing during classical concerts will not be tolerated.

“He got very over-excited,” Mr Morris, who directed War Horse at the National Theatre, told The Independent.

“The Bristol Proms are contributing to a ground-breaking way of thinking which will pave the way for a new kind of classical concert.

“But by allowing an audience to respond in whatever way they want, you also allow an audience to self-regulate, as we discovered.”

He added: “David was investigating what the nature of the rules are using the skills that make him an extraordinary scientist – and for some in the audience, a slightly irritating one.” ...

- See more at:
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King-Size Canary
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PostPosted: 20-06-2014 14:28    Post subject: Reply with quote

The conductor should have directed the scientist to the mosh pit.
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Freelance Subversive
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PostPosted: 20-06-2014 19:56    Post subject: Reply with quote

And let's not forget Leon Theramin

Theremin set up a laboratory in New York in the 1930s, where he developed the theremin and experimented with other electronic musical instruments and other inventions. These included the Rhythmicon, commissioned by the American composer and theorist Henry Cowell.

In 1930, ten thereminists performed on stage at Carnegie Hall. Two years later, Theremin conducted the first-ever electronic orchestra, featuring the theremin and other electronic instruments including a "fingerboard" theremin which resembled a cello in use.

Theremin's mentors during this time were some of society's foremost scientists, composers, and musical theorists, including composer Joseph Schillinger and physicist (and amateur violinist) Albert Einstein.[clarification needed] At this time, Theremin worked closely with fellow Russian émigré and theremin virtuoso Clara Rockmore.

Theremin was interested in a role for the theremin in dance music. He developed performance locations that could automatically react to dancers' movements with varied patterns of sound and light.

The Soviet consulate had apparently demanded he divorce Katia. Afterwards, while working with the American Negro Ballet Company, the inventor married a young African-American prima ballerina Lavinia Williams.[21] Their marriage caused shock and disapproval in his social circles, but the ostracized couple remained together.[24]
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PostPosted: 20-06-2014 20:45    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Theremin is a fun instrument to play occasionally, in my opinion, but I wouldn't make a playlist of its music.
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