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Jenny Randles's UFO Top Ten

In our '60 Years of UFOs' issue we asked a panel of experts about the cases that interested them most...

Jenny Randles has investigated UFOs since 1974 and was BUFORA’s Director of Investigations for 13 years. She is a regular FT contributor and the author of more than 50 books on strange phenomena.

I generally decline requests to provide a ‘top ten’ as no case is immune from resolution. So my caveat is that this is a list of cases (in date order) that interest me right now. All may, or may not, become explained. They are cases with which I have either had direct involvement or have had the opportunity to meet witnesses / or investigators and discuss the evidence.

1. Sept/Oct 1947, Himalayan Foothills, Tibet.
Multiple witnesses encountered a daylight rotating mass that induced physical illness and skin rashes on their bodies.

2. 24 May 1964, Burgh Marsh, Cumbria. Fireman and his family having a picnic and photograph a ‘spacesuit’ garbed figure not seen at the time. Possibly a hoax, but a fascinating as yet unresolved detective story.

3. 1 July 1965, Valensole, France An egg-shaped object that landed in a lavender field with small humanoid entities getting out. Subsequent long-term physical effects on the crop.

4. 2 Nov 1968, SE France A family including a highly respected scientist and his young child, who experienced a close encounter with a UFO and light beams that produced both rejuvenating effects on physical injuries and left recurring skin marks on the body.

5. 19 Sept 1976, Tehran, Iran A midair encounter involving a fighter jet scrambled to pursue a UFO that was witnessed by people on the ground in multiple locations. The aircraft suffered unusual electrical interference as it attempted to fire an air to air missile at the target.

6. 9 Mar 1977, Nelson, Lancashire Two men in a car in the early hours and a large dark cigar shape that descended from clouds, stalling the car engine and lights and creating severe physical effects on both witnesses until it moved out of range.

7. 6 June 1977, Barnard Castle, Durham A motorcyclist and a car driver both suffered impedance of their vehicles as a glowing purple mass floated next to them during heavy rain. All surface water was instantly evaporated from the bike and leather clothing, and the cyclist suffered long term physical illness.

8. 17 Sept 1977, Newmill, Cornwall A young couple saw a green hazy mass that floated towards them only inches off the ground. They were subsequently struck down by severe physical effects (headaches, muscle pains and severe vomiting) and had to be hospitalised while doctors struggled to find any cause. Both recovered from the mystery illness, but this sort of case seems to offer a genuine challenge to the sceptics and, I suspect, is caused by a highly energetic and rare atmospheric phenomenon.

9. 13 Mar 1980, Haselor, Warwickshire
A glowing object passed directly across the path of a car, apparently triggering excessive heating within the steering wheel. Study of the physical forces involved offer useful data about the energy levels and physical processes.

10. 26 Dec 1980, Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk
The initial close encounter in the forest involving three USAF personnel remains unresolved. It features a close proximity encounter with intriguing physical effects and altered states of consciousness reported.

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Jenny Randles


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