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Daily round-up of the world's weird news
Friday 24 April 2009

A sad farewell to author John Michell, plus the usual collection of weird science and happenstance

John Michell

Picture Credit: Steve Marshall

Very sad news. We have just been informed that John Michell, author of The View Over Atlantis and other major works, and an inspiration to many of us, died this morning at 12.30 a.m. He had been suffering from terminal cancer, so this was not unexpected, but it's still comes as a blow. Our latest issue (on sale Thursday 30 April) features a major tribute to him and his work, but sadly he was unable to read it. RIP

Quantum theories confirmed by creation of Rydberg molecule

What language tells us about immigration and integration

Bull tries out supermarket shopping

Laser could redirect lightning

Water vapour observed from ancient black hole

Surgeon needs two attempts to remove appendix

Another evolutionary "missing link" fossil found

Quadriplegic child found dead, packed in mothballs

Super-strong metallic spider silk

A new gravitational theory may be needed

Anatomical exhibition closed down in France

How stromatolites function

Worry over fading memory only makes it worse

First "garden hose jet trail" nebula found

Cricket at high altitude

Ancient bones in forgotten crypt under Boston's oldest church

Jupiter-sized "oddball planet" found

Lice could reduce asthma

Catherine the Great's art treasures to be raised from Baltic Sea floor

"Dark gulping" in early Universe might have generated black holes

Turning thoughts into electronic messages

Man commits suicide when he can't get latest car

Mysterious figure spotted in Gulf city of Doha

Helium white dwarf stars observed

Zombie spiders are coming to get you

"Ostrich-like" dinosaur fossils found in China

Decoding the script of the ancient Harrapan culture

DNA analysis shows that similar-looking animals may be completely different species

World premiere for "brain orchestra"

New clues on horse domestication

Thanks to all our newshounds: Peter Hockley, Adam O'Brien, Stephen Roney, John Kilbride, Bri, Gregory, George Koprowicz, Steve Marshall, S Pankhurst, Mrs Lyndsey Richardson, Danny

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