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Strange Days: Conspiracy Corner


JFK and the autopsy photos

New questions arise about the President's autopsy

The 9/11 debate continues to widen and deepen out there in conspiracy cyberspace. There are now nearly 11 million Google “hits” for “9-11 conspiracy”, and the first critical academic group has announced itself at www.scholarsfor911truth.org around a growing consensus that the official repor t on 9/11 w as a crude whitewash and the WTC buildings were brought down by controlled demolition and not by the hijacked planes.

But there is still plenty of life in the granddaddy of American conspiracy research subjects, President Kennedy’s assassination. In a replay of the disinformation that circulated immediately after the shooting, a current TV documentary first shown in Germany argues that Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy for the Castro regime in Cuba, in retaliation for the CIA’s numerous attempts on Castro’s life. Given that one of the few things in the whole affair on which most in the JFK research community are agreed is that Oswald shot no one, this is hardly likely to be taken too seriously in that arena – but, to judge from early reactions, the mainstream media is going to lap it up. (See Kate Connolly, “Did the Cubans Assassinate Kennedy”, D.Telegraph 4 Jan 2006.)

More importantly, a startlingly clear, “stabilised” version of the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination, which focuses on the passengers in the JFK limo, is now at www.assassinationscience.com/johncostella/ jfk/intro/fast.html.

The film’s creator, John Costella, uses this “stabilised” version to show that the Zapruder film of the shooting has been doctored in places. (You can follow his analysis at the URL above – and pretty convincing it is, too.) The film shows the big hole blasted out of Kennedy’s right forehead and the big flap of skull, seen in the some of the official autopsy pictures. The medical mystery begins here, for neither the offi cial autopsy report (www.thesmokinggun.com/jfk2/protocol2.html) nor the doctors in Dallas who treated him, noticed that forehead wound. The doctors saw a fist-sized hole in the back of his head, and the autopsy report describes a much bigger hole spreading up towards the centre of his head.

The collection of autopsy pictures at www.jfklancer.com/aphotos.html shows JFK both with and without the forehead wound. Given that neither autopsy nor doctors reported it, the forehead wound pictures must be the fakes; and thus, so is the Zapruder fi lm, which shows the forehead wound occurring. But are the non-forehead wound pictures genuine? We can’t be sure. The technicians who photographed the autopsy say they are faked.

An alternative has been proposed: the autopsy pictures are genuine but they don’t show JFK’s head. Also shot in the head that day in Dallas w as officer Tippit of the Dallas police. An American named Robert Morningstar (who tells us, interalia, that in 1997 he was “elected Presider’ (sic) of the Ancient Druid Order of England in a Druid ceremony at Stonehenge linking him spiritually to the Arthurian legacy”) came up with the Tippit idea, and at www.jfkresearch.com/ morningstar/morningstar3.htm he displays the startling physical similarities between JFK and Tippit.

Morningstar’s argument isn’t the clearest, but he shows that Tippit’s wounds were similar to those described in the JFK autopsy. And so part of the mystery seems to dissolve: the non-faked autopsy pictures are of Tippit. (Photographs of Tippit’s wounds and his autopsy report can be found in Dale Myers, With Malice: Lee Harvey Oswald and the murder of Officer J.D.Tippit, Michigan, 1998.) Confused? You might well be. But don’t feel bad – so is everyone else! The medical evidence is an impenetrable thicket of dubious autopsy pictures and faked X-rays through which no one has yet cut an intelligible trail. So: two “JFK” autopsies, perhaps. Why not? After all, we also seem to have two “Oswalds”. The idea has been around since the mid-1960s that someone had been impersonating Oswald in the months before the assassination – FBI head J Edgar Hoover had written a memo to that effect prior to the assassination. Subsequent elaborations on the theme had a fake “Oswald” returning from the Soviet Union (in a Soviet operation), and the two “Oswalds” being switched just before his “defection” (in an American one).

In a series of lectures and finally a 1,000- page, barely edited, self-published book, Harvey and Lee (2003, ISBN 2003096313), John Armstrong seems to show that there were two “Oswalds” in the 1950s, two “Oswalds” in the Marines, and two postdefection “Oswalds”. One was the Russianspeaking, apparently pro-Castro, lefty activist; the other a gung-ho , anti-Castro figure involv ed in arms dealing, who was talking of killing JFK in the weeks before the assassination. Armstrong has apparently uncovered an incredibly complex, long-range intelligence operation by the Americans to get a Marine “defector” into the Soviet Union who, unbeknown to the Soviet authorities, spoke Russian. (Start the Armstrong trail at http://home.wi.rr.com/harveyandlee/).

Who cares about shape-shifting aliens or Dan Brown’s novels when we’ve got real material like this to work on?

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