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Out of place girl

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PostPosted: 08-07-2014 14:57    Post subject: Out of place girl Reply with quote

Back in 1990 I lived in Hulme, Manchester--Otterburn close to be exact, on the top floor. At the time Hulme was a rough place, full of drugs, gangsters and unpleasant people. There were also regular Manchester folk peppered in with New age travellers and squatters, of which I was one. I lived alone. Hulme, though built up with high rises and maisonettes, was for the most part falling apart, grey and covered in graffiti. With a drug war going on there had been a fair few shootings in the area, thus it was not a place to retire to and certainly a place to be weary of at night. I got mugged coming home from the pub once to attest to that fact.
I used to work at Manchester University in the refectory as a chef and would finish work to be home for 7:30 most nights. On this particular night, the 31st of October-yes Halloween!-I’d gotten home from work as normal, made myself a coffee and sat down in the front room when there was a knock at the door. I peeked through the spy hole to see who had knocked and there stood a young girl. I opened the door and this girl, alone and smiling, said “trick or treat." She was white with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and just over 5 feet tall, as I remember, between 15 and 18 years old. She was wearing just a black bin liner with holes cut out for her head and arms, I can’t remember what she had on her feet though. She spoke with one of those non-descript middle class accents and she seemed clean, which must sound odd but I noted that she wasn’t a crusty squatter type. I was a bit stunned and said something like “er yeah sure," reached into my pocket, found a pound coin and gave it her. She thanked me and I closed the door.
I remember closing the door, sitting down and then suddenly thinking “what the hell is she doing knocking on doors asking for money round here!” It was October, in Manchester, at night wearing just a bin bag! She was totally out of place doing a stupid thing in a rough part of town. So I got up and looked outside on the balcony walkway to see if she was there. With no sign of her I went looking. I have no idea what I was going to do if I found her, beyond give her a sound telling off, but though I looked all over I didn’t see her again.
I saw some nasty stuff while living there, some stuff that still makes me feel sick to this day, but this interaction was beyond odd in my opinion. I had only sat down for a minute before I went looking for her and yet she was gone! I don't know what to make of that...All the flats in my little area where connected by walk ways and stairs--in four years the one lift never worked! By simply looking out of your door you could see most of Otterburn close. She had literally vanished.
[This one of my odd (and true) stories that I’ve been meaning to share for some time. Hope you enjoyed it. I also will try to attach a photo of the place at that time so you get a better idea of the setting.]
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Justified and Ancient
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PostPosted: 08-07-2014 16:04    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice story. You were probably tricked or treated by a ghost living in the building.
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PostPosted: 08-07-2014 16:46    Post subject: Reply with quote

I wonder if it was a dare or similar, and her friends were parked nearby but out of your line of sight?
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PostPosted: 08-07-2014 18:05    Post subject: Reply with quote

I used Google Maps and couldn't find Otterburn Close in Hulme.
I found Otterburn Place in Stockport. Was that the place?

Interesting account and a curious mystery.
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PostPosted: 08-07-2014 18:18    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hulme of old has mostly gone under the swinging balls. My ancient A to Z has Otterburn Close abbreviated to OtternC as a small spur off Bonsall Street which spans Princess Road, just South of Mancunian Way. Smile
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