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Strange Days: Conspiracy Corner


Marilyn and MJ12

Kennedy, Monroe and the mind-control memo

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I know there hasn’t been much glamour in this column, but how about Marilyn Monroe, JFK and UFOs? The Daily Mail revived this one on 19 April with “Was JFK killed because of his interest in aliens? Secret memo shows presid­ent demanded UFO files 10 days before his death”. JFK was proposing joint Soviet-American space exploration (in 1963!)[1] and, though the memo’s intent isn’t entirely clear, he seems to have been asking the CIA to review their UFO files in the hope of providing information about the ‘unknowns’ – presumably unidentified sightings – to persuade the Soviets that the UFOs they were seeing were not US espionage devices: “It is import­ant that we make a clear distinction between the knowns and unknowns in the event the Soviets try to mistake our extended cooperation as a cover for intelligence gathering of their defense and space programs.”

The veracity of this document has been questioned,[2] but it did arrive from the CIA after a Freedom of Information request, so it might be genuine.

From this, the Mail slid seamlessly into the MJ-12 (Majestic) disinformation quagmire, informing its readers about the ‘burned memo’, in which the Director of Central Intelligence (MJ1) writes to other MJ members and warns them inter alia: “As you must know, LANCER [Secret Service code for the presid­ent] has made some inquiries regarding our activities which we cannot allow.”[3]

Never mind that the account of this document’s discovery – allegedly pulled from a fire while the CIA were burning sensitive material – is an insult to our intelligence; as we know that the MJ-12 material was cooked-up by the USAF, it’s obviously a fake.

At this point the “Daily Mail reporter” who wrote the story missed a trick. For, had s/he searched a little further, s/he would have come across the Marilyn Monroe-JFK-UFO memo.[4]

This purports to be notes made from a transcript of a phone-tap of a conversation between journalist Dorothy Kilgallen and her friend Howard Rothberg. It includes this paragraph:

“Rothberg indicated in so many words, that she [Marilyn Monroe] had secrets to tell, no doubt arising from her trists [sic] with the President and the Attorney General. One such ‘secret’ mentions the visit by the President at a secret air base for the purpose of inspecting things from outer space. Kil­gallen replied that she knew what might be the source of visit. In the mid-fifties Kilgallen learned of secret effort by US and UK governments to identify the origins of crashed spacecraft and dead bodies, from a British government official. Kilgallen believed the story may have come from the New Mexico story in the late forties. Kilgallen said that if the story is true, it would cause terrible embarrassment for Jack and his plans to have NASA put men on the moon.”

Did JFK really talk about national security issues with Marilyn Monroe? This seems implausible to me, and one second-hand source, quoting Rothberg, says the document is a fake.[5] It hardly matters. If you look carefully at the fuzzy, often photocopied text,[6] right at the bottom on the left is what appears to be “MJ-12”. Yes, the “M” is indistinct, but the “J-12’ is quite legible. It’s another product of the Majestic disinformation mill!

1 Google “NSAM 271” for details.
2 See msnbc.msn.com.
3 The “burned memo” is displayed at bibliotecapleyades.net.
4 See blackmesapress.com.
5 thedisclosureproject-steelmagnolia.blogspot.com.
6 See ufosnw.com.

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