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Friday 10 June 2011

Bee virus might explain colony collapse disorder, werewolf arrested for under-age drinking, plus Leicester isn't planning for a zombie attack

Hive mind

Newly identified bee virus offers insight into colony collapse disorder

Twin studies, fat cells and obesity

Neat and tidy therapists get higher approval ratings

Cuneiform dictionary finally completed after 90 years (or millenia)

After sleeping on it, scientists realise that sleeping on it was a good decision

Tutankhamen was buried in a hurry

Follow-up: Facebook arm tattoo was just an advertising stunt

Pre-Ice Age hand-axe found in Orkney

Freshwater limpet found again after being thought gone in early 20th-century mass extinction

Swirling cloud funnel spotted off Brighton coast

Ice cream shop told to cancel the cicada specials

Coelacanths might live over 100 years and show no  signs of aging

"Space Bubbles" at the edge of the Solar System

Two UFOs in formation over Kansas

Moscow plans terrorist-proof toilets

Mystery helmet

NSA releases cryptography guide... after only 202 years

"Surfing Madonna" reveals secret

Werewolf arrested for under-age drinking

One-hand bandit arrested

Bubonic plague strikes Oregon cat

Princess Di totem-pole-maker accused of murdering his wife by dropping 1.5-ton pole on her

Leicester is unprepared for a zombie attack

Mysterious statue-smashing Bronze Age ritual

"It's the bean sprouts"

Dad caught having sex with blow up doll, seeks sex-change then tries to fake his own death

Even slime moulds have a craving for sedatives

Tevatron's new particle was just a blip in the data

Deadly fungus attacks tornado survivors

Man plays Russian roulette with his dog. Loses.

Leonardo's machine gun discovered

Thanks to all our newshounds: Lorna Stroup Nilsson, Kevin Harrison, Andrew, Peter Hockley, David A McIntee, George Koprowicz, fuzz, Kerri Honeysett, homewrecker, John H Evans, Anthony Begg, Marcel Bos, Frank Warren, Zan Ozimek, John O, Everett Zenser, John Kilbride, Commentator, Tony Sellen, Stephen Savage, plowter, Abbi

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