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Strange account from 1787

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PostPosted: 09-01-2014 17:15    Post subject: Strange account from 1787 Reply with quote

Take a look at the link below. It mentions a ball of fire rising from a lake or an island in that lake. It travels parallel to the ground, returns 17 minutes later and plunges back into the lake, throwing up fish and a tossing a docked boat about too! Does not sound like a meteor, but an USO instead.. Shag Harbour, anyone?: oops wrong link! Okay weird. The link was going to the correct text earlier, but now it links to a different book. Hmmm. Found it mentioned in another publication:

Here is the passage:
'On the 19th of July a ball of fire, to appearance as large as a hogshead, rose either from Dyfert illand in Belvedere lake, or from the water close by it, and took its direction easterly, till it was out of sight, in a line not above 40 or 50 feet from the ground. In about 17 minutes it returned, and fell into the lakes, where it is luppolcd to have burst, as the agitation of the waters, for about 10 minutes after, was fish were cast ashore to the distance of 30 feet; and a boat was heaved from a deep dock some yards on dryland—This phenomenon comes well authenticated.'

That case I unearthed is not on the master list found here:

But.. There is this case from 1783:

I wonder if it was the same object. Some USOs are dirty or used up in appearance. I think some of them have been hanging out in the muck for a very long time and burn off surface residue when they accelerate. I actually suspect that many sightings are of the same objects, that have subtly changed. They are able to morph their skins like the memory metal descriptions, and grow towers and other apparatus as needed.

This account from 1787 sounds a lot like this much later one:

'Shortly before 7 a.m. one Thursday in October 1952, Johannes Nordlien was waiting for coworkers when he suddenly heard a howling, jetlike sound. A moment later a saucer-shaped object, four meters in diameter, came at high speed from the west and passed by him 100 meters away. It impacted with a violent splash in the river Lågen. The object was white as snow, and Nordlien clearly observed its flat and round shape as it hit the water. When his fellow workers showed up, the water was still boiling. The loud howling sound vanished as soon as he saw the object.'
UFO making amazing noise over water:
Really starts to rev up right after minute 1:48.. That's some kind of weather balloon or swamp gas? Please..
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